End less love story (part 10)

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Part 10

The room is filled with fresh lavenders and tulips. The fragrance is arosing the sensual feelings in heart.
The bed is covered in the curtain of flowers. In the middle of bed, with rose petals the shape of heart is drawn, Ragini is sitting in between.

Laksh is sitting opposite to her.

Ap gives a flower ball to Ragini’s hand.

Sumi: now, both start the game…

Ragini was just bending her head holding it.
Sumi says in her ears, “Ragini.. do it.”

Ragini then throws ball at Laksh. He catches it and looks at her. she drops her eyes.

Laksh: Ragini, I’m throwing…
He signals before throwing and then he throws and she catches. Laksh claps his hands lightly.
Ap and Sumi smiles.

After two three catches, Laksh throws ball, Ragini was in other thoughts, and suddenly the ball softly hits her chest. Ragini comes out of her thoughts suddenly and bends her head.
Sumi and Ap laughs.

Ap: my son has won again..!!
Sumi: now, we have to leave I think..!!

Sumi gives a glass of milk to Ragini and asks her to drink. Ragini takes one sip.

“Now, give this to your husband..” she says.

Ragini gives it to Laksh. Laksh takes a sip happily. He takes the sip from where she touched her lips. He was looking at her while drinking.

Ap: Laksh, now give this to Ragini.
Laksh gives.
Sumi: Ragu, now you drink it…

Ragini shocks.
“what..? she has to drink the one which he drank?” she just remains calm without drinking. Laksh understands her.

Laksh: maa, and aunty, how long you are going to stay here..??

Ap and Sumi laughs and leaves them alone in the room. Laksh gets up from bed and bolts the door.

Ragini looks at Laksh tensed. Laksh turns back and looks at her intensely. Ragini turns her head away and tears form in her eyes.

On other hand,
Sanskar was in his room. In his room the same decoration was there. It was supposed to be his night with her. the flowers are withered.
He drinks in upset.

{I’m using a Telugu song here. It’s a love failure song}

Sanskar drinks and looks at the withered flowers. It was his room where it is decorated which was supposed to be his night with Ragini.

He sings,
“Idi tholi raatri, kadalani raatri..
Nuvu naaku, Nenu neeku..
Cheppukunna.. kathala raatri…
Preyasi raave… Urvasi raave…”

Sanskar takes other sip of drink and opens the windows and looks at the moon. He imagines Ragini’s face in that moon.
He sings again,

“Vennelamma Deepanni Aarpamannadi
Mallelamma Paradaalu Mooyamannadi
Dhoopamemo Mattugaa Tirguchunnadi
Deepamemo Viragabadi Navvutunnadi
Nee Raaka Koraku Talupu
Nee Pilipu Koraku Paanupu
Pilichi Pilichi Vechi Vechi Yeduru Choostunnavi….

Prevasi raave.. Urvasi Raave…”

Sanskar sings and sleeps on the floor in heart broke.

{I will give meaning of above lyrics after the episode}

Ragini and Laksh are in the same room. Laksh was sleeping on couch. Ragini was sitting on bed.
Ragini was holding her knees near and she was crying silently. She maybe wife of someone now, but she has loved Sanskar once. It’s not easy for a girl to forget her first love. But, whom she thought as love actually doubted her instead of trusting her. Ragini was not shattered because her marriage was broke with him, but the words he said was still stabbing her.

She was crying silently so that Laksh won’t observe, but suddenly her voice raises up in deep grief and soon she closes her mouth tightly struggling to stop her sobbing. Laksh who was not actually slept looks at her.

He was waiting she will stop crying. But no, it was still increasing. At last Laksh sits on couch and Ragini wipes her tears. She stands to go to wash room.

Laksh comes and holds her hand,
“why to washroom, to hide tears in between those walls silently..?”

Ragini looks at him back and a tear falls from her eye.

“I’m your friend, and will be your friend. You need not hide your grief near your friend. End your sadness with me Ragini..”
He says and suddenly Ragini hugs him and cries. Laksh keeps hands around her and rubs her head. Ragini weeps in his embrace.

She wanted a consoling heart. She wanted a soul who understands her pain. It is not important in who’s embrace she is now, but the one who held her carefully is her friend who understands her pain and who is her husband who can make her life beautiful now.

Next morning,
Sujatha wakes Sanskar. Sanskar looks at her.

Suj cries: why you need to become like this Sanskar..?? see, they are moving in their life. Now, they are leaving for Germany.. and you are still loving her..??

Sanskar shocks,
“what..? Ragini is going away..?? no..! I can’t let this happen..!!”

Sanskar runs to Laksh’s house.

There, RagLak are busy in packing luggage.

Lak: I’m sorry Ragini.. I’m taking you away from all…

Rag: why sorry..? a wife has to follow her husband right..!!

Laksh smiles widely, that Ragini has agreed this point at last.

When Ragini was trying to lift the suitcase, Laksh holds it. she looks at him.

“I will bring. You go down.”

Ragini simply goes down. She shocks to see Sanskar there.

San: are you going away Ragini..

Ragini just turns her eyes away.

San: don’t worry Ragini, our true love will make us one again..!!

Ragini silently goes away and sits in car.
Sanskar was still looking at her sadly. Then Laksh comes.

Lak: don’t worry sanky, now Ragini will forget you soon… she is mine..!!

Sanskar smirks,
“but, she has not accepted you yet..!!”

Laksh shocks.

San: that means, she still loves me..!!

Laksh points finger towards him,
“Ragini doesn’t love you..!!”

Sanskar laughs, “we will see Laksh..!! what will you do if she still loves me..? will you give her away to me..??”

Laksh tights his fists.

“Ragini is mine..!!” Sanskar says glaring into his eyes and leaves the place. Laksh looks at him angrily.

Later Laksh sits in car beside Ragini,
“Ragini, shall we go..??” he asks.

Ragini unknowingly says, “yes Sanskar..!”

Laksh shocks with her word. She hasn’t even realized still what she said. Laksh closes his eyes and Sanskar’s victorious face flashes. Laksh opens his red, hurt, hated eyes. That hateness is towards Sanskar not for Ragini.

By next day RagLak reaches to Germany.

Laksh: how is the house Ragini, it’s my owned house. I have a company branch here…

Ragini: it is nice… San… (she is about to say his name again.. then she stops)
Laksh… it’s nice..!

She completes.

Laksh hurts but smiles.

Laksh: there are three bed rooms here. You may choose whatever you want…

Ragini looks around the huge house. It has other floor up too.. she goes up and looks at a room which has huge glass windows. And a balcony. From that balcony from far mountains are visible. ragini gets lost seeing that scene.

Laksh comes,
“did you like this room..?”

Ragini says in lost way,
“Yes, I can lose my soul here. I can feel deep silence here.”

She steps ahead and stretches her hands and takes deep breath closing her eyes.

“The infinity peace..!!” she says and suddenly falls back. Laksh runs and holds her. she looks at Laksh in a smile.

“My heart is aching Laksh. It’s aching in pain of Love.” Ragini says out her feelings. Laksh eyes get moist.

Precap: Ragini’s pain of love to peaks, how Laksh going to handle..?

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