En kadhale (My love) episode 14

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The episode starts with Rahul thinks how he can be so close to her. And she rejected me. He drinks thinking that. Arjun comes and asks Oei Wat r u doing. I have not seen you this much of drinking. Reduce it nd y do u drink.
Rahul : nothing.
Arjun : Dei I think I am in love with Naina.
Rahul : Wat
Arjun : yes
Rahul : I thought it.
Arjun : I just have no reason to love her da but I love her da.
Rahul : Dei Machar propose to her da.
Arjun : Wat I can’t
Rahul : y
Arjun : I am afraid if I lost her frndship.
Rahul : hey I think she too likes u
Arjun : Dei
Rahul : Arjun don’t delay to say this.
Arjun : Hmm ok but how.
Rahul : tomorrow is valentines day u can propose to her.
Arjun : ya good idea.
Rahul : ok prepare well.
Arjun : ok
Rahul : bye da I am getting sleep.
Arjun : ok.

Arjun calls Naina nd asks her to come coffee shop.
Naina : y
Arjun : plz yaar
Naina : ok.

They two comes to coffee shop.
Naina : say
Arjun : Naina I am loving a girl
Naina’s face become dull.
Naina : who’s that.
Arjun : a girl who is beautiful in the world nd a awesome character nd she is sitting next to me.

Naina searches nd realise the girl is she. Arjun smiles. Naina ask is it me. Arjun : Hmm
Naina thinks ha Arjun proposed me I think I too love him but I should not tell him I need to give him a surprise.

Naina : I need some time.
Arjun : Hmm ok ur wish.
Naina : ok bye I have a work.

Rahul calls Sania but her mobile phone is not reachable. Rahul calls Naina nd ask.
Naina : she said that she have a important work.
Rahul : Thanks.

Rahul thinks Wat will be the important important work. Today is valentines day. But I can’t see her.

Sania is seen in a corner of the house nd she is crying. A woman comes nd says Sania come on I have got tiffin. She says no I don’t need.
Woman: Sania only crying won’t work.
Sania : my………….
She cries. That woman hugs her.
Sania : Ria plz leave me alone.
Ria: ok but don’t punish u .
Sania : ok

Rahul thinks Sania where r u . He just becomes like mad. He scolds himself nd roams here nd there. Sheila calls him for the valentine day party. He says I am not coming. Sheila says plz come for me. Rahul says I am not interested plz. Sheila says ok when you feel comfortable u come. Rahul says ok thanks.

Naina thinks where is Sania nd calls her but not reachable. Naina says Sania doesn’t have work she is not at all being with in valentines day past 1 year. Naina think can say to Arjun if he saw another girl. Hmm no like that won’t be. But if he saw means. Naina thinks aaa I can’t decide. Naina thinks to tell to him.

Naina calls Rahul nd ask where is Arjun. Rahul says he is in a party. Naina asks Wat party. Rahul says sheila party. Naina says ok.
Naina thinks I need to go there nd need to tell him. She becomes excited and get ready. She wears different dresses but anything doesn’t suit her. At last she wears a saree. Naina thinks is it correct to wear a saree while proposing. Hmm I think it is correct nd she goes.


hi frnds I think u have liked this episode.

By Sandy.

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