End less love story (part 3)

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Laksh was depressed to see that Sanskar was engaged to his dream girl.
Sanskar was happy that he was engaged to the girl he liked.

And Ragini..?

Ragini was thinking something looking at her engagement ring. She remembers the scene when Sanskar said her, ‘I love you’ when he was decorating her ring. She blushes.

Looking her like that Swara burns in jealous.

Swara: I won’t let you get Sanskar Ragini. I will make him mine at any cost..!!

She just goes away to office.

Ragini phone rings. She expects who it is.

Ragini: hello..?

Sanskar: hey Ragini..!

Laksh who was beside Sanskar, checking a file looks at him.

Ragini: ji,..

Sanskar: I’m not ji. My name is Sanskar…
Ragini smiles.

Ragini: who is Sanskar..? I don’t know(she giggles)

Sanskar smiles.

Sanskar: don’t you know, haa…?

Looking at his smile Laksh burns.

Ragini: umhmm..! I don’t know..!

Sanskar: ok, I will say this then see if you remembered or not..!.. ‘I love you..!’

Ragini the other side blushes again, whereas, Laksh here holds file in anger and jealous.

Laksh: Sanskar, see the work first..!

Sanskar just comes out with phone gesturing Laksh to see work. Laksh looks on. He bends his head and his tears fall on the file.

Here, Sanskar is talking in phone still to Ragini.

Sanskar: so, did you remember who am I now..?

Ragini: hmm, that was my would be who said that but, who are you..?

Sanskar smirks: hmm, it was your would be..! but, you still don’t know who am i..

Ragini: nope… nope.. who are you? How should I remember you..? what you gave me..?

Sanskar: then, take my kiss..

He says and kisses the phone. Ragini who has turned red in shy, cuts the call. Sanskar laughs.

Swara who saw the phone conversation throws papers in her hands aside.

‘I never thought my own sister will come on a competition to me..!’

Swara sits before a computer, and starts editing Ragini’s pics. She smirks looking at them.

Laksh was standing in balcony remembering Ragini’s sweet face. Her sweet smile and he sweet voice. His eyes were dipped in tears.

Suddenly he feels a push. It’s Sanskar.

San: lucky… I’m in love you know..!!

Lak: yes, dude..! I know..!

San: why are you so dull..? oh, are you thinking about your dream girl..? don’t worry, let’s find her.

Lak: no sanky, she is lost from my hands.

San: how can you let her go easily..! you have to fight to any extent to gain your love..!

Laksh looks at Sanskar sternly.

Lak: is it..?

San: yes..! if, I’m in your place, I would have done world upside down and gain my love..!

Laksh smirks.

Lak: you are my inspiration now dude..! yes, I will do that..!!

Sanskar smiles and keeps hand on his shoulder.

Sanskar: by the way, give me some ideas. I’m going to meet Ragini tomorrow out.

Laksh: what..? did Ragini agree..? how can their parents send..?

San: she also asked same questions. But, I want to meet her once, I want to say her lot of things.

Lak: what things there will be to talk sanky..? you and your stupidity..!

San: not, stupidity. It’s cupidity. You will know, if you fall in love too..!

Laksh looks at Sanskar whose eyes were dreamily flying somewhere.

Later, they both goes to their houses. Laksh enters into his room. He looks at all the pics of Ragini, which are hanging to walls.

He places his hand on one of the picture and talks, ‘why did you come into my life, if you have intention to leave me..?? why did you come..???’ Laksh shouts and falls on his knees and cries.

‘You are mine Ragini. You are only mine..!!’ says Laksh in red eyes.
Next day..

Ragini calls to Sanskar’s phone.
“come on man.. I have to give you a gift..!!” Ragini smiles.

The phone gets lift from other side, without even other side’s reply, Ragini starts kissing the phone. She kisses about 10 times.

Then she stops and says,
“hey, how’s my surprise gift..? did you like it..?” Ragini says shyly.

