The Enchanted Misery (character sketch)

Character Sketch

MANIK MALHOTRA (Parth Samthaan)

Hotness is some sort of birth right to him. His passiveness for his friends, makes him their guardian angel. Don’t you dare get too near him or else that would be the last day of your precious life. His adoptive brother, Cabir, means a lot to him. He is the monster dressed in the coat of hotness.


Hotness and s*xiness is also her birth right. A complete arrogant and aggressive nature makes you feel like to stay away from her. A multitalented tool with mood swings makes her an admirer to the devils and a witch for the angles. All the rage has a deep rooted story which gets you shocked and eager to know more. Daddy’s princess but the ultimate devil for her rivals. Watch out for this angry bird dressed in hotness.


He is the protector of the guardian angel of FAB 5, i.e., Manik Malhotra. The adopted son of the Malhotra’s. Even he has a secret which he has never told to the Malhotra’s. He covers his protective nature with his humorous and carefree attitude. Everyone in college loves him for this attitude.

MUKTHI VARDAN (Charle Chauhan)

The tomboy of the college. One day one boy, next day another boy. Has a carefree attitude. Cabir’s partner in crime. Boy’s drool over her. Is soft from inside but covers it with her carefree attitude. Music is life to her.

DHRUV VEDANT (Utkarsh Gupta)

Manik’s best friend. He is born to be cute and innocent. But shows his talent in both dance and music. Alya’s boyfriend. Every single girl falls for his cuteness which makes his girlfriend possessive for him.

ALYA SAXENA (Krissann Barretto)

The Barbie Doll or the Fashionista of the college. Dhruv’s possessive girlfriend. Can’t step out without of her room without putting makeup. Can’t live without makeup. All the boys drool over her which makes boyfriend possessive for her.


Greatness of modern industries can be seen in Malhotra Industries whose CEO is non-other than Neil Malhotra. His spouse is Ragini Malhotra. Has 2 sons Manik and an adopted son Cabir. Loves his lady love and sons a lot. Can’t imagine life without them.

RAGINI MALHOTRA (Pallavi Kulkarni)

The most loving wife and mother you have ever seen. Married to Neil Malhotra. Has 2 sons Manik and Cabir. The reason for adopting Cabir was because she would risk her life giving birth to another one. She also needed someone elder to Manik to protect him so decided to adopt one. Can’t imagine life without the 3 kids of her life. (3RD ONE IS NEIL MALHOTRA HIMSELF AS HE IS PAMPERD BY HER A LOT)


The most modern industries starts with this name, The Murthy Industries. Married to Neyonika. They show that they are the best couple to the whole world but it isn’t the same inside the house. He always keeps travelling to avoid staying with her but always make sure to keep in touch with his daughter. He makes calls to her at least 4 times a day. If he doesn’t do so then his day would be incomplete. He has given his daughter, Nandini, a task to find someone and prove his wife, Neyonika’s dreadfulness.

NEYONIKA MURTHY (Kishwar Merchant)

The most hated mother’s list starts from her name. Married to Yuvraj Murthy and has a daughter Nandini. The trustee of Space Academy. Due to her dreadful behaviour, Nandini has bought her own house and they are living separately. She is completely in love with money. She can do anything and everything for money. Can’t think a day without money. That is the reason why Nandini hates her the most.

Manik – Lead Vocalist, Dhruv – Guitarist, Mukthi – electrical Guitarist, Cabir – Drummer, Alya – Keyboard. They are the most famous and wanted band in Space Academy and in Mumbai. Even though they are the best in music people are sacred of Fab5’s infamous bulling session at college. Neyonika supports them in their bulling sessions. Their friendship bound is the most strongest of all.

Space Academy is one of the most reputed and prestigious colleges in the whole country, India. This academy has 4 divisions i.e., business, music, sports and arts. All these 4 would be mastered by each student. This Academy has a huge library which contains all kinds of book. A football field, a basketball court, a tennis court, a badminton court and music rooms and to beauty. There is even a athletic field and swimming pool to add to its popularity.

CHAPTER 1: The New Member


Today all the servants were running around the house with different things. This day was one of the most important, lovable and enjoyable day for the Malhotra’s as today they were going to a new member in the house.The happiest was little Manik who was going to get a brother of his age or around his age. Ragini was praying to God to get a perfect son who will take care of Manik like his own. Neil needed a son who will protect all the members of his family the same way he does.

Ragini was waiting down the stairs for both her husband and son for the past 15 minutes. Now she got fed up of waiting that she applied her trick.

Ragini: both of you come down this instant or else we will cancel the plan of getting a son and get a daughter.

This trick struck the right chord as both of them wanted a boy. Manik wanted a brother who will accompany him for playing all this video games whereas Neil wanted a son who would team up against his wife during certain boy versus girl games. Also he wanted a son so that he would get 2 Bahu’s later.

Both father and son ran down the steps without caring about themselves as they didn’t want to change their plans at any coat.

Ragini: so both of you came. That means my plan worked this time also.

Manik: no mom, I want a brother not a sister please don’t change it.

Nail: hey, don’t worry son, even she wants a boy.

Ragini: who told you that? I can arrange to get a tomboy also. If you want, shall I do that?

Both Neil and Manik: no. we want a boy only.

Ragini: fine then let’s go.

By now it was afternoon. The Malhotra’s entered almost all the orphanage. But none of the boys made them feel the urge to adopt. Finally they was only one place left.

Neil: this is the last orphanage. Please accept one or the other boy. I am tired of searching for the perfect son.

Manik: me too.

Ragini: tum dono bap bete aise bol raheho jaiseki main tired nahi hun. Main bhi tired hoon pur mujhe aisa lag rahahai ki idar se hame zaroor aik accha ladka milega.

Neil: Acha, tum apna sixth sence ka mood bandkaro aur chalo andar. The warden will be waiting for us.

Ragini: aww, so mean.

Manik: bye mom dad. Main jah raha hoon warden uncle ko milne keliye.

Ragini & Neil: Manik rukho.

They ran after him.


Warden: good afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Malhotra and even you my boy. I am Anil Kumar, the warden of this orphanage.

Neil: thankyou Mr. Kumar. It is a pleasure in meeting you.

Anil: well, I hope you get what you want from this orphanage. I am sure you will not go empty handed. Well, which dorm would you like to go to? The boys or the girls?

Neil, Ragini & Manik: The boy’s dorm.

Anil: oh, so all of you want a boy, that’s really nice. Well, please come. I will show you the dorm.

They move towards the boy’s dorm. But when they were about to enter, Anil got a call.

Anil: I am really sorry. Got an important call. Do go ahead. I will be back in a minute or 2.

Neil: sure.

All the 3 enter the boy’s dorm.


When they enter all their attention get caught to a boy sitting in the corner of the room.

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