EMERALD..The Divine Love (2)

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chapter 2

Ryan’s POV

“WIFE?” Abraham asked.

“yeah we are married” I said.

he turned his face to Em.she was putting her palm on her mouth and standing helplessly. her eyes were wet.I feel pain.

“is he saying truth Emma? ” Abraham asked to Em.she nodded. .oh no…she was crying. .I can’t see her tears. I hold her hand.she looked at me teary eyed then turned to her dad.I still hols her hand.

“you, you too betrayed me” Abraham said in a sad voice.
Em shook her head and said
“no…no…no dad.I didn’t. .”

“yes Emma u too.I trusted u most like I trusted her but u both broke my trust” Abraham said.

now who is the ‘she’? what they both talking about? I was in confusion.

“let me explain dad.I will clear all ur doubts” Em said

“no need Emma. I don’t want to listen anything from u now.just leave my home.I don’t want to see ur face again” Abraham said and he pushed us from his room.

“DAD” Em shouted
but he didn’t looked at her.he shut the door with a bang.Em cried like hell.I hugged her tight.

Emerald’s POV

dad didn’t listen to me even I tried to explain.I cried..Ryan hugged me tight. .really I feel relief in his touch, in his hug.I hugged him back and cried a lot.

“sh..sh..em..just stop it now..I can’t see u in pain” he said

what he meant.I looked at him.

“I mean I can’t see u in pain because of me he corrected

“it is not because of u
.its all because of me” I again started crying.

“my shirt is too wet emerald” he smiled

I looked at his shirt. oh no it was wet coz of my tears.

“its mine ” I punched him

“auch” he groaned.

just then dad’s Secretary patrick came to us.

“princess, king said u both to leave as fast as u can.and pack ur things too” Patrick said

“we are leaving” Ryan said.

he grabbed me to my room. we started packing. I don’t want to leave this home, this room anf my dad.patrick came there.

“princess. .ur car is ready” Patrick said.

“we will go in cab” I said.

“please ma’m it is my car not king’s..I will drop u where u want” he said

“okey…just say jannet to bring my left baggage too I ordered

he nodded and called jannet.I and Ryan went to car.we sat on car
jannet came with my baggage. Patrick started the car.

“where u want to go princess?”
Patrick asked me.

I don’t know where will I go..I didn’t thought abt it till now.

“to my home”Ryan said suddenly.

I looked at him without blinking my eyes.

Ryan’s POV

when Abraham’s Secretary came to us he called em as princess and Abraham as king.I couldn’t get him.why he is calling her princess? is she really belongs to royal family? ? so many questions on my mind.

when Patrick asked em to where she want ti go.I said to my home.em was staring at me.

“what?” I asked

“r we going to ur home? ” she asked. .

“yeah we r going to my home” I turned to Patrick. “Patrick, it is in Luke street” I said to Patrick.

“ok sir” Patrick replied.

I leaned to car’s seat.


now what will happen in emerald’s life..to know more stay tuned buddies. .take care..keep smiling and be happy 🙂

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  1. missing u aaliya…pray for Chennai buddies 🙁

  2. PLZ tell me wat is POV ? I wanted to ask u in last epi itself

  3. Oh yea understudy its Point Of View

  4. Yea its awesome ….. My god and I suddenly was confused with tht Patrick’s and jennet’s entry ….

    Who is Jennet ? And em came in to pack her bag ? How her dad allowed her in ??

    1. Patrick is manager of Abraham (emma’s dad) oh..I wrote Secretary instead of manager. jannet is emma’s maid…thnx for commenting dr 🙂

  5. Ruby Plz update soon want to more about emerald and Ryan… Update a longer part nxt time if possible.
    Today’s part was good. Continue…..

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  6. As usual, dis story of urs is also too gud. . . I luvd em n ryan. . . 🙂 😀

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  13. Hey ruby first when I read the story , then the first thinking made me think about heropanti as the bonding is same as the picture what we read till now.

    But when read the full story it really shake my head the royal stuff princess oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wooooooooooooooowwwww .

    What a twist now. What’s going in ur head dear. I don’t know I see a devilish smile on ur face dear.

    whatever it is . Its a pleasure to read that stuff for a long time.

    Luv u always . Keep smiling.

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. hai nishu dr..I was smiling while reading ur comment.really a devilish one 😉
      love u too dr

  14. Awesome episode ruby…I like this story line and plot very much…you’re amazing writer ruby, the pov n dialogues r awesome…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..

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