End less love story (part 16)


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Part 16

Laksh’s heart was shattered as thousand pieces in witness of that rain. His Ragini has left him. For whom he has cheated everyone, for whom he has reversed the destiny, for whom he has said no to whole world… that Ragini has left him..!!

He has devoted his life for the goddess he loved. That goddess has left him, who will show mercy on him now.

Ragini was sitting soullessly in the hall looking at the TV.

Sumi: why did you bring her like this? this is our daughter’s life, are you saying her to get separate from her husband?

Shekar: for that..? we have to leave our daughter to a cheater like him..?

Just then, Sanskar comes their house.

Shekar: I did wrong thing rejecting Sanskar.

Sanskar smiles. He looks at Ragini.

“Hai Ragini..” he says. Ragini gives no response.

“Ragini…” calls Sanskar again..

“Haa Laksh..” Ragini says.

Sanskar shocks and shekar shomi looks her amazed.

San: ragini, it’s me.. Sanskar..!!

Ragini then moves eyes towards him. He smiles. But, Ragini silently gets up and goes away. Sanskar looks on…

Shekar: Sanskar, I have judged you by just one word. But, who knows that Laksh was a cheat…?

Sanskar keeps looking.

Shekar: a man who shows his mind out is better than who hide everything..! that day I have rejected you. But… today I’m asking.. will you marry my daughter..?

Sumi shocks with the question. Sanskar smiles.

San: I love Ragini still uncle. I accept her back heartfully.

Shekar smiles, but sumi didn’t like this idea.

Ragini bolts the door and sleeps in her room. She falls on the bed tired. She buries her face in the pillow.
Her eyes are filled in tears.

She closes her eyes and falls asleep soon.

>>>After a while<<<

Ragini feels her foot is touched by a warm hand. It’s Laksh who has touched her leg.

“Laksh..” Ragini dreams.

Laksh looks at her amazed.

“Laksh, come here..!” she dreams again..

Laksh gets tears and moves towards her.

‘Ragini..’ he calls slowly.

Ragini opens her eyes slowly. “laksh..” she calls again..

Laksh bends towards her and kisses her forehead. Ragini holds his nape.

“Laksh, I love you…”

Laksh smiles in tears.

“I want you Laksh..” she says.

Ragini is saying, but actually she is dreaming. She is thinking Laksh has come in her dream.

Laksh smiles and bends towards her, infact, Ragini pulls Laksh on her. laksh slowly places his lips on her lips.

Ragini chews his lips with all love and Laksh was making an intense lip lock. They are showing their complete love on each other. Laksh feels totally emotional in her love. His eyes get teared and a drop falls on her cheek. Ragini frowns her eyes. She opens her eyes and shocks that her lips are swallowed by his lips.

Ragini pushes him back. Laksh falls on bed on other side.

“what are you doing here..??” Ragini asks panting with red eyes.

“Ragini..” Laksh is about to come near her…

“Maa.. papa..” Ragini shouts and runs near door.

“Ragini.. listen to me…” Laksh holds her hand. Ragini jerks his hand.

Shekar and Sumi runs upstairs listening her voice.

Ragini unbolts the door and runs out and hugs Sumi. Shekar glares at Ragini.
Laksh is looking at Ragini sadly.

Shekar grabs Laksh’s shoulder and pulls him out.

Laksh: Ragini… I love you Ragini…!!

Ragini closes her eyes who is in Sumi’s embrace.

“Ragini, I love you so much..!!” Laksh keeps shouting and those words become unbearable to Ragini.

Shekar pulls Laksh out and throws him. Ap comes and holds Laksh.

Laksh: maa.. Ragini is not listening to mee… say her to come back maa…

Ap: Laksh, chalo.

Ap takes away Laksh silently. Shekar goes inside.

Next morning,

Ragini comes out of bath and sees a flower bouquet on the dressing table. Ragini comes out after getting ready, and Sanskar was waiting for her in the hall.

As soon as she comes, he stands…

“Hai Ragini…”

Ragini doesn’t even give him attention,

“Maa, where is papa..?”
She asks.

Sanskar smiles,
“Your ignorance is showing that you love me still Ragini.”

Ragini looks at Sanskar,

“Mr. Sanskar, may be that was true once. But, later I became wife to someone. So..”

San: but, you are separated from him now..!!

Ragini folds her hands,
“You need not involve in my matters Mr. Sanskar.”

