En kadhale (My love) episode 17

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The episode starts with Rahul’s mom beats Rahul. Rahul says mom.
Rahul’s mom : already u have cough. Now u r eating ice cream.
Rahul : mom if we ate ice cream, cold will go.
Rahul’s mom : Rahul u have not changed yet.
Rahul : Hmm.

They two goes.
Sania : where I will sleep mom.
Rahul : on sofa
Rahul’s mom : Sania u sleep with me.
Rahul : mom then me.
Rahul’s mom : sleep on sofa. Just joking. Sleep in guest room.
Rahul : mom
Rahul’s mom : Rahul
Rahul : okay……
They goes for sleep.
Sania calls Rahul.
Rahul : Hmm
Sania : I am sorry
Rahul : y
Sania : for disturbing you.
Rahul : hey stupid u r my friend nd u never disturbed me.
Sania : sorry bcoz of me only today u r not sleeping with ur mom.
Rahul : Sania I was just playing. Today u r looking beautiful. And please don’t go outside with this.

Sania : y
Rahul : then every boys will flirt with you.
Sania : wahhh Wat a comedy. Ok go sleep.
Rahul coughs.
Sania : Wat happen.
Rahul : hey its just a cough.
Sania : Hmm I know that. I mean to say take care bcoz we have drained in rain.
Rahul : Ahh
Sania : Wat ok bye I am getting sleep.

Sania and Rahul smiles without knowing each other.

Sania goes to room.
Sania : mom tel me about Rahul.
Rahul’s mom : he is a naughty, my Fav nd sometimes he behaves likes a child nd sometimes behaves like my father. He would take care me like my mom. I like him.
Sania : mom great.
Rahul’s mom : ok sleep already time is late.
Sania : ok mom Gud night swt dreams.
Rahul’s mom : same to u .

Sania gets up nd she smells coffee. She thinks wash coffee nd she goes.
Rahul’s mom : Sania
Sania : mom I need coffee. It woke up me.
Rahul’s mom : ya I need a favour. Wake up Rahul.
Sania : of course mom.
Sania goes.
Sania goes to Rahul’s room.
Rahul sleeps nd shivers. Sania thinks Wat happen nd goes to touch him. He has high fever. Sania : Rahul
Rahul doesn’t get up.
Sania goes nd tell to Rahul’s mom.
Rahul’s mom : Rahul
Rahul was unable to get up.
Rahul’s mom gets a phone call. She says ya I am coming. Rahul’s mom thinks Wat will I do. Sania asks Wat happen mom. Rahul’s mom says that my brother got accident. There is none to take care of him. Sania says mom u must go there I will take care of Rahul. Rahul’s Mom Says But. Sania says mom Rahul is my best friend, I will take care of him, believe me mom . Rahul’s mom says ok dear but if you need emergency call me. Sania says ok mom. Rahul’s mom goes.

Sania gets call from Naina. Naina asks where are u. Sania comes to say I am in but says I will call u later nd cuts the call.

Sania goes nd take the hot water nd keeps a cloth om his forehead.
Rahul tries to get up but he can’t. Sania : Rahul don’t u have sense. Yesterday u ate ice cream nd also u drained in rain see u got fever.
Rahul : hey its just a fever.
Sania : Ahh fever but Rahul hereafter don’t do like this.
Rahul : ok ok Sania enough
Sania : Hmm take this.
Rahul : Wats this.
Sania : mom says kasayam.
Rahul : no I don’t like this.
Sania : No U Need To Drink this.
Rahul : Sania.
Sania sees him.
Rahul : ok I will drink and drinks in unwillingly.


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By Sandy.


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