EN JEEVAN (My Soul) – part-1


hi guys! how are you? it’s my first episode of my first ff. I hope you will like it. let’s start it guys.

the episode starts with a temple is shown. the priest does some puja. a girl comes there. her back is shown. she goes in and prays. she murmurs some mantra. the priest comes there. she takes his blessings.

priest : god bless you, Ragini.

it’s then we figure out that it’s none other than our sweet Ragini. Ragini smiled at him.

Ragini : thank you, priest.

the priest gives some prasath to Ragini. Ragini takes it.

Ragini : thank.

the priest smiles. Ragini eats the prasath and about to go.

priest : Ragini.
Ragini : yes?
priest : what are you asked from god?
Ragini : it’s not for myself. it’s for my brother.
priest : why?
Ragini : varun is coming from Dubai after 5 years of working.
priest : Owh ok. why are you don’t ask anything from god? I’m seeing you for always long but you didn’t ask anything for yourself.
Ragini : I know. but god will give anything that I want.
priest : you are so sweet.

Ragini smiled. the priest blesses her. Ragini goes from there. the priest sees her going. another man comes there to take blessing. priest does his work.

Ragini comes to home and gives the vibhuthi to sharmishta and shekar. they blesses her. Ragini hugged them.

Ragini : maa, I’m so happy today.
sharmishta : why?
Ragini : what? are you forgot it? tomorrow varun is coming… hippie.
sharmishta : give some respect to your brother, Ragini.
shekar : what are you saying shomi. varun is two years old elder than Ragini. it’s so common to call brother by his name.
Ragini : papa, is saying right.

Ragini hugged shekar. shekar hugged her back. they smiled. sharmishta looks on.

sharmishta : what are you saying? it’s common? how do you thinking like this?
shekar : I’m thinking with my mind. it’s very common, shomi. don’t worry.
sharmishta : then it’s your wish.

sharmishta turned and about to go.

Ragini : don’t worry, shomi.
sharmishta : how can you say your mom’s name like this?

sharmishta comes to her like bitting. Ragini runs around shekar and runs during there. shekar grabbed sharmishta hand.

shekar : don’t you catch me like this?
sharmishta : shekar , leave me. Ragini will see us.
shekar : it’s OK.

Ragini sees them romancing. she smiles.

Ragini : Owh, how romantic!

sharmishta takes her hand back and runs from there. shekar looks shy.
Ragini : papa!
shekar : tomorrow your brother is coming. go and help your mother.
Ragini : don’t change the topic, sir.

shekar look shy and goes from there. Ragini smiled at them.

a girl comes to Ragini’s home. she is looking so gorgeous. Ragini sees her.

Ragini : hoi, Kiran.
Kiran : hi, Ragini.
Ragini : come upstairs.
Kiran : okay.

Ragini waited there. Kiran comes to her. Ragini and Kiran hugged each other.

Ragini : come.
Kiran : where?
Ragini : to my room.
Kiran :okay.

they goes to the room. Ragini closed the door.

Ragini : Kiran, I have some problems.
Kiran : what problem?
Ragini : hey, don’t act over.

they laughed at each other. Ragini goes to her cupboard and opened it.

Ragini takes some anarkali dresses. she puts it on the bed. Kiran sees the anarkali dress and touched it.

Kiran : wow!
Ragini : do you like it?
Kiran : what are you asking? it’s will be liked by all the girls in this world.
Ragini : okay.

there is a sound in the window. the sound is like someone is throwing something. Ragini goes and looks out. there is a man standing there. smiling at her. Ragini laughed.

Kiran : why are you laughing.
Ragini : it’s none other than your bf.
Kiran : what? my bf.
Ragini : yes.

Ragini goes to sit in the bed. Kiran goes to check out. there she sees the man. the man is a middle aged man.

Kiran : yuck! he is!
Ragini : yes.
Kiran : don’t say like that.

KIRAN! KIRAN! the man says. Ragini laughed.

Ragini : see your bf is calling you.
Kiran : Ragini!
Ragini : what?
Kiran : see what I’m doing to him.
Ragini : hey, what are you going to do?
Kiran : wait and see.

Kiran takes a stone like doll. she comes to the window. the man looked tip toe. Kiran smiles. the man smiled. Kiran takes the doll and throw it. the man gets scared and runs from there. Ragini sees that. they laughed together.

the episode ends with their laughing face.

Precap : Ragini says to Kiran about the function.

so guys did you like the first episode? I hope you will like it and comment. support me. guysssss …

Credit to: Sathya

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