Emerald (flashback series 8)


I am really very sorry for the delay. I couldn’t concentrate on writing because I have some personal issues and above all my best friend was undergoing a Surgery.I was worried for him. I was waiting for his call and messages. He is fine now so I am relieved 🙂

here is the next chapter of Emerald flashback series.
When I got consciousness, Ryan and our families were there.everyone was worried for me.

“Em,Are you ok?” Ryan asked in worry.I noded at him.

“Let her take rest” dad said while caressing my hair.

Everyone started to leave.Ryan got up from my side.

“You stay with her, Ryan” dad said to Ryan.

“Okey, dad” Ryan agreed to dad.

Why did he called dad as ‘Dad’ ?I want my answers. Only the book can give me the answers. The book which is written on the divine princess.

I got up from my bed.I went towards the lift.

“Em, where r u going? ” Ryan came behind me.I didn’t answer him.I went to the last floor of our palace where our library is located.

I started to search the book. Ryan held my elbow and turned me to him.

“Em, can u please tell me what’s going on?” He was furious.

“I am searching for a book. Can u help me?” I asked without answering his question

“Sure.which book?” He asked still confused.

“The divine princesses”

“Why do u want that book?”

“Only the book can answer my questions”

We both started searching.

“Em” Ryan called me.I turned to him with a question look.

“Is this the book?” He forwarded a huge book.I looked at the cover.

“Yes. It is.thank you so much Ryan” I hugged Ryan.

“My pleasure” he smiled at me.

I opened the first page.there was a brief note about the all divine princess and why they got the honor. the book was about the sixteen divine princess including me.I was the sixteenth from divine princesses.

The next page was about our signs.first one was our sign in thumbnail. The half bird wing sign which the divine princess had, her significant also had the same sign which is for identifying for divine princess’s significant.

Next sign is a wing sign in princess and her significant’s back.which is only one wing untill the princess and her significant have se*.if they have se* then the wing will become wings.

I was shocked to read that.I looked at Ryan. He gave his usual smile.it means…it means, I…I had se* with Ryan! !! Cos my wing is now wings! !!

How can it happen?? I don’t remember anything. 🙁 I turned the pages.I stopped when I reached the page which was written on me.it starts from my birth.but there was some pages are missing. There wasn’t nothing about my and Ryan’s relation. What the hell is this??? Why can’t I remember my relation with Ryan?



“Tell me, what’s the relation between us?” I held his hands.

“I am your soon to be husband, Em”

“No..I want to know the real relation of us”

“Em…there is nothing between us” he said that with a pain.

Suddenly I felt nausea. Maybe cos of the smell of the old books. I ran to bathroom. I threw up all the contents from my stomach. Someone held my hairfrom back.I looked back.oh it was Ryan. I washed my face.Ryan held me by my shoulder and take me to my bed.

“Drink it” Ryan gave me a glass of water.

“Emmaaa..” Jerry and Kenna came to my room with a scream.they looked at me then Ryan.

“What happened, Emma? ” Jerry sat beside me.

“Nothing. She just threw up” Ryan said.

“Threw up??? ” Kenna was confused.

“Yeah.actually, we were in our library. I didn’t like the smell of old books. .so” she cut me off

“Wait…wait a minute. .is this same Emma who loves the smell of old books? Emma, I don’t think it is cos of the books.maybe you ate something which your stomach doesn’t likes” Kenna said

“I didn’t ate anything which upset my stomach”

“Let’s go to hospital then” Jerry, kenna and Ryan said in unison.

“No way.I am not going anywhere. I am ok”

Kenna’s pov

Emma was saying she was okey. But I don’t think she is ok.after her memory loss she is not doing well.first I thought to inform mum,then I thought to wait for two days.

Two days passed. Emma wasn’t well.she threw up so many times in these two days.Ryan spent his days with her.I have a doubt which I can’t tell now.I will confirm it first.

Finally I got the thing from medical store. I went to Emma. I gave the pack to her.she looked at me a shocked.

“Do it Emma. For me, for you, for Ryan. She nodded at me and went to bathroom.

The two minutes were like two years.finally it came….


I think you all can guess what’s happening with Em. Anyway how are you my buddies? ?? I missed you all..love u loads…mmmuah 😉

Credit to: Ruby_Ryan

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  1. Awesome 🙂 finally you updated i was waiting for this ff long ;-( and here it is coming to the story i think emma is pregnent

    1. thnx emz..nice guess 🙂

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    Waiting for next updt 🙂 🙂

    1. hey liya, how are you??? missed u cutie 🙁

  3. em is pregnant for sure… pls update soon next epi

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  4. nice to see u back!! plz plz update the episodes of she n her kidnapper

    1. I will update it in few days.thnx for the comment dr

  5. Wow Ruby!!! Glad to know you’re back! Awesome story. 🙂 Is em pregnant?? Is em pregnant?

    1. I will tell in next chapter 😉

  6. Hey welcum…missed u a lot…ur ffs cause addictions…i hope tht nw ur fine…plzz continue kidnaper n humsafars also….as fr em she’l b expecting nw n evryone has to tell her d truth..n they both will gt remarried cz em frgt everything n diamond will b born…dis is wat is my prediction…

    1. first of all missed u too, honestly.
      nice prediction suraj 🙂

  7. Loved it dear…

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  9. Hi ruby..asususl ep is awesome..I will pray for ur frnd..He will recover soon..Don’t b upset..Miss u so much…

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  10. Oh my rubyyyy, I missed you sooooo muchhhh, I’m glad that your best friend is doing better now, plz give my best wishes to him…the episode was awesoooooome, I know she is pregnant…but how will her rxn to this news will worth watching. ..n they have to tell her past…very very curious n excited for upcoming episodes. …keep it up. eagerly waiting, love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. missed u so much dr…hey Roma I want to be in touch with you dr.if u r using fb let me know (if u don’t mind)

  11. Sorry for asking but if you find time can u please update your other stories as well, I’m addicted to it. ..humsafar n she n her kidnapper. ..plzzzzzzz, love you loads

    1. don’t say sorry.we r friends. .yeah I will try to update all stories

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    1. I hope everything is fine now…

      yep… superb epi… I think em is pregnant… 🙂 🙂 after knowing her pregnancy… how will she gonna react… waiting for it…

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