En frnd poola yaaru Machi (friendship) Episode 2


Hi frnds and thanks for commenting and I didn’t get many comments no probs I am just new comer OK I am going to the episode 2.

The episode starts with sruthi bringing some colour powder.
Raks: Sruthi no u should not do that ,we can comment but putting colour no sruthi.

Saru: yeah rakhs is right. Sruthi even we don’t know that he is good or bad.

Raks: sruthi wat r u thinking

Sruthi goes to the guy. Raks goes behind her and tries to stop her.
Sruthi: hello Mr.
That boy turns.
Sruthi tries to pour colour but raks interfere and the colour splash on Rahul.
The trio gets stocked.
Rahul: wat the hell u done
Sruthi: heloo I am sorry
Raks: sorry
Saru: we are sorry and she calls sruthi and raks from her. .

Rahul: hello miss. Wat will I do? U want me sit with these colours in the classroom.
Sruthi: I said sorry na so…
Rahul: these colours
Sruthi: u want me I o clean ur shirt
Rahul : I don’t know about it. But I need my shirt to be clean.
Sruthi: hey don’t be stubborn how can I and I never do that.

Sakti and arjun comes.
Shakti: macha who splashed these colours u look so beautiful
Arjun: u r Right. First day with colour and my frnd looks dam hot.
Sruthi: hello can u call ur frnd and go. He doesn’t know to talk to girls. He ask me to clean his shirt.

Rahul: hey u only splashed colours.
Sruthi: hey just stop it.

Sruthi goes.
Raks and saru comes.
Raks : sruthi…
Goes behind her.
Saru: sorry guys for the trouble plz forgive us…
Shakti: no problem miss..
Saru: saranya
Shakti: saranya and we will manage him.
Saru: thanks.
Shakti : no thanks between frnds.
Saru smiles
Rahul: dei macha u r my side and not hers , first come with me.
The trio goes. Saru goes.

Raks: sruthi be polite with students. I heard that he is soo good in his old school and don’t keep with him.
Sruthi: I asked sorry then y

Rahul: how dare she ?
Arjun: rahul leave that u put the club t shirt.
Rahul: that idiot spoiled my first day school.I will not spare her.
Shakti: Saranya is so cute her voice.

Arjun: shakti she is good okay but first u see ur frnd he is so angry.
Shakti: rahul is stupid. He doesn’t know to talk to girls.
Arjun thinks about something.

Rahul changes his shirt.

The trio goes to class.

Raks and saru comes to the class. Saru and Shakti smiles. Raks gets shocked seeing Arjun.

The class starts.
Raks is thinking. Saru worrys about sruthi. Bcoz yet she not came to class.

The teacher teaches the class.
Sruthi enters the class.
Teacher: sruthi wat is ur timing to class.
Sruthi: sorry mam and she enters the class.

Teacher : sruthi hereafter be correct in ur classes. She starts to take class.

The girls( raks, saru,sruthi) are in last bench. The boys is also in last bench.
Rahul stares at sruthi.

After some days ,
Arjun and raks became so close. Saru and shakti are lovers.
The teacher announces there will be special classes for students.

Shakti: macha night class we will be some only I am so happy, I and saru….
Arjun: hmm
Rahul: shit I can’t see that sruthi face in night also.

PRECAP: RAhul saves sruthi from getting hurt. They two comes close.

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