En kadhale (My love) episode 3


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The episode starts with seniors(Anu, kaushik, malika, Vijay, Surya, Sid, ) calls those three. Already some juniors were doing some tasks. Sania eagerly ask them Wat is my task, give me fast.
Anu: Wat a weird girl
Sid:I will give you a task
Vijay:speak for 30 min
Sid:ya correct task for her
Malika:for others
Anu:I will give.

They give tasks for those two Naina and Aisha.
Sania talks non stop every one gets irritated. Rahul and Arjun comes.
Arjun sees Naina and asks who are u
Naina:I am Naina
Sania tells fastly I am Sania
Rahul asks who’s this.

Sania: sir I am Sania from computer science department A Nd starts to tell her details. Rahul:stop stop stop I don’t need ur details. Seniors give task to irritate juniors but u irritate seniors. I will give u a task

Sania : Wat sir give me
Rahul:don’t when I am with you
Sania : ok sir (in action)
Sania be five minutes for silent but she can’t she goes near Rahul and ask can I talk.
Sania: please
Rahul smiles:no baby
Sania : god I need to talk.

On the other side,
Naina:I finished my task can I go
Arjun:no dear, I will give u a task
Anu:Arjun y leave her.
Arjun:no u go I will come

Anu goes
Arjun goes near Naina
Arjun:Ms . Naina
Arjun comes closer to her
Naina goes back and she asks Wat are u doing.
Arjun:Hmm my friends said u r innocent but I don’t think so
Naina : Wat ever u think I don’t care
Arjun: Oh dear

By Sandy

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  1. wow very interesting pls update soon

  2. ha ha ha… sania is superb…

  3. Awesome but short episode. ..plz update long one…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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