There is no response from other side.
“I love you Sanskar..” she says slowly and starts kissing again..

At other side, the face is shown who is holding the phone. It’s not Sanskar.. but it’s Laksh.
Laksh has closed his eyes and he has received all kisses of Ragini. He then opens his eyes when she stopped.

Ragini: talk something…

Laksh says: I love you Ragini..!!

Ragini feels shy and cuts the call. She couldn’t find difference in the voice and she thinks it’s Sanskar.

Laksh looks at the phone, “you are only mine Ragini..!” he says.

Laksh looks out from window, Sanskar is waiting out of shopping mall and Laksh is inside. He forgot his cell near Laksh.

Sanskar has bought a gift for Ragini as he was going to meet her in restaurant. He just stood waiting for Laksh. Then, suddenly a girl comes before Sanskar.

Girl: please dear, don’t cheat me.

San: who are you madam..?

Girl: don’t say who you are please..! I’m your lover and you are my love..!

Sanskar shocks.

Shekar happens to come there on a work and sees a scene with Sanskar.

San: I think, you are mistaking me. I’m not your lover.

That girl cries. Sanskar shocks.

Girl: say, you are not my lover and next say that you are not father from my kid.

Shekar shocks with her words.

San: excuse me miss. This is too much. You are ruining my name intentionally.

Girl: mr..! I have proofs for everything. I will send you to police station.

Laksh smirks and just comes out.

Lak: who the hell are you..? why are you talking to my friend like that. he has never done any mistake.

Sanskar turns his eyes around, already people are watching him. Then he happens to see Shekar and shocks.

Laksh takes that girl aside, all people will leave.
Shekar looks at Sanskar in disgust and leaves.

Laksh: good acting. Take this money.

Girl: thanks, if you have any more work..

Laksh: I will call. Leave for now. go..!!

That girl goes away. Laksh smirks and comes near Sanskar.

Laksh: sanky, she is gone. Don’t worry.

San: shekar uncle has seen this Laksh.

Lak: what..?? why did shekar uncle come here..??

Then Laksh remembers he is the one who called to Shekar to receive some gift from that shopping mall.
He smirks.

San: he may not believe me now.
Lak: nothing will happen.. let’s meet Ragini first..!

San: no. I don’t have mood now. I will go home.

Sanskar goes to home. Laksh feels happy that he didn’t let them meet.

There Ragini was waiting for Sanskar in a restaurant like place.

Then some people come to her, ‘hai mam, we are from make my wish foundation. A boy is suffering with cancer. He wanted to get proposed with a beautiful girl before he dies.. so, can you help.’

Ragini: actually, I don’t want to do. But, this is case of humanity. Ok, I will…

Then those boys send a boy near Ragini. He sits before her. Ragini holds his hand.

Ragini: I love you…
She says feeling pity on that boy. That boy smiles.

Then someone takes pictures and video of this.

That boy goes away. Ragini smiles.

The person who took pics and video is Swara.

Swara: my plan worked out very well. But, why didn’t Sanskar come..? he is supposed to meet Ragini here. I thought he should meet her and see this scene.

Then those people come near Swara. She gives them money, they go away.

Ragini thinks: why Sanskar has not come yet..?

But, Laksh comes looking at Ragini in a great smile. Swara looks on…

Laksh: hey, hai Ragini…

Ragini: you…

Laksh: me.. Sanskar’s friend.

Ragini: oh hi..!

Ragini is about to go away. But, Laksh sits.

Laksh: arey, what hurry Ragini..? sit, let’s talk.

Ragini: no.. I have to go.

Laksh takes sigh, ‘why..? you don’t want to talk to me..? see, I’m sanky’s best friend. He don’t feel bad if I talk with you. Just friendship. If you think me in other way…’

Laksh is about to go away.

Ragini turns back, ‘no, no. nothing like that.’ she sits and he too sits.

Laksh: so, miss Ragini… are you waiting for Sanskar here?

Ragini: yes, but he didn’t come still.

Laksh meanwhile orders two juices for them.

