En kadhale (My love) episode 16

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The episode starts with Rahul parks his car and calls Sania and they two goes. Rahul comes to his mom’s house nd he rings the bell. His mom opens the door and sees.
Rahul’s mom : Rahul come in
Rahul goes. Sania stands outside. Rahul ask her to come in. Sania goes.
Rahul : who’s she.
Sania comes to say. But Rahul interferes.
Rahul : mom she is my friend actually she has got a important work and now she is late to hostel so I only called her to ur house. Can u allow her.
Rahul’s mom : of course. I won’t neglect ur words. Ok both of u change your clothes because u r so wet.
Sania : no problem aunty.
Rahul’s mom : don’t call me aunty just call me mom.
Sania : ok mom.
Rahul : mom she doesn’t have clothes to change.
Rahul’s mom : Oh Sania I think u can wear my saree.
Rahul : mom I think it will be loose for her.
Sania : no problem aunty I will manage.
Rahul’s mom : Rahul shut. Sania u need to put my saree this is ur mom’s order.
Sania : ok

Rahul’s mom gives her saree nd ask her to change. She goes.
Rahul : mom I feel very hungry. I need more food.
Rahul’s mom : okay first change.
Sania calls Rahul’s mom.
Rahul’s mom goes.
Sania : mom actually I don’t know to wear saree.
Rahul’s mom : Oh I will help you.
Sania : Thanks mom.
Rahul’s mom : hey u will thanks to ur mother.
Sania : no
Rahul’s mom : then don’t tell to me also.
Rahul’s mom helps her to wear the saree.

Rahul : mom
Rahul’s mom : Wat
Rahul : I feel hungry. Come fast.
Rahul’s mom : just tolerate ur hungry. I will come.
Rahul : mom
Sania : mom u can go.
Rahul’s mom : no problem he will wait.
Sania wears saree. Rahul’s mom says Sania u look so beautiful in my saree.
Sania : thanks mom.
Rahul shouts mom.
Rahul’s mom : this idiot.
She goes. Sania thinks I need to erase this day. Where is me. I need to forget. If anyone finds this. Sania change to ur avatar. Don’t be so sad. Sania smiles. Sania goes.

Naina and Arjun talks in phone.

Sania comes. Rahul is busy in eating. Rahul’s mom says Sania take a seat. Sania say no mom I will serve u nd drags her nd ask to sit. Rahul’s mom say no beta plz u be seated. Sania says no mom it’s a daughter’s order. Rahul’s mom sits. Sania serves food for her.

Rahul after completing his food. He sees Sania. Rahul is stunned. Rahul thinks Sania u r looking so beautiful. If there is no mom really I will hug u and will kiss u.u r so…..

Sania : Rahul
Rahul : Ahh
Sania : do u need anything.
Rahul : no
Sania smiles.
Rahul thinks Sania don’t smile. If u smiles I will fell for u.
Sania with a smile ask Rahul where r u .
Rahul thinks aa Wat a smile. Wat a eyes. God I think u r in a love mood when you produced her.
Rahul’s mom : I think he became mad. No problem u eat.
Sania : ok mom.
Sania eats.
Rahul sees Sania. Rahul thinks Sania u r killing me. Rahul’s mom sees him and touch his hand.
Rahul : I didn’t do anything.
Rahul’s mom : Rahul Wat happen. I think really u became mad.
Sania : I too think that.

Rahul : mom.
Rahul’s mom : wash ur hands.
Rahul goes.
Rahul’s mom and Sania eats and they also washes their hands. Rahul’s mom says Sania.
Sania turns. Rahul says nothing.

Rahul comes to his mom.
Rahul’s mom : Wat happen
Rahul : nothing mom.
Rahul’s mom : I know about u. You have not called a single girl to ur house or mine. But now u called Sania.
Rahul : mom actually it’s an emergency.
Rahul’s mom : ok I believed and when she comes out with a saree u were lost in thoughts. Wat I can keep this.
Rahul : mom ok bye I have a work. Rahul goes.
Rahul’s mom : I think Rahul is loving Sania but I need to know is she also having a same feeling.

Sania sees inside the fridge ice cream. She thought to take and thinks no its not ur house. Rahul comes . Sania turns and do some work.
Rahul : y do u do these works. U may go.
Sania : no problem.
Rahul : go
Sania goes seeing the fridge.
Rahul opens it and takes the ice cream. Rahul eats it.


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