End…. 1st and last episode


Hey guyz this is Sonali, i m great fan of abhigya but everything is just spoiled, so i m not a fan of kkb, but abhigya’s destiny ff, yea guyz, Somiya is just a great writer i must say, she is my best Friend, i have never seen her but we talk through insta, i m 25 years old and she is may be 20,well guyz i m telling u all these things bcoz its been one and half week, somii isn’t replying to my text’s may be yes she is busy, well guyz my ff’s name is End, 1st and last episode bcoz i m gonna start and end it right here now, guyz we all are really fade up of sepration of abhigya and tanu’s track, com’on it’s been 1 year to that track and still its going onnnn, i don’t know why, guyz i just read spoilers, so i m going to continue my ff according to latest spoiler that is aliya would enter mehra house to ruin pragya’s life, lets see what happens…. But one thing guyz i do not watch episodes so may be my story be different….

Episode starts with aliya saving tanu, when abhi asks driver about who told u to harm tanu, driver says pragya mam… Abhi got angry, tanu and aliya smiled, but they didn’t knew it was end of their plan…..

Pragya says dadi, purab, Ronnie, enough, enough, enough, enough, i can’t act any more, sorry dadi, i was over confident, i don’t know why nikhil wants tanu to marry abhi, i don’t know why my each plan is being failed, i don’t know why he doesn’t believes me, why he(abhi) is being stupid i don’t know even when everything is infront of him, he isn’t believing, i won’t continue this acting sorry dadi…… Dadi says pragya beta i m with u, purab asks dadi, Dadi says yes pragya is right abhi always wants pragya to prove her love, and that’s stupid thing, abhi hasn’t yet understood meaning of love, pragya i m with u, pragya hugs dadi…

Abhi comes with aliya and tanu to mm, and asks both of them to take rest, he would better watch out pragya…. Abhi leaves, tanu and aliya shares hi-five….
Pragya is in fuggy’s attire, all set to leave mm, she takes her bag, and is about to open door of room, abhi enters, he is shocked, he says prag… Fugg… Mogam…. Fuggy, he is about to hug her, pragya stops and says stay away, continue ur life with tanu and ur so called unborn child, abhi says finally u are leaving me, finally this is my freedom, pragya is on tears, abhi says oh so mogambo is in tears, pragya is much hurt, and says okay best of luck, continue ur life with tanu, Abhi holds her tightly by arms and says wait i said u, mogambo is leaving me, my fuggy will be always will be with me, pragya says oh ur fuggy, pragya goes to wardrobe and brings the fuggy doll and hands it over to abhi, abhi says i m not joking fuggy, pragya says what do u want, she shouts, why u everytime do this ,wheneve i want to live with u, u ask me to get out from ur life and when ever i want to leave u, u never want me to leave u ,what is wrong with u, Abhi smiles, pragya says woww now u are smiling, so keep smiling, be happy, wait one second, pragya brings property papers and hands them over to abhi, pragya says happy, now let me go, pragya was about to leave, abhi said fuggy, pragya turns, abhi tears off paper, pragya is shocked and says what have u done? Abhi says i don’t want property , pragya is hurt, she is in anger says so what u want, okay U want me to die right, abhi raises his hand , pragya says okay slap me, beat me, this one thing was left na, com’on, beat me, abhi is continuously smiling, pragya says whom am i talking to who always needs proof to show whether i love him or not, pragya takes a deep breath, and says bye, abhi says byeee pragya, bye byeeeee…. Pragya is much hurt and leaves from room, abhi smiles….
(okay u guyz be thinking how? Confusion naa lets make it clear and go on with episode)

