EMERALD..The Divine Love (6)

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chapter 6

Ryan’s pov

I looked at Emma’s eyes. .it was turned to a dark green. .how? ?? it was a light green and her pale lips turned to red blood colour…how can be it happen?? I stared at her.she touched my lips..

“it is too reddish Ryan” Emma said.

“what??? mine too???” I asked with curiosity

“what u mean your s too?”

“your lips are also reddish and your eyes turned to dark green” I took a deep breath.

“can I get a mirror” Emma asked.

I took my phone from my pocket.opened its camera. we both looked in to that. OMG…like her eyes my eyes turned to more bluish. .what is happening with us???

doctor came to room he asked to do some tests lukr MRI scan..doctor was saying that what if something happened in her head…they did all tests..

Jeremy came hr hugged Emma and consoled her.

“you are looking more beautiful Emma” Jeremy said..

ir was true..Emma was looking more beautiful than morning. .

“hey dude and you..you also looking more handsome” this time Jeremy was confused.

I and Emma looked at each other. doctor called us to his cabin.doctor was looking surprised.

“mrs.Blake “he paused thwn looked at the results

“what happened doctor” Emma asked.

“you said that when your head hited it was paining” dr asked

“the pain was killing me nd I went unconscious” Emma replied

“l am surprised that your results are normal. .according to your pain there will be a internal bleeding or anything but no..u r absolutely fine” doctor said with a smile

I was shocked and happy at same time.thank god Em is ok..but how can she be normal? ?? and our changes everything was confusing me.

Em get discharged. in car we all were silent no one talked.

Emerald’s pov

I was shocked or surprised our eyes colour were changed also our lips colour.doctor said that I am ok..I feel something fishy.how can our eye colour changed? how can I our lips colour changed? my head hited badly and I am ok..what’s all this??? I couldn’t understand.

we 3 were silent in car.Ryan dropped Jeremy in college. if we 3 were absent it is difficult for getting notes.

I and Ryan entered in to our flat.

“Em” Ryan called me Em first time.I was blushing. .I turned to him.

“what are you thinking all about this..I mean changing of our eye colour and lip colour?”

” I even don’t know…I am thinking about this only” I said.

we both sat on sofa and started thinking. Ryan grabbed my hand..

“Em. .when i kissed in your eyes…”

omg my face turned red 🙂

“your eyes were normal green” he completed.

“and urs also” I said.

“so the reason is our kiss (lip lock)???” we both asked in unison.


Think and comment: what will be the reasons of their changes..

stay tuned…

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