En kadhale (My love) episode 15

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The Episode Starts with Naina goes to that party. She goes inside and searches Arjun but she can’t see him. After some time she sees him drinking. She thinks I think love failure and she goes near to him and closes his eyes with her hand and she is standing back side of him. He thinks Naina but he says to himself I need to make her jealous.
Arjun : who’s this.
Naina changes her voice:find it
Arjun touches her hand.
Arjun : leena, Meena, priya, deepika, sreya.
Naina : no
Arjun : come outside here is more noisy.
Naina : ok
They goes.

Arjun touches her hand And kiss it. She takes her hand and asks Wat r u doing. Arjun says Naina.
Naina : yes u have so much of gf.
Arjun : I just said simply to feel u jealousy.
Naina : Oh I believed
Arjun smiles.
Arjun : for Wat u came.
Naina hugs Arjun and says I…
Arjun : u …..
Naina : u
Arjun : me ……..
Naina comes to say.
Arjun : u say but don’t break this hug and he hugs her tightly.
Naina : Arjun
Arjun : say
Naina : I think I love you
Arjun : u only think
Naina : Arjun….
Arjun : ok ok I too love u d
Arjun comes to kiss her but she say it is so advance don’t u think
Arjun : Naina and he turns his face.

Naina kiss him in his cheeks . Arjun shocks a n d he turns to her. Naina says this is the last. Arjun says once more. Naina says che go. Arjun and Naina smiles.

Arjun : I am so happy d.
Naina smiles.

Sania : Ria I am going it’s getting late I will catch you later.
Ria:Sania plz don’t think. It’s just a accident.
Sania : ria but
Ria: ok leave it. U go.

Sania goes. She thinks about a incident and she goes. It was raining. While she crossing the road, a car comes like dashing her but stops in a bit distance. Inside the car it is none other than Rahul. Rahul too thinks about Sania and he is lost in thoughts so only he came like dashing.

Rahul sees Sania and shocks and says Sania.
Sania without knowing Rahul and says sorry. She goes. Rahul parks his car on side nd calls Sania. Sania hears it nd turns. Rahul asks Wat are u doing here in rain.
Sania : hm nothing.

Rahul : Sania say me the truth. Where are you this much of time nd y do u look so worried.
Sania : not like that.
Rahul : Sania I know about u . tell me war happened. U was good yesterday but today Wat happen.
Sania : Rahul nothing.

Rahul catches her nd asks Sania I don’t make me angry. Tell me Wat happen to you. If anyone said anything.

Sania : nothing Rahul leave me I need to go.
Rahul : Sania
Sania : Rahul plz
Rahul : ok I think that’s very personal to u. But u don’t need to go alone I will drop u.
Sania : no problem
Rahul : at least hear this alone. Come on.
He catches her nd goes to his car. Rahul and Sania is fully wet.
Rahul : Sania at least speak anything.
Sania : please I don’t need to go to hostel today alone. Please leave me somewhere.
Rahul : y
Sania thinks if Naina ask me anything I can’t hide from her so today I should not go to hostel.
Sania : please Rahul
Rahul : ok but where
Sania : any lodge, or girls hostel.
Rahul : Wat
Sania : no that’s not safe for u.
Rahul : u stay with my mom.
Sania : no problem I don’t like to give any disturbance to ur mother.
Rahul : Sania please she will take care u. U don’t need to stay in lodge or something. U don’t have safety. I can’t leave u alone.
Sania : Rahul
Rahul : u r not telling Wat happen at least u can hear my words.
Sania : ok

Rahul and Sania goes to Rahul’s mom house.


Thanks friends for u big support. I think u have liked this episode.

By Sandy.

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