End less love story (part 1)

A big market area.

All people are playing holi happily.

Then, a guy is trying to ho other side in hurry.

“Yes yar. I’m coming. My bike was stuck. I’m coming on foot.” Says that guy. He is none other than Laksh.

He was escaping colours one by one carefully. Then, suddenly a girl comes and collides with him.

Laksh shocks and stuck his eyes in her eyes. Her eyes were big enough to explore what she is feeling. Her lips are secreting honey. Totally, her face is like the moon in sky.

“Ragini di..!” Some kids shout. With that she comes to world,

“Sorry..” she says with her most sensuous beautiful voice. And, she then moves far from him and starts running away chased by kids.

Laksh turns back to see her. She who is wearing the white dress, dominating all colours around, she disappears in those colours.
Laksh suddenly feels pain in heart. Yes, it’s love pain. And he falls, but falls in colour water.
All people around will laugh.


In MM,

A handsome guy is sitting at dining table and having his breakfast.

Sujatha: Sanskar beta, once see the girl and you will like her for sure.

Sanskar: no no no way. I don’t want to marry anyone right now. I have my own goals to reach.

He was trying to call someone.

Sanskar: why this stupid lucky is not lifting the phone?

Sujatha: listen to me Sanskar. Her name is Ragini, as her name she sings as shreya ghoshal. She is very traditional. Calm girl. She is the other form for perfect Indian girl..! I have send her pic to your whatsapp. See..!!

Sanskar: mom, plz stop this bhajan now. I got to go. Bye..

Sanskar sits in car.

Sanskar: lucky, where are you yar?

Laksh: I’m dipped in colours of love, got wet in water of passion.

Sanskar: what??

Laksh:: I’m in my dream world bye.

Laksh has cut the phone. Sanskar opens his whatsapp to see some message and happens to open Sujatha message.

He opens the picture of girl being stunned to see her shining eyes.

Sanskar opens the picture and see her full image. She is diva.. a diva from heaven. All innocence is in her eyes. All happiness is in her lips. All beauty of nature has dissolved in her. He doesn’t know for how much time, but he was only disturbed by the phone call of his mom.

Sujatha: sanku beta.. see that photo once naa..! You will miss a beautiful girl in your life.

Sanskar: mom, I like this girl. I’m ok to marry her.

Sujatha feels happy. Sanskar cuts the call being hurried to see that beauty in his phone.

“Ragini, you are so beautiful than my mom said. I love you..” Sanskar says.


“I love you tooo…!!!” Ragini shouts getting wet in rain.

Janaki: Ragini, come out of that rain.

Ragini: mom, someone said I love you to me. I want to say back… I love you…!!!!!
She shouts again in rain.

Janaki smiles. Ragini cleans colours fell on her in that rain itself.

She takes some rain drops in her hands and throws them into sky.


Laksh and Sanskar moves their faces aside, with sudden rain. They both enjoys the rain, as if their lady love has sent them it for them.

Laksh sings and jumping here and there with dance movements in his legs,

“Pehla Nasha…
Pehla Khummar…
Naya Pyaar Hai…
Naya Intezaar..!

Karloo Mein Kya Apna Haal..

Aye Dil-e-Bekaraar
Mere Dil-e-Bekaraar

Tu Hi Bata….
(he dances with pillow)

Pehla Nasha…
Pehla Khummar…….”

Music follows and he keeps dancing.


Sanskar in office holds a guitar and sings,

Udthaa Hi Fhirun
Inn Hawaaon Mein Kahin…

Yaa Mein Jhool Jaun
Inn Ghattavon Mein Kahin…

Ek Kar Doo Aasman Aur Zameen…. (he flies papers in sky..)
Kaho Yaaron Kya Karu Kya Nahi
Pehala nasha..
Pehala khumaar..

Ragini too sings. Waving in swing,

Usne Baath Ki Kuch Aise Dang Se
Sapne De Gaya Hazaaron Rang Ke….

Usne Baath Ki Kuch Aise Dang Se
Sapne De Gaya Hazaaron Rang Ke

(she throws flowers all around)

Reh Jaaun Jaise Mein Haar Ke
Aur Choome Woh Mujhe Pyaar Se
(and those flowers fall on her)


Sanskar and Laksh are dreaming about Ragini . but, whom Ragini is dreaming about..??

To be continued…


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  1. Shrilatha

    Awesome astu

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      thanks dear

  2. Jayanti

    fabulous update astra…really loved it….love triangle in an intense way…eager to read how it shapes up further

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot jayanti..

  3. Fairy

    Fantastic dear????omggg soooo amaznggggg yaar!!!!loved it??? hmmm both sanlak r dreaming about rags bt about whom is she dreaming????!!!keep rockng n stay blessed sweetheart?????loadzzz o glove?

    1. Fairy

      *loatz of love????

    2. Astra

      thank you so much fairy dear…

    1. Astra

      thanks aleeza..

  4. AMkideewani

    Awesome I love it

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  5. awsmm..BT u know..at last anyone of ragsan/ raglk fans will b dissatisfied…uff..yeh triangle hotha hi Aisa… anyways waiting for nxt

    1. Astra

      yes anu. i agree with you. u r right. thank you..

  6. Awesome!! RAGSAN pls!!

    1. Astra

      thanks onny.. pair is suspence till end of story…

  7. Naz_Temish

    Trio are in dream world..awesome dear.waiting for next

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  9. Amazing dear ?????…….. I loved it .

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  10. Mintu

    Awesome sis.. Great going dear

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    Amazing keep going

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  15. Awesome episode and loved Raglak scenes. I already read 3 episodes from wattpad. “Dreams are reflections of thought” it’s amazing dear and Yes, you are really a great person Astra. Eagerly waiting for ur other ffs. Plz post soon

    1. Astra

      thank you so much ammu.. haha yes, and i will update 1st in watty next only here.. hehe, i’m great..? thnks a lot dear..

    1. Astra

      thanks avika

  16. Asra

    awesome astu dear….sanlak both r dreaming about ragu….loved it alot dear….eagerly waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

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  17. Superb…..
    Hope the pair will be Raglak. But let’s see as u say the pair is suspence till end of story….

    1. Astra

      hmm.. thank you..

  18. Bela

    I’m dipped in colours of love, got wet in water of passion.

    HAHAHAHA????. I have no idea why but I laughed like crazy when I read the above line. The story is beautiful and I am still trying to figure out who Ragini is thinking about. Lovely???

    1. Astra

      haha, thanks you so much dear….

  19. sruthi sathyanarayanan

    fantastic episode astra I really loved it
    good job

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    amazing astra dear xx

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