En kadhale (My love) episode 13

Hi guys I am thinking that my story was boring. Please comment me if it was boring I will try to improve or I won’t write my story. Thanks for your big support.

The episode starts with the Arjun and team ,the practice session is going on. They practice for a drama too and Rahul is the hero, Sheila is the heroine. They decides Wat is the story nd character. They practice. On both side they were practicing heavily. Due to their practice, Rahul, Arjun, can’t spend time or talk more with Sania and Naina.

Sania : Hmm guys
Naina : Wat d
Sania : I am very afraid
Naina : y
Sania : we r going to do drama
Sakti :Hmm afraid more but don’t mess up the performance.
Sania : ok ok I will do good than urs.
Sakti:can see
Aisha:Hmm come on guys practice.
Sania : Aisha Wats this ever practice practice. I need rest I can’t.
Naina : Hmm ok Sania but ours need to be perfect.
Aisha : u r right Sania.
Sania : Hmm
Sania is tired.
Sakti:lazy get up.
Sania : go Sakti
Sakti catches her hand and lifts her. Sania : hey I am coming. She comes unwillingly.
Sakti smiles. They practice.

On the other side Arjun and team practices.

The awaited culturals came. First Arjun and team performances. In that drama Arjun says some romantic dialogues nd his chemistry with Sheila is awesome. Every one appreciates them.
Naina : sheila
Sania : Wat coming jealous aa
Naina : not but I don’t like her. She’s not so beautiful nd she is being so close to Arjun.
Sania : Naina, even Arjun has no problem then y u have
Naina : I don’t have but I didn’t
Sania : ok Naina calm down.
Naina : Sania I need a knife to kill Arjun. See how close he is to sheila.
Sania : ok leave it dear. Y do u get jealous.
Naina : I doesn’t like her.
Sania : Naina
They calls them for their performance.

They perform. While performing Sakti forget the step but he tries to manage that but everyone knows he has messed up the performance. However they complete it. They goes.

Every one says we didn’t perform well. They scolds themselves. In that Aisha says in low voice this is all bcoz of Sakti. Sania says Aisha plz don’t say anyone. Sania says guys we have done our best. Sakti doesn’t speak
Sakti:guys I am sorry I only done the mistake sorry nd he goes.
Sania too goes. Sania calls Sakti. Sakti goes. Sania ask Sakti to stop. Sakti says I only done the mistake.
I only need to do something for that . Sania stops Sakti.

Sakti : Sania leave the way.
Sania : I can’t
Sakti: Sania
Sania : Sakti u done good than everyone. Mistakes are done by everyone not only u.
Sakti : u Wat ever say I am the one who spoiled ur performance.
Sania : hey not like that.

Rahul comes searching Sania. He sees her talking with Sakti. He comes to her.
Rahul : Sania can we go.
Sania : Rahul U go I Will Come.
Rahul : but
Sania : please Rahul.
Rahul : ok
Rahul thinks she never rejected me but now because of Sakti she is rejected me.

In my point of u Rahul became jealous.


Hello guys I think u have liked this episode.

By Sandy.

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  1. Wat is naina going to say … i am very curious …. she is going to say yes or no
    Anyways rahul feeling 4 sania yaaay!!
    It was awsome dear
    Luv u n TC ♥♥

  2. Ani(silent reader )

    Hey Sandy you are not boaring. But its interesting. Keep writing your ideas are amazing . Your story track is going well . And the jealousy factor is awesome this will lead arjun-naina and rahul- .sania confesses their feeling for each other keep writing ..

  3. awsmw yarrr main a and Rahul jealous

  4. hey this is not boring pls dr continue

  5. Its not at all boring…dr… Its really nice story….plz continue…

  6. Sandy ur story is gud. its never boring I love it. Plz continue na…

  7. Rahul jealous… sema epi…

  8. Ohhhh if she said no then what

  9. Awesome episode, we all want always eour loved ones attention to us otherwise feel jealous,same is here with naina rahul…arjun is just performing n sania just trying to console sakti…but naina n Rahul taking it wrong…lol….keep it up. Precap is very interesting eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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