En kadhale (My love) episode 10

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The episode starts with Naina comes inside of the car. She and Sania goes to last seat. Arjun ask to rahul where we can sit Machi. Arjun says to rahul secretly I shall sit near with Naina da. U sit with Sania da. Rahul says Dei shut I am not like u I will sit front side. Arjun says Dei please if u sat means only Naina will sit close to me. Please please da. Rahul says ok. And they two goes to back seat. Sid comes to say something Arjun stops him and say see ur mobile carfully. Sid thinks. At last seat, the four sit close. Arjun msges Sid that I need to be close. Sid Ask With Whom. Arjun says none of ur business. Sid sees Arjun in a angry mood. Arjun smiles. Naina asks Wat happened. Arjun says nothing. They goes.

After sometime Sania feels uncomfortable. Rahul sees her and ask Wat happen. Naina comes to say something but Sania stops her and says nothing. Rahul sees her again he thinks Wat happen to her, hmm he looks worried. He asks to Sid to stop the car in a shop. We can have snacks. Anu says ya good idea. They get down from car. Sania says to Naina I am feeling drowsy. Naina asks I know I said know don’t need to come. Sania says I know but Rahul asked so that. Naina says he asked means. On the other side, Arjun says to rahul macha y I don’t know But I like Naina very much. She is looking like angel to me. I like her attitude I like to fight with her.i am just thinking to live with her in my life time. Rahul asks Arjun Machi are u in love. Arjun says doesn’t know. Rahul smiles and says I know that I need treat.

Sania says Naina do u like Arjun. Naina says Wat r u talking. Sania says just say. Naina says we can talk later about that. Malika ask them to come. They says few minutes. Naina says r u coming. Sania says no dear I can’t. U go I will be in car.
Naina : ok I will get you water.
Naina goes to shop and someone misbehaves with her. Arjun comes outside and goes to beat him. The stranger opens his face. Naina ask
Don’t beat. This is karthik.
Karthik: Naina u set up guys to beat me.
Naina : hey not like that they are my friends
Karthik:Hmm great y r u here.
Naina : vacation.
They two speaks.

Rahul says someone’s stomach is burning, I need to call fire engine. Sid says I knw. Arjun ask them to shut up.
Naina introduce them to karthik. Karthik says nice meeting you guys.
Karthik:where is u skin.
Naina : Wat
Karthik:I mean Sania because u girls would be like skin and nail.
Naina says she is in car.

Rahul asks Wat happen. Naina says not feeling well. Rahul says I will see her. Naina says Karthik come let’s see Sania.
Karthik: santa I am coming.
Naina : karthik
Rahul says to himself how can he say Sania as santa, stupid. Rahul comes inside the car, Sania ask Rahul u here y.
Naina says karthik came.
Sania : Wat
Sania comes.
Sania : hey
Karthik:Hi santa
Sania : shut
Karthik:but now u not like that, u r looking gorgeous
Sania : I know that before u telling.
Karthik:Wat happen to you y do u look sad.
Sania : not like that
Karthik:Hmm founded boyfriend aa
Sania : I have no mood to answer ur questions.
Karthik:Hmm so pitty, u don’t have any boyfriends. Hmm I think anyone doesn’t like u.
Sania : karthik please

Karthik:Wat I have said the truth.
Sania : karthik u have crossing ur limits.
Karthik: u would have behind boys.
Rahul : Mr . karthik u don’t have rights to talk about others.
Karthik:who are you man, this is between us and Sania answer me.
Sania scolds him that he have not changed yet. And can u please see ur way and go.
Sania faints and falls on Rahul. Rahul asks Wat happen, Sania wake up. Karthik says move I will see. Rahul asks who r u. Karthik say I am studying MBBS. Karthik asks to Naina did Sania ate morning. Naina says no. Karthik says ohhh this is the habit of this girl, how many times I said eat morning but she doesn’t. She is travelling too then where the energy will come and asks Naina to bring water. Naina bring, he sprinkles on her. She wakes up.

Rahul thinks who is he, how he knows all about Sania.


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  1. super episode so naina like arjun nice

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  3. What naina likes arjun umbelievable

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  5. Awesome, arjun n naina angrybirds….Rahul jealous of karthik…precap is very interesting

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