EN JEEVAN (My Soul) – part-2


hi guys…. thanks for the encouraging comments. I hope you will encourage me till the end ff… okay, let’s start episode 2…

the episode starts with Ragini and Kiran laughing. sharmishta hears it. she comes upstairs and sees Kiran. they stopped laughing and Kiran stand up beside Ragini. sharmishta looks around the room. she puts her hand on her hip. Ragini and Kiran looks at her.

sharmishta : what is this? you messed the room.
Ragini : no mom. I’m just choosing dress for tomorrow.
sharmishta : okay, but why like this.?
Ragini : mom.
sharmishta : don’t talk. keep your mouth shut. and you Kiran. why don’t tell me that you are here?
Kiran : aunty, I just came here to meet Ragini.
sharmishta : what is this, Ragini? she is our guest. don’t you give her something to eat.

Ragini looks at her. sharmishta smiled. they sighed.

Ragini : at last, mom is smiling.
sharmishta : who says that I’m angry? I’m just kidding.
Ragini : mom
Kiran : aunty.
sharmishta : okay. let’s come downstairs to eat. before that clean it.

sharmishta smiled and goes. Kiran and Ragini sit.

Ragini : okay let’s say whether which is perfect for me.
Kiran : no.
Ragini : why?
Kiran : because you didn’t tell for what.
Ragini smiled at her.

Ragini : okay. tomorrow may brother is coming.
Kiran : what a coincidence my brother also is coming.
Ragini : what are you saying? I can’t believe it. why don’t you tell it before?
Kiran : I’m forget to tell you. okay, how your brother will come. like that one with a spectacle and so shy?
Ragini : shut up, Kiran. he will be changed. how your brothers looks?
Kiran : why you asking this. my brother is always mass.
Ragini : Owh, let’s see.
Kiran : let’s see.
Ragini : okay, which is perfect?
Kiran : the blue and white anarkali.
Ragini : same pinch. I’m also like it.

Kiran smiles. they high fives.

sharmishta : Ragini! Kiran!
Ragini : we are coming.

Ragini and Kiran cleans the room. they goes to dining table. they sit in the chair and takes plate.

Ragini : I’m so hungry.
Kiran : I’m not but I love your hand made food.

sharmishta patted on Kiran’s head. she serves food to them. shekar comes there and sharmishta serves him. they all ate the food and laughed together with their funny speech.

The Next Day >

Ragini and her family are waiting for varun impatiently. after so long they lost their patients.

sharmishta : call him.
Ragini : okay, mom.
shekar : cool down, shomi. he will come.

Ragini calls varun. a hand is shown. in his hand a phone. in the phone a call come from Ragini. he attends it.

Ragini : hello.
Varun : hellllooo.
Ragini : hoi, mental! where are you?

varun’s face is shown.

varun : what? I’m not mental.
Ragini : I’m not asking your name. I’m asking where you are.
varun : I’m coming in the bus.
Ragini : when you reach?
varun : in half in hour.
Ragini : okay.

Ragini hangs the call. she tells it to her parents. they all sit in the coach and waited. after half in hour, varun comes there. they smiled. sharmishta takes arthi. varun smiles.

varun and parents talked. Ragini tries to talk. varun ignores her. Ragini gets angry and waited there.

sharmishta : you are so thin.
Ragini : heart attack. thin? he is thin? he looks like a elephant.
varun : I’m looking like an elephant?

varun runs towards her. Ragini also runs from getting trapped to him.

sharmishta : don’t do like this.
varun : mom it’s my problems. I will catch her.

they runs. at last, Ragini gets trapped to varun. varun pinch her ear. she looks at him. varun smile at her. they hugged each other.

Ragini : my beloved brother.
varun : my beloved little sister.

they sees all laughed.

the episode ends with their face.

Precap : Kiran throws water on varun coincidently from balcony. Kiran looks shocked while varun looks at her.

so guys, do you like it? I hope you will like it. in the next episode I will introduce the main male lead. I hope you encourage me. and thanks again for the previous comments.

Credit to: Sathya

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