Sanskar is about to answer her, then they hear a voice of Shekar.

“You..?? what are you doing here..??”

Then Laksh voice follows,

“Uncle, plz… let me talk to Ragini once…”

As soon as she hears his voice, Ragini gets tears. “Laksh..!” she says and runs out. Sanskar amazes with her behavior.

Shekar was arguing with Laksh, and Laksh was requesting him. He was standing at the gate.

Then he looks at Ragini. Ragini is looking at him silently.

“Ragini… I can’t live without you. Please come with me, I will never trouble you. You can rule me over anything. I won’t force you for anything. But, trust me Ragini.. I love you like hell..!!” he keeps saying.

Ragini was looking at him silently. Sanskar gets annoyed.

In Sanskar’s house,

“Mom, Ragini is loving Laksh now. I never thought Ragini will change this easily. I thought she will wait for me, even I mistook her. is the marriage is big barrier for love..??” Sanskar questions.

Sujatha remains silent.

San:: all say woman heart is very strong they never change that easily. Why Ragini has changed mom..?

Sujatha takes breath and says,
“Ragini has not changed Sanskar. She understood who loves her truly. That’s it.”

San: what do you mean mom..? my love was not true..?

Suj: if yes, why did you doubt Ragini on that day. You would have believed her against those proofs. But, Laksh believed her. this is the difference between you and him Sanskar..!!

San: mom, I agree it. It was my only mistake. But, the truth is Ragini has loved me then..

Suj: Sanskar, Ragini has never loved you..!!

San: what..???

Suj: as every girl, Ragini too kept hopes on her to be husband. She would have surely loved you completely if you were her husband. But, It was taken by Laksh. And, he indeed deserves her.

San: how mom..?? he is a cheat..!!

Suj: but not doubtful guy like you..!!

Sanskar looks shocked at Sujatha.

“Sanskar, a woman can live with a man who is arrogant, who is a cheat, who is stubborn..!! but she can’t live with the person who doubts her always..!! Now also you are not concerned for Ragini, but you are complaining that she has changed..!!”

Sanskar bends his head.

“It is not Laksh, it’s you who is obsessed Sanskar..!!”

Sujatha goes away.

“You are right mom. I’m obsessed. The day when I saw Ragini, I have decided that she is mine. Today, you all are supporting Laksh who has cheated. But, I’m wrong. Now, I will take Laksh way… let’s see will Ragini loves me..??”
Sanskar smirks.


Ragini is suffering with fever. Sumi and Shekar are looking after her. In Laksh’s house, Ap comes to Laksh room to give him milk. But,

He is missing..!!!

The doctor checks Ragini and goes, sumi and Shekar follows him out. Then, Laksh who was hiding behind the curtain comes out as the moon came out from the clouds.

He looks warmly at Ragini. She was sleeping innocently. Laksh comes near her and sits beside her.

{Guys, who else love this scene in serial..?? This was my most favorite scene..!! that’s why sharing it again..!! Missing the serial and RagLak.}

“Ragini, I love you so much. How many times you may get tired, this is eventual word I say.. till my last breath..!!” he says and holds her hand. Ragini is sleeping.

Song plays…

“Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe…

Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe….”
(Laksh kisses her hand)

Hai rom rom ek tara….aaa….

Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo badalon mein se guzre…eee….

He breaks the kiss and keeps looking at her. as he hears that Sumi is coming, he hides behind the curtain again.
Sumi sleeps beside Ragini. When she slept completely, Laksh comes out.
He keeps changing the wet cloth whenever it becomes dry.
Song plays…
Tu hoga zara pagal
Tune mujh ko hai chunaa…
Kaise toone ankahaa
Tune an-kahaa sab suna
(Then Laksh removes a packet in which there is kumkum of god.) (he puts a lil on her forehead,)
‘Get well soon Ragini..’ he says.
Song plays…
Tu hoga zara paagal
Tune mujh ko hai chuna…..
Tu din sa hai, mein raat
Aana Donon mil jaayein shaamon ki tarah…..

Laksh removes his hand from her hand, he slowly goes away from the window looking at her.
Laksh jumps off from the balcony and goes away. Sanskar who was standing outside her house looks that Laksh came out like that.

“Lucky, now my game starts..!!” Sanskar says.

Screen freezes on determined his face.

Precap: who will be the prey in who’s hunt..??


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