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En kadhale (My love) episode 11


Hi guys thanks for your big support.

The episode starts with Rahul thinks I need to ask to Sania about this. Sania wakes up she sees karthik and gets up angrily.
Karthik: santa sorry Sania can’t u eat morning, daily no one will give u food in ur mouth
Sania : that’s my wishe to ear or not.
Naina : guys stop this. Sania go and eat and Karthik.
Karthik: ok Naina bye, he sees Sania.
Naina : bye.
Rahul : Sania come
Sania : I don’t feel hungry.
Rahul : Hmm Thn I will eat u come Sania there are many members to take care.
Sania goes.
Arjun asks Naina who’s he.
Naina : he is our class mate and a best friend too.
She goes, while she crossing the road, a car comes like dashing her. But Arjun comes in a nick of the time and protects her. He says to himself I am hearing Naina’s heartbeat. Naina too thinks same. They have an eye look.

Sania eats. Rahul says to Sania,I need to ask u one thing. Sania says ya ask. Rahul asks who is karthik and how u r linked with him. I am sorry for asking this but…..
Sania : actually, Rahul I need to ask you a question who’s priya.
Rahul : Yyy
Sania : I just saw your mobile
Rahul : Oei touched my mobile without my permission.
Sania : sorry
Rahul : no problem, she’s just my friend.
Sania : Hmm ok ok.
After Sania eating they goes to the car. While they going there was a accident so they cancel the vacation. Sania and Naina goes to hostel. All the guys goes to their houses.

Sania : hm today we missed the vacation.
Naina : Hmm Ss
Sania : do u like Arjun.
Naina : Hmm I like him very much but as a friend because
And she thinks.
Sania : because.
Naina : u say do u like Rahul
Sania : Hmmm
Naina : I am getting sleep.
Sania : ok bye darling sleep well.
They two goes to their bed.
Sania thinks about karthik and her past.
Naina : Sania have u not sleep yet
Sania : ya I slept
Naina smiles.
Sania cries hugging the pillow.


Hi guys I think u might have liked this episode. Thanks for commenting .

By Sandy.

  1. fantastic

  2. So sania n karthik had some relation in past !!!!
    I thnk dey wer luvers !!! I am guessing
    N had a brk up

  3. Sania past what is that

  4. sania past..?

  5. nice Yarr past wat

  6. Awesome. ….I miss my college days…love you loads

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