En kadhale (My love) episode 1


Hello guys I am Sandy here to give u a romantic story. First of all I will introduce the characters.

Rahul:A dream boy for all the girls in his college. He is studying engineering and he is 3 year. In the college everyone knows him. He is so famous .

Sania:A lovable girl who is cute looking and childish. Some members like her and some becomes irritated. She finished her 12th.

Naina:Sania’s best friend. They two is like skin and nail. They are best friends from childhood. Naina is so beautiful than Sania.

These are the main characters in this series. I think u might have liked this.

Sania and Naina wait for their 12th results, they were tensed, and the results came. Naina has got State rank and Sania got lower than her but she doesn’t bother about it and be happy for her friend Naina.

Sania: Naina I am so happy that my friend got State rank and u need to give treat for me.

Naina in a low tone:But my friend got lower mark than me

Saina:Naina I am ur best friend but u r not considering like that

Naina: okay leave it come on we can go

They two njoys and they two get seats in same college but in different departments.


I think u liked this episode.

By Sandy

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  1. interesting pls continue

  2. are you tamil?

    1. S I am Tamil

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