Pragya leaves from room, and goes downstairs, she stepped on last step of stair , aliya and tanu were crying and holded pragya’s feet, pragya was loosing her balance vmbut managed, pragya says what are u doing leave me, or else i will fall, aliya says sorry pragya bhabhi for everything i had done, sorry pragya bhabhi, tanu says pragya ,sorry pragya sorry, what i did was wrong, i accept this is not abhi’s child, pragya says leave me, purab and everyone comes, abhi too, pragya says what happened suddenly….. Abhi starts to speak…. Flashback starts : pragya came to room and sat on floor near bed where abhi was listening to music, abhi felt something wrong as pragya was crying as he turned, pragya ran to her couch and slept, abhi goes to her makes her wear specs, kisses her on forehead and covers her with blanket, abhi sits beside her, he sleeps, pragya wakes up and covers him with blanket, abhi senses it… Next day, abhi was thinking something is totally wrong, yesterday pragya was crying, but why? She always cares for me, but why? She gets panicked when i m in any danger, why why she acts like fuggy, she forgave raj bhaiya, she made Aliya’s truth out, she said me that there are other many persons in my life who want to betray me, its tooo much confusing, why she always says may be tanu doesn’t loves me ,is there something i don’t know, i m 100% sure, there is something …i should spy over tanu, Tanu comes to meet nikhil, abhi follows her, and sees her meeting nikhil, abhi says i have seen tanu meeting nikhil, for couple of times, i should ask nikhil…… After one day abhi meets nikhil, abhi says hi nikhil, nikhik say abhi u here any work? Abhi without wasting time asks, what is tanu to u, nikhil stammers and says abhi.. Tan.. She…. Is my, now she works as modek, abhi says nikhil try to understand if u won’t tell, it woud destroy my, pragya’s ,ur, tanu’s life, plz tell me if there is something.. Nikhil says no abhi, abhi says i would give u whatever u want, even tanu if u are in love with her, Nikhil tells whole truth, abhi gets shattered and remebers how pragya chaged her avatar , how she tried to prove, that aliya would betray abhi, abhi says it means my fuggy loves me, she loves me, same day abhi walks out and sees aliya saving tanu, abhi says enough of their drama, abhi asked driver who paid u to kill tanu, driver looks at aliya and says pragya mam, abhi senses it and asks aliya and tanu to go, i will see pragya, he takes driver aside, and says don’t lie tell me truth, plzz, driver says sir…. Aliya mam paid me, abhi gets angry he goes to aliya and tanu, slapped both of them, and said seek for forgiveness before pragya or else i will call police, tanu and aliya got affraid…. Fb ends, Dadi says finalky truth over came falsehood, abhi i m proud off u, pragya has tears ,she takes her bag and is about to leave, abhi holds her and says plzz fuggy don’t leave me, plzzz, Sorry, pragya smiles and says this bag is for orphanage house i have to give these old clothes to them, abhi smiles and says fuggy, pragya hugss him, abhi gives her tight hug and episode ends… Happy ending….

Guyz yeah may be its boring but it is only the way i mean ekta won’t do that so i on the spot wrote this, and somiyaaa i missss u, plzzz come back, i miss reading ur ff….

Credit to: Sonali

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    1. Thanks Shriti

  1. You are absolutely right SONALI .This Tanu’s track needs to be ended , don’t know why this writer is lagging it so far. For Abhi , all the proofs and truth are infront of him but he is not seeing it and only use his time to doubt innocent Pragya ang to quarrel with her .. Why is not able to understand her true love for him ………….. 🙁 It really sad………………. :'(

    1. yea jerly! this tanu’s track is not being ended! i don’t know what’s wrong with the writers! we can end this track in just 1 episode but they dragged it to 250 episode and they still think we are liking it so dumb they aree………

  2. Awesome yaaaarrrrr….. I wish this also happen in kumkum bhagya

  3. wow very nice really gud..its very nice to compare of real kkb.real kkb was so irritating .ur story was so nice…and continue..update regularly sonali..

  4. Awesome

  5. Absolutely correct…. We are fed up of watching cunning ways of cheating. It is time for good to triumph over evil, truth to come out, Tanu’s evil spell to be broken and Abhi to unite with Pragya. Please end this evil drama..we want a happy episode now in pragya’ s life.

  6. Wooowwww grt epi

  7. Guyz this is one shot episode, that’s why i have written 1st and last episode, i won’t continue it…. Hope u understood

  8. Awesome sis

  9. awesome yaar it should only happen on real but ekta has lost it so she won’t show abhi as a clever person but it was nice

  10. sana ( abhigya )

    Even I too fed up of watching this real kkb it’s too irritating but as per this ff it continues it must be nice …. and episode was awesome

  11. It’s very nice dear…..but unfortunately ekta has depicted abhi so stupid that he can see the truth in front of his eyes……. I wish this happen in the really kkb

  12. I wish that happens in kkb and no it’s not boring I liked it better than the tanu track going at the moments.

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