En kadhale (My love) episode 9

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The episode starts with the four eating breakfast.
Arjun : Rahul if anything happend in that room.
Rahul : Ae nothing da we just solved our problem.
Arjun : Oh I believed
Sania : Arjun really, shall I ask one thing.
Arjun : ya of course
Sania : there is anything between u and Naina.
Naina : Sania Wat are u speaking.
Sania : y I asked means u two planed for……
Naina : Sania eat, and for ur clear information we don’t have anything even a friendship.
Arjun face becomes dull.
Sania : ok Naina and Arjun…
Arjun : Sania I am getting a call I will come and goes.
Sania laughs. Rahul says secretlu to Sania u have given a good reply, I feel proud of you for giving counter.
Sania says in his ears thank u friend
Rahul : no mention.

Naina asks Wat are u two doing.
Sania : just speaking.
Naina : Sania u r changed
Sania : no d
Arjun comes and says to them girls please stop ur fight we are getting late.
Naina and Sania asks where are we going.
Arjun : vacation
Rahul : really and Rahul becomes so happy.
Naina : no we are not coming. U guys njoy.
Sania : yes bcoz we don’t know anyone and we said lie and came here.
Naina : yes guys sorry
Arjun : Sania u come
Rahul : yes
Sania : no
Arjun : Sania don’t miss it. It will be superb. Plz
Rahul : Sania I am ur frnd only know u need to accept . Please
Sania : ok but Naina. ….
Arjun : that’s her wish coming or not coming.
Naina : I don’t have wish to come there but u shouldn’t go alone.
Arjun smirks and says Naina u like to come means can come but Sania will come confirmly.
Sania : guys don’t fight. Naina u need to come.
Naina : no
Arjun : don’t request to Naina
Naina : shut Arjun
Arjun : Naina u don’t have rights to scold me.
Rahul says hey don’t I am getting late come on. Naina come u will forget everything. Naina says ok I am coming. Arjun says wow queen is coming. Naina says shut. They four goes out and wait for the car.
The car comes. It is mahindra car. There are already 5 members inside. They are surprised to see Naina and Sania. Sid says Arjun u u four need to adjust guys. Naina says I am not coming u guys just go. Arjun stares at her . Naina ask Wat. He says Naina don’t do overly, just come in.


hi guys I think u have liked this episode. Thanks for your big support.

By Sandy.

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  1. It was nice naina n arjuns nok jhok

  2. nice dr..

  3. Gud one yar

  4. nice yar

  5. fantastic dr

  6. Naina is like a jhansi ki rani

  7. Oh so short epi…but was really cute one…why naina n arjun fight all the time…Rahul n sania’s secret talks were lovely….

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