Emoji love (Swasan OS)


It was saturday nite, two hearts were struggling to sleep. They were tossing on the bed.

One person – its boring
Swara – saw his face and turned to other side of bed.
Swara’s mobile gave a beep?
Swara – ✉ hi and she replied hi? back.
Other person (op) – ? wide smile he sent back.
Swara – ? angry face.
Op – ? shock face.
Swara – ? 32 showing smiley.
Op – ? afraid reaction
Swara – ? angry horn face
Op – ? sticking tongue out face
Swara – arghhhh….
Op – y??
Swara – feeling hungry.

Op – he sent ☕??????????????????????? relish them.
Swara – wow ? thank u…
Op – heart eyes.. ?
Swara – ? blushing face
Op – ? gave a wink.
Swara – ? showed her tooth and laughed
Op – afraid ? ghost
Swara – ? blowing hot air through nose
Op – hahahaha ?

Swara – ✋ slap sticker
Op – ?? gulped in fear and eyes popped out.
Swara- ? cool look
Op – i hate u ??
Swara – i love u ❤
Op – i hate u ? sad face ?
Swara -; heart eyes..?
Op – ? wide smile and he sent ?
Swara – ? closed her eyes due to shy.
Op – ? poke her to reply
Swara – ?❤ heart.
Op – ? couple kissing..
Swara – ?? shy closed her mouth and eyes.
Op – ? – love…
Swara – ? blessed to have u.
Op – ? ur my heart beat.
Swara – blushed and sent good night ?
Op – gud night ???
Swara – ? bye..
Op – ? bye..
Swara turned other sidevof bed and saw sanskar who was gazing her with huge smile..
Both hugged eachother and slept in tight embrace….
Op – is sanskar…. did u guess dat??? If s then ??? claps for u….

I was bored and wrote something… dont scold me or throw ????
Give ur views….

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  1. Simin

    Cute one

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u simin dr 😀

  2. Hemanshi

    wowwwww……….such an amazing ideaaa *kissing hearts* you are really a good writer……….

    1. Scooby

      Im dabba writer hemu.. btwn thnk u do much hemu dr.. 😀

  3. Pooja26

    awww 😉 😉
    sweet os…..

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much pooja 😀

  4. Wow..so cute swasan os..???

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much tharu 😀

  5. New , cute

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much sasha 😀

  6. Mahavir

    thala it was a cute one but y u not inform me…ohhh *pout…aana thala it was awesome one romba perusa yosikaama chinnadha yosichu kalakitinga thala….take care….♥♥♥…

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much teddy 😀

  7. haha… amazing…

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much aditi 😀

  8. It’s just like talking nd playing but it’s a good idea if ur not willing to talk or not getting words this is the best method

    1. Scooby

      Yup sri. Thank u for reading 😀

  9. Kakali

    Ohhhhh God !!!! Naviiiiii !!!
    it waa Semma dear !!! loved it…
    phewwwwe !!! *bows down…
    I I captain,,,, u r cuteeeeee !!! Thnk u…
    wannn a give a hug… !!!
    *yuck smell u….
    use Eva … :0 :0 🙂

    1. Scooby

      Aww thnk u kakali dr for lovely msg and im using elpaso deo spray.. i will bite u.. ♥♥

      1. Kakali

        Urghhhh !! *hide under bed…. puuut puuutttt !!! *blinking eyes… puut puut !!!

  10. cute and funny..tc..

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much s 😀

  11. So cute dear

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much mammu 😀

  12. hehe…!!Loved it..!! And I guessed right too…!!

    1. Scooby

      U guessed it right.. thn claps for u chandu… thnk u so much 😀

  13. Abirsha

    Ha ha navi superb…. Anniya there is a competition for u… ?

    1. Shreeyu

      Hehe true Di but there’s a little difference she’s using stickers and Navi used emojis

    2. Scooby

      Machan romba nandri da 😉 😀

      1. Shreeyu

        Navi what is the meaning of that line

  14. O god it was so cute…. Loved it… Unique one dear… ??????????

    1. Scooby

      Aww thnk u so much vidhi 😀

  15. Rekha

    Such a cute Love Story…..!! Loved it..!!

