En kadhale (My love) episode 8

Hello my dear darling friends for u big support and reading my story.

The episode starts with Sania goes from the place. Naina says thank you so much Rahul because of u I just saw my friend in a different avatar but if anything happens to her I will not spare u and Mr. Arjun ask ur frnd to be silent and she goes. Rahul also goes. Arjun thinks god………..

Rahul thinks about Sania and sits. He thinks I am sorry Sania, I didn’t mean to hurt you he cries. Sania comes there and touches his hair. He sees her, he tries to touch her but she disappeared . Arjun can’t see him like this. He gets an idea.
Next day is Saturday, it is holiday for college. Naina says to Sania come on we can go outside, u will get a change. Sania says no I am not coming anywhere. Naina says Ae I am ur frnd come means come I am now asking ur permission this is my order. Sania says I am not feeling well. Naina says come Sania I am feeling bored. Sania says ok I will come.
They two goes to a house. Sania asks why did u bring me here. Naina says this is my aunty home. Sania says Oh but I know you from
childhood I don’t know any aunty for u from here. Naina says actually this is a….Ok leave it. Come on I will show u the house. She shows kitchen, dining and she calls her to a room. Sania goes inside and Naina locks from outside.

Arjun and Naina says success. Actually it is Rahul’s house. In that room. Rahul baths inside the bathroom. He comes outside with shirt and jeans. Sania sees Rahul and says ur here. Rahul asks u r here. Sania says actually Naina said that this is her aunty home but how u r here. Rahul says actually this is my home. Sania says Oh I am sorry for disturbing u, I will go. Rahul says no and catches her hand. She see it and he leaves her hand and says actually I need to talk to you. Sania says Hmm say.

Rahul : Sania I am sorry
Sania : why did u ask sorry
Rahul : I have kissed u
Sania : no actually I need to ask u sorry because I drank if someone is there they would have taken advantage.
Rahul : Sania I too took advantage I should not have done that. I am sorry Sania
Sania : no Rahul u shouldn’t ask sorry I only need to ask sorry because of me ur image was damaged in college because u r a dream boy and u have maintained that but I damaged, I am sorry Rahul.

Rahul : Sania plz give me punishment beat me
He takes her hand and beats in his cheeks. She says no Rahul I don’t have rights. She goes from there .
Rahul catches her hand and Sania says Rahul leave my hand. Rahul comes in front of her and says Sania plz and he cries.
Sania ask Rahul why did u cry u r a boy be strong.
Rahul says but u made me weak. Really I don’t know why I kissed u I
Don’t know Wat happened at that time. He cries and says I am sorry Sania.
Sania asks him to sit and says Rahul I believe u ok but don’t cry if u cried means I will cry because of me now u crying. Rahul gets up. Sania asks Rahul do you have girlfriend aa?
Rahul : y did u ask suddenly
Sania : because our photo has spread over college if she saw means she will scold u .
Rahul : no Sania I don’t have any girl friends I am single .
Sania : Oh great
Rahul : I shall asks one thing
Sania : Hmm asks
Rahul : friends? ???
Sania hugs him, Rahul hugs her too and sania says we are friends.
Rahul : Thank you friend.

On the other side,
Naina : Arjun I have a doubt.
Arjun : Wat
Naina : we are not joining lovers Thn y we need to lock them in a room
Arjun : Yess know y
And Arjun makes the flower pot to fall but Naina catches it.
Naina scolds him for being careless. If it breaks means….
Arjun : means…..
Naina : nothing come let’s go.

Naina and Arjun goes to the room.
In that room,
Rahul : Sania come on I will show you my childhood photos.
Sania : Hmm ok
They goes.
Sania slips because of water .
Rahul tries to catch her but she fell down. Rahul makes fun of her. Sania scolds him and ask him to help her to get up.
Rahul helps her and she gets up.
Rahul : can u walk aa
Sania : I can and she tries to walk but she can’t.
Rahul laughs. Sania says shut.
Rahul : ok madam .
Rahul lifts Sania and they have eye lock.

At this time, Naina and Arjun enters into the room. They see them.
Arjun : Ada paavi we just thought that u two will compromise but Wat are u doing.
Rahul break the eye lock and says to Arjun Wat u said.
Arjun : nothing.
Naina : Sania Wat are u doing dear.
Sania gets down from his arms.
Sania : Naina actually nothing just simply.
Rahul : ok Y r u asking questions to her.
Arjun : ok then answer my question
Rahul : Arjun I feel very hungry, come on let’s go and calls Sania and goes down.


hi guys I think u have liked this episode.

By Sandy.

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