En frnd poola yaaru Machi (friendship) Episode 1


Hello guys I am Susmitha from tamil nadu. This is is first fan fiction so if there is any mistakes forgive. I will go to my story


A girl named Sruthi is sleeping with her mum and sister. It’s morning 5 00 clock.
The alarm is ringing. Her mother and her sister wakes up and go to do their work. But still Sruthi is sleep.

Now it’s morning 8 15. Sruthi is yet sleeping. Her mom comes to her and starts scolding

Mom: Sruthi wake up u have to go to schl and it’s already late and don’t be late to school on ur first day. And rakhs and saru called many times.

Sruthi suddenly wakes up.
Sruthi: Wat mom can’t u wake me fast. Oh no raks and saru going to kill me. She runs and gets ready fast.

Mom: I am waking u up since 2 hours but u were sleeping like kumbakarn. Ohh Gd needs to save u and when u r going to go ur in law home, at that time u will suffer beta.

Sruthi: mom I am just studying 11th and I have yet many years and my soul mate will not let anyone hurt me.

Mom: ok leave that get ready fast.

At 8:30 am Sruthi ‘s frnds came to her house and ringing the cycle bell.

Sruthi : Ae just wait na I am eating just two minutes.
Raks: u like eating na so eat fast today is our first day I am just getting excited bcoz in our class most of the students are new and five or six alone old. So more spicy.
Saru: Ahhhhh but we need to go faster.

Sruthi : yep I finished my breakfast. Come on. Bye mom see you in evening.

The trio goes in cycle. They reaches the school.
They enters the classroom. There they see their frnds and they starts talking. Nee students start coming.

Sruthi : I will tease the first person who enter the class after the lunch bcoz after having lunch I will become more energetic.

Rakhs: Sruthi see that girl seems so quite so………

Saru : I understood come on.
The trio goes to her.
Sruthi : hey baby Wat is ur name? ??
That girl: my name is Anjali
Raks:wow Wat a name. My name is Rakshana.

Saru : my name is Saranya.
Anjali: nice meeting u guys.
Sruthi : it will not be nice meeting anju.

Raks takes anju’s bag.
Saru : anjali u r looking so beautiful and from now we are ur boss ok. And u need to do whatever we say. Got it.
Anjali : no i can’t bcoz i am state rank holder.

Raks : then it is so easy for us. From now u need to do homework. Ok

Sruthi : Anjali u need to njoy ur schl life means u need to obey us. Okay.

Karthika( their frnd) : guys leave that i got a interesting thing. Come.

Anjali : i need to do something Ahhh got a idea i will tell to….

Their class starts…
Sruthi leaves paper rockets on new comers. They bully them.

After lunch.
Saru : Sruthi do u remember
Sruthi : Ahh I am waiting.

A guy enters the class.
Raks : Sruthi he is good looking and looks handsome and I didn’t see him morning.

Sruthi : may be but wait a minute I will come.

Sruthi goes….


Guys I think u liked this story and the main characters are Sruthi, Rakshana, saranya , Rahul, shakti, Arjun…. I am sorry if I done any mistakes. Plz comment and I will rectify my mistakes

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  1. Tamila per parthavuthane vaachikkalammu thonuchu. ..ennathan eruthalum tamil thane thai mozli. .ur writting is nice n the concept of friends is good too..keep writing. .will try to comment in every epi..

  2. Susmitha

    Thanks u so much romba nanri

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