En kadhale (My love) episode 2

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A boy wakes up from his bed and goes to brush,and he exercises. Later on he bath and goes to the kitchen, he is none other than Rahul. His mother scolds him for coming to kitchen without bathing.

Rahul:mom I bathed,don’t u see me.
Rahul’s mom:Wat to do u bath or without bath looking same Wat did I will do.
Rahul’s mom: ok rahul come on eat fast, ur father will come.
Rahul:Chandrasekara why are you torchuring me
Rahul’s mom: ok if he comes, u needs to get scold from him.
Rahul eats fast goes to college.

Naina and Sania are excited to go to their college. They goes to college on auto.
They two enters the college.
Sania becomes excited about ragging.

Sania:Naina today is going to be a memorable day because today is first day of college and there will be a ragging

Naina:Sania u r a different creature. Anyone don’t like ragging but u like god gave u a different brain

Sania: Thank u my dear

Naina:but there is no symptoms of having ragging here, see there is no seniors outside, all are going to their respective classes.
Saina:hm I am so sad, there is no ragging, Wat a college this is.

A boy comes in a bike, everyone’s attention turns to him. Rahul say to his friend, in a funny mode see our comedian has came. The boy is none other than Rahul’s best friend Arjun.
Arjun comes to rahul and hugs him

Arjun: Machi, how is my entry
Rahul:it’s like a disaster
Arjun:u r having jealous, jealousy fellow
Rahul: I don’t have jealous on u my arjun
Arjun: go da
Rahul:Dei I am ur frnd
Arjun:you are my best friend.
Rahul and Arjun goes to their classes.

Sania and Naina goes to their class, their classes finishes and they get a friend named Aisha.
They three goes.

In evening, seniors starts to do ragging.
Sania:Hmm Wat a different they are ragging at evening, seems interesting.

Naina: fellow now can u shut.
Seniors call them(this is rahul and Arjun group)
Aisha:I am so afraid, Wat they going to do

Sania:Aisha don’t worry, I am there for you
Naina:ya Aisha big women said
Sania : Ae don’t command me.
Aisha:come girls they were calling

They three goes but Sania rushes and asks to them Wat you going to give?(in a curious mood)


hello I think u have liked this episode.

By Sandy

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  1. super but what about pair?

  2. Hi…sandy…luvd it…actually its kinda weird (in cute way)…..about.. Sania..coz i think she is the only one who wants to b ragged……update soooon….tc

  3. It will be know in upcoming episode

  4. It’s really interesting story, plzzzz continue dear and update the next episode, love you loads

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