Most eminent couple of television-twinj


hi frnds.i’m karthika i ‘m to share my views WHY TWINJ ARE MORE EMINENT?
twinj(twinkle and kunj) had found place in thousands of heart by their sizzling and mesmerizing chemistry on screen.twinkle(jasmin bhasin) had been seated in thousands of heart by her cute expression,childish acting and by her way of speaking .kunj(siddhant gupta) is one of the male lead of television who is having more female fans.WHAT’S SPECIAL IN TWINJ’S LOVE?
twinj share a mindblowing chemistry onscreen because of her chemistry they found slot for them in all families by their knok jhok more special thing in their love is their eye lock scenes which makes the audience happy.the love track SAJNA VE plays important role in their love story it is really a nice track which would enter in the core of everyone’s act.twinj’s love become special due to they both try to make happy each other and they r ready to sacrifice anything for each other which admires the audience.FRNDS IF U FEEL SOMETHING MORE SPECIAL COMMENT IT AND SHARE.

Credit to: karthika

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  1. may be because of the purity of their souls!! coz they are beautiful people inside out, it may be one of the reasons!! ??

  2. you are 100% right

  3. I literally love them coz of their understanding…. they do help each other in all the tough situations and the great trust btwn them, which really needs for a relation. These ppl are adorable and the way their life started and how they are now…..a good lesson to the society. They really showing the society that what kind of relation should be der btwn husband and wife. In each way twinj are unique. Love u twinj?

  4. I agree to u…..u r 100% correct no one can beat our twinj!

  5. Yes twinj most cute couple
    Karthika u r 100% right

  6. karthika its 200% true…..coz twinj r d best…luv twinj….:):):)

  7. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    I agree with u…..they are most adorable and unique couple…

  8. I luv twinj bcauz of their innocent luv..they feel 4 each other bt they didn’t express bt their eyes says everything.. The way both look at each other is vry nic …it can make reliaze everyone how much they luv each other …. I hope u guyz remember when kunj frnd wandy came then how twinkel reacted …she throwed d shampoo bottel n said” mai kya talaiya bejao” the way she said that ..i always admire that…… Reply guyz*

  9. u know what even in toughest time they be with each other its common (at least on serials)lead pair helping and sacrificing for each other but tashan e ishq is different how ????becoz in many other serials only one from the pair will struggle and do thier best for their patners while other not knowing anything regarding tha problem r mu their betterhalf but in our tei they trust each other to core of their heart,even at mu they realise thier mistake and help thier partner and finally will come out of trouble trusttttttttt a single word that makes tei a special show very special the way kunj believes twinkle the way twinkle understand

  10. U r absolutely ryt karthika their luv really makes us admire them

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