Emerald (flashback series 9)



No…no…I can’t be..I looked at Kenna who was looking at me confused. I show her the stick.she jumbed in happiness and hugged me.

“Congratulations Emma” I pulled her away from me and ran to downstairs.

“Driver, Windsor palace” I say while get in to car.

I reached Ryan’s palace.

“Ryan” I called out him.

Instead of Ryan, Rose came.

“What happened, Emma? ” she asked.

“I need to talk to Ryan. Where is he?”

“He is in his room. And what’s in your hand?”

“Nothing. ” I ran to upstairs. But I don’t know which is Ryan’s room. How will I find his room?

Telepathy! !



‘I am in your palace. I don’t know where is your room’

‘Stay where you are standing’

After two minutes Ryan appeared in front of me.

“Come” he held my hands. He took me to his room.it was a beautiful room. My eyes locked in to a photo which kept on a side table. The photo was ours. I don’t remember when it took.



I gave him pink stick which tells that I am pregnant. He looked at it and then me. He smiled at me.

“Em” he crushed his lips on mine. I was shocked on his sudden reaction. The same pictures which always shown to me became a little clear.

After a minute I realised Ryan is kissing me.I kissed him back. Every blurred images became clear.

The first day I met Ryan
Our friendship
Mark disturbed me
Our marriage
The days we spent together
The battle with Dormourt
My death
Ryan begging to Angel for my life.

Everything flashed in front of my eyes..tears started rolling from eyes.
We both stopped kissing. We were breathing hardly.

Ryan looked in to my eyes. I looked at him with teary eyed. He shook his head. He wiped my tears and kissed on my forehead.

I am becoming weak.I can’t hold myself anymore. Everything in front of me was fading. Am I dying again???

No!!! I don’t want my Ryan to suffer more. I was hurting him all while. I can’t make him broken again when I remember him, when I remember our relation, when I our relation is becoming more strong. ..



What you guys thinks ,

Did our Em die?
Or did our EmYan become one again?

Write your thoughts.

I was about to end flashback but I thought to write one more chapter for you guys.

Love you all..devu I really missed you yaar. Now I am connected to Anu, Lachu, sindhu and many more from our TU through wattpad and facebook. I want to be in touch with you all.

Credit to: Ruby_Ryan

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  1. Awesome 🙂 pls emerald is my fav ff dont end it

    1. I am really sorry dear I can’t make more chapters cos I am writing two more stories too. it is really difficult to write three stories at same time. if you guys want me to write a story with samr characters ì will write another one.

      1. Yes pls i am okay with it 🙂

  2. Awesome and pls don’t end it I love this ff and u

    1. I will write one more ff with EmYan

  3. loved it. make em n Ryan one agn. n it was very small update ..

  4. Nic episode.. Finally em gained her memory.. I am soo happy for them.. Will be waiting for other stories too.. Keep going.. Love you..

    1. love you too dr.next target is Humsafar

  5. hi!!! welcum back…plz unite them …dnt let em …if she’l die…hw cn diamond be born…n she was present durng her 2nd birthday na…dn how cn she die???

    1. thanks dr…am not pyaar ki dushman..so I won’t kill Em

    2. Ruby I too have a same doubt… you ended season 1 with emyan celebrates 2nd yr anniversary with her daughter… then how can she die…

  6. she shudn’t die…luvd d epi…update nxt one soon

    1. thanks dr

  7. Awesome sis.. pls don’t kill em..unite them both…tc

  8. She’ll not die,guys.Yeah!I’m so happy for them..I love it most.Thanks for d update,apu.Though it was a short one bt i’m happy with it cz i was missing it badly.Come back with another nice chapi soon.Take care & pray for me..

    1. you said you are on wattpad then why didn’t you messaged me? I want to be in touch with you dear.

      1. I tried there bt i have some problems with d app..I’ll try frm my sisters when she’ll come. After ending this 3 stories will u continue ‘SHE..The Dark truth’? LOVE U,APU..

  9. Yes ruby i missed u ssooooooooooooooooooo much cant explain tht through these no. of o’s….
    But still i only searched for ur ffs and dint find any…. And as soon as i got sindhu ff i enquired thr and came to knw u r writing these and you r mine is over…. Wonderful…. Thank u u remembered me…. Love u….. Take care i wil try to b connected…. I am not on wattpad but in fb…… I wil try in wattpad

    1. my fb name is Shama Azad. I am the only Shama Azad on fb so you can easily find me.

  10. Fb series NOW reached ending…. Omg my fav ff dr…. But i am sory i dint find other episodes so plzzzzz giv me link…

    1. tell me which chapter you last time read.I will include all the links in next chapter.

  11. its nice… finally em gt hr memory back.. cho chweet… 🙂 🙂 pls make emyan one again…

    1. who is this cute baby in your dp?

      1. My nephew dear… 🙂 🙂

  12. Yemyan become one I think gud ff dear

  13. I am really sorry guys.i replied to everyone’s comment but tu didn’t post it 🙁

  14. Awesome, wowwww rubyyyyy loved the chappy. …how r you …missed you sooooo muchhhh. ..love you loads

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