En kadhale (My love) episode 12

Hi guys I think u have like my previous episodes and thanks for ur sea level support.


The episode starts with,
Sania : no guys I am not coming.
Naina : Sania , Rahul u say
Rahul : Sania come on
Sania : no whoever says I won’t come.
Arjun : Hmm u won’t come. Okay leave guys we can call Sheila for dancing with Rahul.
Rahul sees weirdly and says to him I am not dancing. Arjun ask him to shut up.
Sania : y u want to call sheila. She doesn’t dance well. And there are many girls u can call any one.
Arjun : Sania sheila is a beautiful girl then she dances well and she likes Rahul and he too.
Rahul says to Arjun when I said that. Arjun : Dei don’t say anything, shut and sit.

Sania : ok u call her but I won’t come.
Arjun : ok come Naina we can call sheila.
Sania sees them and says ok guys because u r requesting more to me. I accept it but I am not coming for dance.
Arjun : Thank you Sania nd we can do drama.
Sania : ok I will give my name to culturals.
Sania and Naina goes.
Rahul : macha how u convinced Sania.
Arjun : Hmm a simple trick
Rahul : Wat trick
Arjun : jealousy
Rahul : waatt
Arjun : ya she likes u and when u be with another girl she doesn’t like that so
Rahul : y she doesn’t like that
Arjun : may be she can love you
Rahul : stupid not like that, even in between best friends have jealousy.
Arjun : but I think it as a love.
Rahul : Wat ever u think.

Sania and Naina comes.

Sania : Hmm there is a problem
Arjun : Wat
Naina : there is a condition.
Rahul : Wat condition
Sania : only same year students have to do.
Rahul : Wat
Arjun : this can’t be.
Sania : Hmm we asked them but they refused.
Naina : yes.
Rahul : we will ask them.
Arjun : then I will miss u ummaa
Naina : flirt be quite later u start it.
Arjun : I am ur boy friend
Naina : Wat
Arjun : I mean I am a boy nd ur friend so boy friend.
Naina : hm leave it now Wat we can do
Arjun : Hmm we can request them
Sania : that’s a waste of time.
Naina : I think we need to do different performances.
Rahul : Hmm but
Arjun : but Naina
Naina : Wat
Arjun : nothing.

Aisha comes nd calls Sania and Naina .
Aisha : girls can u come to our performance
Sania : but
Rahul : yes they will come.
Naina : but
Arjun : Wat but u go
Sania : u guys also need to do performance.
Rahul : of course but there is no Sania and Naina.
Sania : Hmm sorry sorry
Rahul : hey che don’t say Wat I said
Sania : Hmm
Aisha, Sania and Naina goes.

Aisha says we will have a drama.
Sania : great. Wat story nd who’s the hero nd heroine.
Aisha : don’t know wait all of the members will come we can decide.

All of them comes. Everyone discus who is hero nd heroine.
Sania : Aisha can be a heroine
Naina : ya u r right
Aisha :no
Sanjay(one of the classmate) says Naina can be a heroine.
Sania : Sanjay superb idea.
Naina : no never.
Sania : u need to ask to……
Naina : shut ok u be heroine.
Sania : no
Naina : please u be
Sania whispers Naina Arjun can be hero for u. Naina says Sania this dialogue I needs to tell you but with a different person.
Aisha : that’s decided. Sakti will be hero.
Sakti: ok it’s my pleasure.

Naina : ok guys then can start practice. I am very eager to know my character.
Aisha : we going to take a love story. That’s a romantic.
Sania : wow it will be superb Hmm say I am so curious to know.
Aisha : story will be written by Sanjay.
Sania : Wat, Sanjay write a romantic love story not ur own story.
Sanjay: ah I am very good writer.
Sania : Oh but u shouldn’t tell we have to tell.
Sanjay:can see

Sanjay says the subject of the story. Naina will be ex lover of hero.
Naina : Wat is this y I need this villi character.
Sakti:no problem it will suit u
Sania: guys is there any character
For my frnd
Naina : ok I am ready.


hi guys I think u have liked this episode.

By Sandy.

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