EMERALD..The Divine Love (5)

Chapter 5

Emerald’s pov

We reached uni.only 2 months left for our exams.I decided to refer some books from library. I said Jeremy and Ryan that I am going to library to collect some books.they nodded and went to their friends.
Our library was on 3rd floor. The building was an old one.its look like a Dracula fort.I entered to library. No one was there.I wondered where everyone went. I started to search some books on journal. Suddenly I felt someone’s gasp on my neck.I turned my face.I was scared..I started to sweat.my heart started to beat fast.
“Hey babe..surprised? ” he asked with a devilish smile.

“Wha…what are you…doing here” I said in a stammered voice.

“Why are you afraid of me?? I will give you that which that bookworm can’t give you” he said again with that devilish smile.he forwarded his hand to touch my lip.I pushed his hand away.

“Don’t dare to touch me with your dirty hand” I shouted at him.

“Relax baby relax. .every girl want to sate with me..why don’t you?” He caressed my face.

Again I pushed his hand away and stepped back.

“I am not that type of girl..just get out from here” I shouted again

He didn’t listen me he was busy in observing me.I feel awkward. I headed towards door.he held my hands.

“You can’t escape from me.the door is locked and key is in my pock.there is no one in this building too” he smirked.

I started panicking. My heart started beating so fast.my mind stopped working. I ran towards Window.

“May be you forgot that we are on 3rd floor. You can’t jump from window” he said.

I really felt helpless.I wished Ryan is here.god do something. .help me from this monster. Suddenly my phone ring.I took it from my pocket.it was Ryan. I smiled and about to receive the call mark grabbed it from my hand and switched off and he threw it from window.

“You did a mistake by marrying Ryan. You will be punished fir this” he pulled me to him.I kicked my knee.

“Auch you blo*dy bastard” he held my hair and pinned me to wall.

“RYAAAN” I shouted.I know there ia no use of shouting because Ryan can’t listen me from far.
Mark released me from his grip amd slapped me hard.I felt a burning on my cheek.

“Don’t utter that bastard’s name infront of me” he was shivering with anger.again he pinned me onto wall.
“This time I won’t leave you without taking what I want” he tore my t shirt.

“Let me go please..” I begges to him.

He pushed me on floor. I fell on floor and went unconscious.

Ryan’s pov

I called Emma but she switched off her phone on the same time something fell on my back.it was a mobile I took it.it was Emma’s.

“Jeremy. .look this is Emma’s phone” I was worried

“Are you sure?” He asked

“Yes I am sure..I can recogniz her things without checking” I said.

“Let me check Ryan” Jeremy checked the phone.
“Yes its her’s..why would she threw her phone? ” Jeremy asked.

“Come” I ran to library. I feel difficulty in climbing stares.I was praying to god that if Emmais in trouble just save her.we reached on Libra ry door.it was locked.I and Jeremy broke the door.we entered to library.

“Emma” I called in a worried voice.I heared some sound behind the book shelf.I and Jeremy looked at each other and ran towards the sound.we both r shocked. There was standing mark.I and Jeremy looked at the floor. Jeremy turned his face. It was Emma who was on the floor only in her an
innerwears.I shocked to see her like this.I punched on mark’s face he fell on near Emma. Jeremy held me.

“First make emma wake up.I will take care of him” Jeremy took mark from there.

“Emma…Emma. .wake up..please wake up for me” I shook her shoulder. She didn’t wake up.I checked her pulse it was getting low.I made her wear her jean and my sweater coat.I lifted on her my arms all while I was crying like a baby whose doll is broken.

I took her to hospital. Doctor said” she is ok.may be her head hit on something that’s why she went unconscious. She will be ok in half an hour.don’t worry” doctor consoled me.

I called Jeremy and said what doctor said.in few minutes Jeremy came and hugged me.I burst out.I cried until my eyes are turned to red.jeremy just pat on my back.

“Mark is in our custody” said Jeremy.

“I won’t spare him now.I will give him that pain which he gave to my Emma” I said in angry tune.

After half an hour nurse called me.

“Mrs.Blake get consciousness.she want to meet Ryan” nurse said.

I went with nurse.Emma was lying on bed.I sat near her on bed.I tried to smile but failed.Emma grabbed me to her and hugged me tight. Nurse went from there seeing this with a smile.

I hugged Emma back and lied beside her.she tightened her clutch more and cried continuously. She sobbed like a child.

“He…” She tried to say something again started crying.

“I know Emma. ..just calm down.nothing had happened to you.you are ok and I am with you.just relax” I consoled her

She looked at me with her wet eyes.I sat on bed and kissed on her forehead. She smiled a little. She held my hand tight.her eyes are still wet mine too.I kissed on her eyes.she tried to sat on bed.I helped her to sat on bed.

We looked at each other’s eyes.I leaned my face to her’s.I took her face on my hand.our lips are met, our breath get mixed.she kissed me back!!!

How was it buddies? ??? I am sorry I am very bad in making romantic scenes but I tried my best.love u all…

Credit to: Ruby Ryan

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  1. OMG !!!! so many typos and grammatical mistakes lol…it is not sate it is date.I used on instead of in.. sorry for mistakes buddies 🙁

    1. Actually the truth is I never noticed the mistakes Wen the story so full of curiosity about wat will B the next line ….

      Mark idiot …. Thank god Ryan was there to her rescue ….

  2. Does mark knw she is princes? I luv ryan, he is such a cute boy. . .n jermy is a grt frnd. . .though it was emotional, Njoyd the romanc. . . 🙂 pls updt regularly yar 🙂

    1. Nop dr mark doesn’t know that emerald is a princess

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  8. O my sweeeeeet ruby, awesome episode, loved it, Mark is really insane…thank God they saved her…Ryan n emeralds pov were really good…n the way Ryan consoled emerald was really very heart touching…loved their romantic moments…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thnq so much roma dr..

  9. Hey ruby am big fan of u..i lke bth stories of u.am new hr.ua today epi s awsme..

    1. haii faima dr…ur comment means a lot to me dr…don’t consider u as my fan…just be my friend. ..I want u all as my friends.I always feel comfortable with my frnds…lv u everyone

  10. Nice episode ruby.

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