En kadhale (My love) episode 5

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The episode starts with Sania says to Naina today’s ragging was superb. Naina says Hmm u liked it but I doesn’t like it. Sania says don’t be angry it’s not good for health.

Rahul and Arjun talks.

Rahul: Today’s ragging was superb. In that one girl sounds different. She njoys ragging .she is good.

Arjun : Hmm Naina is a stupid girl.

Rahul : y

Arjun:I don’t know.

Rahul : fellow, then y telling like this. Ok anyways I am getting sleep bye good night.

They go for sleep.

Next day, HOD informs to Juniors about Freshers party. They become joy.

Sania : superb Naina today is also be a very good day.

Naina : I should not see that Arjun .

Sania:don’t think about them njoy the present.

The freshers party goes on.
The seniors attend their class without liking. It’s break hour,

Rahul and Arjun comes to the party without knowing to anyone.

Arjun sees Naina.
Arjun : Rahul come on we can go inside.
Rahul : no I am not coming. I don’t like this.

Sheila(one of the classmate of Rahul) see Rahul and goes to him and flirt with him.
Rahul : sheila bye I have a work
Sheila:Rahul baby come on. I kept a party tonight come don’t forget

Sheila goes to Naina and gives the invitation. This was seen by Arjun. Arjun says to Rahul we need to go to Sheila party. Rahul says no I am not interested.
Arjun : come on yaar u will have more girl fans
Rahul : but I don’t like that
Arjun : u need to obey me.U need to come to Sheila party.

Naina says to Saina come let’s go to sheila home party. Sania says I am not coming. Naina compuls her . At last she accepts to come.

They two get ready.They wear simple dress.

Arjun and Rahul arrives in the party. Arjun searches Naina.Rahul asks who u r searching. Arjun says Sheila. Rahul nods.

Sania and Naina comes to the venue. They goes Inside. Sania sees Rahul and hides. Naina asks why are u hiding. Sania says Rahul sir came. Naina says first don’t call him as Sir. He is also a student. Sania says ok rahul came . then I can’t speak. Naina says why are u afraiding. Naina goes to Sheila. Sania says Naina I am not coming. Naina says then be here. Sania you and all friend ah , leaving ur frnd and going. Naina says then come with me. Sania hides and goes. Rahul sees there and thinks who’s that and then Arjun calls him so he goes.


hi guys I think u have liked this episode. Thanks for ur big support. Please say ur suggestions.

By Sandy.

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  8. Awesome episode, all came to fresher party…precap is very interesting, abhi toh party shuru hui hai. ….love you loads

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