EN JEEVAN (My Soul) – Part-3


hi guys… thank you for your support… let’s start episode 3…

the episode starts with sharmishta and shekar goes out to shop. Ragini is in her room messaging her friends in whatsapp. varun is in his room taking out his things from his bag. they were all doing their own works.

Kiran comes to Ragini’s house to meet Ragini. she sees there is no one. she walked slowly. suddenly a stool hitted on her feet. she winced in pain. varun hears the sound.

varun (in mind): what is the sound? is there any other person here? is it a thief?

varun takes a blanket. he walks slowly from his place to Kiran. he sees her from behind. varun comes closer to her and puts that blanket on her. varun grabbed her around waist. Kiran starts to shout.

Kiran : let me go… leave me.
varun : I won’t.
Kiran : Ragini…. Ragini!

Ragini hears Kiran screaming. she comes to the coach and sees them.

Ragini : oh shit!

Ragini comes to them. she helped Kiran to leave. but varun didn’t let her go.

Ragini : varun, leave her.
varun : she is a thief. I won’t let her do.
Ragini : varun, it’s Kiran.
varun : Kiran?

varun leaves her. he looks shocked and turned around .Kiran takes the blanket from her face and sees varun’s back.

Kiran : hello! Mr. Varun. can you turn?
varun : you idiot…

varun turned around. they sees each other. in between them Ragini stands.

varun : I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that you are Ragini’s friend.

Kiran calm down by his kindness.

Kiran : it’s okay.
varun : thanks.
Kiran : why thanks?
varun : because you forgive me.
Kiran : okay…

Ragini looks at them both. she claps her hand between them.

Ragini : hello! I’m also here.
Kiran : sorry. I didn’t remember you here.
Ragini : at least you remember I helped your from his grab.
Kiran : don’t kidding.
Ragini : okay ,okay. so why you came here.
Kiran : I’m forgot it. I just came here to stay with you.
Ragini : what do you mean.
Kiran : yes. my parents were gone to Delhi for a problem.
Ragini : I didn’t get it.
Kiran : my father’s friend is dead so they go his funeral. they will be back in few weeks.
Ragini : okay. but you have ask my parents.
Kiran : my mother already asked your mother. she agrees.
Ragini : wow. so your brother also will stay with us. right.
Kiran : yeah. but not in this house. we will be in our house. and whenever we want come we can.
Ragini : oh.. okay.
Kiran : hmm.

varun goes to his room while Ragini and Kiran were talking in hallway. they get bored of taking about school life.

Kiran : I’m sick with this school stories.
Ragini : then what to do?
Kiran : we play a game
Ragini : okay. which game.
Kiran : we just play a game of truth or dare.
Ragini : but we have to many people to play.

Kiran think to what to do. varun after finishing his work comes out. varun joins them to play.

Kiran : okay. we have 3 of us. so we play truth or dare with our name written in paper.

Ragini takes a paper and pen. she writes their name. and put their paper on table. Kiran close her eyes while varun mesmerized by her beauty. she takes an paper. in the paper Kiran name was written.

Ragini : shall we start?
Kiran : okay.
Ragini : what…
varun : Ragini, I’m asking her.
Ragini : okay.

Kiran looks at him. varun looks at her.

varun : hmm. what is your biggest lie ever that you tell to your parents?
Ragini : superb question.
Kiran : biggest lie. there is many. while I want to tell.?
varun : anything.
Kiran : okay. when I was 8. one day I wasn’t go to school instead I skip school. when I came to home. I said that the school gate was closed. then my father believes it.
Ragini : oh my gosh. what? you skip school?
Kiran : yes.
varun : okay let’s start the game again.
in this turn varun takes an paper. in that paper Ragini’s name.

Kiran : you trapped.
Ragini : OMG.
Kiran : I’m asking you.
Ragini : please ask me simple question.
Kiran : okay. how you dreams about your future husband.
Ragini : hmm. I want a husband who is like to help people.

in another side, a man is seen helping a poor man to take rice packets. the man’s face didn’t shown.

Ragini : he is always be a gentleman.

the man is shown very gentle with people.

Ragini : I don’t care if he is beautiful or ugly. I would marry a person like him.
Kiran : then you will marry in old age.

Ragini glares at her.

Ragini : I hope I will get him.

on the other side a man stand up from bus and calls the man by his name Laksh.

Laksh: I’m coming. Rocky.
Rocky : the bus is about to go come.

Laksh’s face is shown. he smiles. he runs to the bus and gets in.

the episode ends with his face.

Pracap : Ragini and Laksh bumped into each other. Kiran throws water on varun.

do you guys like it?

Credit to: Sathya

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