EMERALD..The Divine Love (3)



Chapter 3

Ryan’s POV

“so u r belongs to royal family” finally I broke the silence

“yeah” she said bt she didn’t looked at me

“why didn’t u told me?? I thought we were best friends. I said in a sad tune.

“I am sorry Ryan. I didn’t thought to hurt u..but I don’t like more attention from any1 even if they are my best friends” she apologized

“its ok..I knew what u are.” I smiled at her.

“thanks for understanding me Ryan” this time she looked at me and smiled.

her smile..its the beatiful thing in the world. .and whenever I looked at her eyes every time I fall for her..she is not like other girls. she is simple and kind hearted. that’s y I love her.

“Patrick, first go to my appartment. my some stuffs are there too” em said.

“ok princess” Patrick nodded.

meanwhile Jeremy called.

“dude! ! am in ur appartment. yesterday we left our car in the pub.so I took it here. but where were u? r u still in emma’s palace? ?”Jeremy asked.

“no dude. we r going to emerald’s appartment” I said.

“what!!!! it means her father caught u both??? Jeremy questioned.

“yeah…hey we reached emma’s appartment.u come here with my car” I hanged up.

Emerald’s POV

we reached my appartment. it was also in Luke street. I am staying here for past 2 years (approximately).actually I was in our own university which is in our town.there everyone kniws who I am.I don’t like more attention. so I decided to moved to Jeremy’s university which is far from our home.but dad didn’t gave permission. uncle Jordan (dad’s bro) made him understand. but he didn’t give permission to stay in hostel.he buy a luxurious appartment for me.he appointed a driver and a maid for me..then what is the difference in staying palace and here??? I told him I don’t need a maid.I can handle everything my self.I don’t know why he said ok.when I moved to this appartment I feel like I become an ordinary girl now..no one is calling me princess and everyone talks like am one of them.I felt relaxed 🙂 .

I took all my stuffs and handover the appartment key to Patrick.

“now I don’t need this.and tell dad that I didn’t do anything to hurt him..whatever I did there is a reason for it” I said.

“okey princess. .take care.if u need anything just call me” Patrick said.

“hmmm…say jannet that I will miss her and her foods” I smiled.
Patrick nodded and he went. just then Jeremy came and he took us to Ryan’s appartment.

“u know emma how I took Ryan yesterday to ur home” Jeremy asked.

“I was thinking about it.how u did that?? our twins were there too.(twins means my watchmen.I and Jeremy gave the name ti them when we were in 1st grade) I asked.

“they asked me why r u here so late? princess is sleeping and who is this. .etc etc..I told them that Ryan is ill only princess can make him ok..so let me go inside and they agreed” Jeremy laughed..I and Ryan joined to him.

Ryan’s POV

we reached my appartment. .I, Jeremy and em took her baggage. .

“hey Emma. .do u took ur whole room in this bags” Jeremy pulled em’s leg.

em hit his head

“where will u keep all this stuff. .my appartment is not much large. ” I said in a taunting voice.

“its books guys..and u both knw that am not fond of make ups and dresses” she said.and made an angry face.

suddenly Jeremy came to em and hugged her tight.she hugged him back and started crying. .

“I know u r not ok..I know what u feels right now..just cry out loud Emma. u will feel better” Jeremy said to Em.

Em cried in his arm like a kid.I stared at her but didn’t say anything. ..finally em stopped crying. her emerald eyes were turned to ruby (it means her eyes become red due to over crying).

“feel better? ” jerry asked

she nodded. I gave her water..

“go and fresh n up emma.I will makr breakfast for u” I said.

she went to bathroom. .I and Jeremy took all her stuff to her room. we both started to make breakfast.

“everything is happening because of that jerk mark” Jeremy said in an angry voice.

“what can we do with him? he also belongs to royal family. I heard that he is the next prince of Windsor” I said.

“yeah..u know his father Laurence is a *****(abuse) mark is exact copy of king Laurence. a womanizer. he killed his own nephew for making mark as next prine of Windsor” Jeremy said.

“omg..how devil they are” I said.

Emerald’s POV

jerry’s medicine was good I am feeling better now.we r best friends from childhood. I , Kenneth (my cousin sister) and Jeremy, we 3 were thick friends. we were in same school. Jeremy’s dad works under my dad.and he got scholarships for studying in our school. and we 3 were in same class.after clg Jeremy moves to university of lambard.I and kenna (Kenneth) moves to our university. I felt uncomfortable and moved to Jeremy’s uni after 1 year.

I took shower and went to kitchen. we 3 had our breakfast. jerry and Ryan were talking about mark..

“so..which is u Emma? ” Ryan asked.

“princess of wales” I Said.

“how do u know that am asking abt that?” he asked.

“I just guessed” I smiled

“mark is prince of Windsor and u r princess of wales, u both will make a good pair..prince and princess” Ryan laughed at me jerry too joined him.I hit both of them..

Mark….he is a headache for me from the day I joined university.


how was it buddies.????
want to know more Emma’s life??? stay tuned with fingers crossed….

love u all

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