Ragini: no need of anything.

Laksh: plz accept Ragini ji. We met 1st time..!

Ragini remains calm as he is Sanskar’s friend. She remains calm. Laksh was just looking at her happily.

The juices come. Ragini drinks one sip with straw. While she is taking sip from straw, Laksh looks at her lip stick marks on straw. He becomes hunger to taste them..!

Laksh: hey, Sanskar is there…
He shows at back side.

Ragini turns back. Meanwhile, Laksh changes the glass.

Laksh: sorry, I thought it’s Sanskar…

Ragini bends her eyes. She didn’t recognize that glasses are changed. she takes a sip where Laksh kept his lips on the straw. Laksh smiles and he closes his eyes and takes a sip from the straw where Ragini kept her lips.

He feels as if he has kissed her lips.

Ragini then stands. ‘ok, I will leave now.’
Says Ragini and goes away in hurry. Laksh smiles looking at her.

On other hand, Swara takes photos and videos of all this. laksh is not aware of this.

‘Ragini, you are finished now..!’ thinks Swara.


Ragini goes home thinking why Sanskar has not come for her. she is surprised to see Sanskar in her house.

Sanskar: uncle plz, I don’t know who that girl is..!

Shekar: you need not tell anything Sanskar. We shall talk to your parents. We will cancel this match.

Sanskar: don’t say this to my parents, they will feel bad. There is something wrong in it.

Ragini comes,
‘what happened papa..?’

Sanskar: Ragini, there is no mistake of mine..!
He explains what happened.

Shekar: Ragini, you need not worry about him. Go inside.

Ragini: papa, give me once chance to prove Sanskar is innocent..!

Shekar: Ragini..

Ragini: if you have trust on me, give me chance papa…

Shekar amazes and agrees.

Ragini: come with me Sanskar..!

Sanskar follows her amazed.

They go to the shopping mall where that girl met Sanskar.

Ragini: let’s check her in CC camera.

They goes into shopping mall, and looks at the footage at entrance of mall. Ragini looks at the girl keenly and takes her pic.

Ragini: now, leave her to me..!

She sends her picture to all her friends, who are around in that area. To say her if someone finds her.

Sanskar: will it get worked out..?

Ragini: don’t worry Sanskar. We will find it out now itself.

Soon, Ragini gets a message from her friend, saying the location of that girl.

Ragini: thank god, we came to know about her.

They rushes to the place where she stay. Luckily, she was there itself.

Ragini holds her and slaps her. Sanskar amazes with Ragini’s bold behavior.

Ragini takes her to house and makes her stand before shekar.

Girl: I’m sorry Uncle. Some guy gave me money to act like that. I’m a drama artist.

Shekar amazes. Ragini leaves that girl.

Shekar: I’m sorry Sanskar beta..

San: no problem uncle.

Laksh just then comes to their house, knowing that Sanskar is there.

Just then, Ragini and Sanskar comes out. They both are alone. Laksh hides aside and looks at them.

San: thank you so much Ragini..!

Rag: why thanks..? are you that much worried that papa, will say no to our marriage..?

San: yes, how can I miss such a beautiful angel..?

Ragini smiles. Sanskar bends before her on knees. Ragini amazes.

Sanskar takes out the gift from pocket. He forwards it to her.

Sanskar: I love you Ragini.. will you be my wife..?

Ragini blushes. She nods her head and forwards her hand. Sanskar holds her hand delicately.
“I love you.” He says.
She gets tears.

There Laksh burns in extreme jealous.

He folds his fists very tightly, the glass in his hand breaks and his hand gets wounded.
He goes away from there in frustration.

Laksh drives his car very insanely. He is about to make any accident. He goes to a lonely place and applies sudden breaks to car, due to that all sand raises up as storm. Laksh comes out of the car and beats his hand to a wall which is already wounded. The blood from his hand keeps oozing out badly.

“Ragini..!!!” he shouts as even heaven gets scared.


To be continued…


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