End less love story (part 11)

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Part 11

Ragini is slowly adjusting to Germany climate. She was trying to forget Sanskar. Laksh tries to make her happy always, but no use. So, one day as he insists, she goes to an Indian party with him.

Ragini and Laksh goes to a party. Ragini was still seemed to be down.

Laksh: Ragini, how is the party..?

But, Ragini was lost in her thoughts.

Laksh: Ragini… (he calls again..)

Ragini: haa Sanskar..!!
Ragini speaks out suddenly and Laksh shocks. then She bends her head.
Ragini: I’m sorry…I was..

Laksh: no problem..!
Laksh remains calm. He don’t have angry on Ragini that she is not forgetting Sanskar, but he was getting angry on Sanskar. Whenever Ragini pronounces his name, he wanted to stab Sanskar like 100 times.

The party starts, Laksh gets busy in talking with people and Ragini is beside him.

Laskh: hey Ragini.. see him naa, my friend…
Laksh is telling something, but Ragini fakes a smile and her thoughts are lost somewhere.
She remembers the moments when Sanskar said her love you, hugged her and whenever he said that he can’t live without her.

Ragini gets upset, while she keep remembering him. Laksh was dragged away by his friends to dance. Ragini goes aside. She remembers Sanskar’s smiling face. She upsetly places her hands on a table. Then Ragini looks at the drink.
Rag takes the drink in a glass and drinks it in upset.

Rag: boys say that they forget their love if they drink..!
She takes other glass and drinks. But, still she remembers Sanskar.
Rag: but, why I can’t forget..???
She drinks a lot again.

The music suddenly stops and a slow music plays.
“Nazar jo teri laagi, mein deewani ho gayi..”
Song plays. Laksh looks around for Ragini and shocks to see Ragini was in center. All are looking at her amazed. She is only alone.

“Deewani haan… deewani.. deewani hogayi..!!” she bends in a curve putting her hands up joined. Her antiques show clearly that she is drunk.

“Mashoor mere ishq ki kahani ho gayi
Jo jag ne na maani toh maine bhi thaani
Kahan thi main dekho kaha chali aayi……”
(she dances and turns around and falls down) Laksh runs to her. she stands holding his legs.

“Kehte hai ye deewani mastani hogayi………..”
(she pushes Laksh back and she dances turning round)

Mashoor mere ishq ki kahani hogayi
Jo jag ne na maani toh maine bhi thaani
Kahan thi main dekho kahan chali aayi……
(she sings again turning around and about to fall… Laksh holds her)

‘dewani..haan, deewani hogayi..’ she sings in drunken state.
‘Ragini..’ Laksh murmurs and a tear from his eye fall on her cheek.

Laksh carries Rag to home.
“sanky..!! you cheated me. I’m not a bad girl..! you are a bad boy..!! how dare you to say me like that..!!’ ragu was beating lak thinking him as san. But, lak was silently carrying her to the room.

Laksh places Ragini on bed. Rag stands.
“ragini.. no..! sit please..!!”

Ragini smiles wittily, ‘no..! I want to change my dress first..!” she says and removes her saree from shoulder. Laksh closes his eyes turning his face away. Lak is about to go away, but Ragu holds neck with her hands and kisses his cheek. Lak was still closing his eyes.
“I love you Laksh..” she says suddenly.

Laksh looks at her amazingly. Ragini hugs him front. Laksh smiles.
Rag: how can I say this to him Sanskar..? bcz, I still love you..
Now, lucky’s face dims.

Ragini cups Laksh’s face.. she sings,

{a telugu song again}
Chinna maataa.. oka chinna maataa..
Chinna maata, oka chinna maata..

***Laksh removes her hands and turns other side.
Ragini bends on Laksh as curve… ***

(she sings)
Sande gali vichi…
sannajaji poochi….

***Ragini slips from Laksh’s back and about to fall, Laksh holds her with his both hands by waist. She places her hands around his neck.***

(She sings..) she swings holding his neck..
Jaladharinche challani vela…
Chinna maata . oka chinna maata… aa aa .

***Ragini runs out from the room, and there is lot of moon light out. Laksh keeps coming towards her to stop. She keeps moving back looking romantically at Laksh..**

(She sings)

raaka raaka neevu raga…
valapu yeeruvaaka…

(She holds Laksh’s shoulders)

naa venta neevu ..
nee janta neenu..
raavali maa inti daaka…

**(Ragini runs and sits on the border of terrace, Laksh is about to go near her, she places her leg on his chest)**

(She sings…)

nuvvu vaste navvulistaa …
puvvulistee pooja chestaa.

**(she falls on him, and again about to fall back, he holds her and Ragini falls on his hand..)**

malli vaste,..
manasiste chalu…!
maata. maataa…!!

**(At last, Laksh raises her in his arms again, Ragini twists and plays with his cheeks)
(she sings)**
Chinna maata . oka chinna maata… aa aa. Chinna maata . oka chinna maata…

**Laksh places her on bed to make her sleep, but Ragini holds his collar and pulls him. He puts hands on bed as balance without falling on her. They both have eye lock..**

kannu kaanu ninnu nannu kalipi vennelaaye….

**laksh about to get away, but she pulls him, and he falls on bed. Ragini places her hand on his chest placing her face close to him and sings,**

Nee patalone ne matanaite,
Naa myeenu née venuvaaaye..!!

**Then Laksh sits, and Ragini places herself in his lap. She sings,**

andamantaa aaraboosi
malle poola paanupeesi…

**now Laksh moves her and he is about to go away, Ragini holds his hand.**

vastee todu vastee needanistee chalu…
maata . maata…

(Now, Ragini hugs him tightly. She keeps singing)

Chinna maata . oka chinna maata…
aa Chinna maata . oka chinna maata…

**now, she moves her face close to his face and makes his one hand touch her waist.**

sande gali vichi..
sannajaji poochi..
jaladharinche challani vela…

Ragini still proceedes further to kiss him, but she slowly loses her senses, holding his shirt in fists she slowly falls on bed..
Chinna maata . oka chinna maata… aa .
She murmurs finally…

Ragini goes into unconscious.

Laksh makes her sleep properly and covers her with saree again, and then puts bed sheet on her.

He bends to her ears and says, “why ragu..? why..? why do u love that Sanskar..? why not me.? What wrong did I do..?? what shall I do to get your love..? I love you Ragini… I love you so much..!!”
He cries.
Laksh holds her hand and sits beside her on floor. He sleeps placing his head on bed looking at her.

Precap: Ragini to get furious on Laksh. Why..?? is it Sanskar’s new sketch. And Laksh to open his heart feelings to Ragini..?


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