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much rekha 😀

  16. Mica

    aaarrrgghhhhh.. Naviiiii!!!!!! huh! i love this..
    even if i;m boring i’ll do this with him..ahem ahem…

    1. Scooby

      Haha thnk u souch mica… bt i hv doubt u will do it bt wil he reply u… :p

      1. Mica

        don’t underestimate my power, huh!!!
        i kept hammer beside me if only he doesn’t reply me :3 :3

  17. Kaynatk01

    aww navi it was so cute

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much kaynat 😀

  18. so cute…..

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much tanuja 😀

  19. wow its so cute and i don’t know why but i find it a bit funny

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much myna 😀 and it was not a bit funny it ws totally stupidity 😉

  20. Savanshi27

    this was a stress burster… cute display of feelings…
    loved it….

    1. Scooby

      That was wonderful compliment 😉 thnk u so much savanshi 😀

  21. Soujanya

    Sweet ff….awesome

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so.much souj 😀

  22. Divyanshri

    wow…. cute os… love it….

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much divyashri 😀

  23. Shreeyu

    It was cute Navi dr

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much shree dr 😀 btwn hws ur hand now?? R u feeling ok??

      1. Shreeyu

        Yeah…. It is absolutely fine just m absent on tu nowadays…. Will b absent properly? tomorrow onwards …. Will come back in December

    2. Scooby

      Y shree??? Due to studies and examz u wil b offline ah?? If so, thn all d bst.. take care.. wil b waiting for ur arrival in december..
      shan reply line i said her thank u dude.

      1. Shreeyu

        Oh oky Dr…. Ya due to studies that’s y m not updating my ff…. Thnkew fr ur wish Dr….

  24. Nice

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much afra 😀

  25. Deeksha

    Nice dear….loved it….

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much deeksha 😀

  26. ?? Navi aka!??Different one. Come wd more os and ss!. I ❤ u .

    1. Scooby

      Omg y did u keep such a wierd name?? Thnk u so much sis 😀

  27. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    It’s amazing and funny dear???… I am gonna throw on you something…
    . A TIGHT HUG???..

    Keep writing like this dear..Muaaah??
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much uma dr… glad u liked it.. but i found it silly..
      my *hugs and kisses* for u always.. 😀

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much rabz 😀

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much maryam 😀

  28. Mirna

    Sema concept munadi furniture lam sema concept next idhan dhan semiya impress and concept loved it diiiiiiii nanum adan pakathula irundanga nenaichan bulb erinjidhu pathiya 🙂
    head ku mela bulb imagineeeeee 😛

    1. Scooby

      Paruda mirna ku bulb la erunjuruku.. thnk u so much mirna dr.. here afer i wil address u as cosmic connection or telepathy.. wt name do u like??

      1. Mirna

        ethavthu nengalae pathu panunga ji

  29. Vyshu10


    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much vyshu among many i was waiting for ur comment.. glad u liked it 😀

      1. Vyshu10

        aww….i loved it

  30. Arshaanya

    It was sooo cute navi… loved it ??

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much arsh 😀

  31. hey don’t call it stupid it made me so light hearted




    1. Scooby

      Hahaga nive nee anupu smiley la few dhn enaku view pana mudujuchu… angry red face yelo face hot air blow face wide grin happy face sticky out tongue…
      Angek thought to inform u bt it happen suddenly so nee msg panum podhu somam vittuten…


        Unakku avlo smiley kattudha… en browser la varum OS mattum tha kattudhu…he he he… two tym idha post pannean… first tym full eh smiley mattum adhu post agala.. uk nanum yen frnds um idha oru game eh vilayaduvom I mean ur os.. ava oru smiley send panna na adhuku oppose eh send pannuvean?

    2. Scooby

      Haha nanum bt smiley sumtymz bt stickers epodhum.. so nly i love hike app nive.. my only frnd

  33. Super cute and very loving

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