Emerald (flashback series 7)


Emerald’s pov

Kenna wanted to do shopping for my engagement. I and Kenna went for shopping with mum and aunt kiara.

Oh God ! I hate shopping.Kenna was taking so much time to decide her dress so mum amd aunt was helping her.I took two dresses.pink and purple.I went to changing room. Pink one was a backless dress.I wore it and looked myself in mirror. Suddenly my eyes caught my sign, a bird’s winga in my back.it was only one wing 10 days before. Now it is a pair of wings.I didn’t notice it for past few days.

“Emma..Emma” Kenna called from outside. I opened the door.

“Wow..Emma” Kenna was staring me with open mouth

“What??” I furrowed my eyebrows

“You are beautiful in this dress” she twirled me around. She was wearing a green sleeveless dress.

“Wow..it is backless. .look mum, aunt Rebecca” she called Rebecca mum and aunt kiara. They both looked at me surprised.

“Ryan will fall for you….again” aunt kiara said.


“Hey Emma” someone called me.I looked the dress section. There was Rose.she waved her hands.

“Hai Rose” I and Kenna said in unison.

She approached us.

“Oh God! ! Ryan will fall for you again, Emma” Rose said while hugging me.

Why everyone is saying that ‘again’? Did he fell for me first day of our meeting? No way!

‘Beautiful, Em’ the faint voice said. my heart started beating fast.I saw the deep blue eyes.
Someone elbowed me.I came to reality. There Ryan was stood in front of me smiling.

“Beautiful, Em” he said like the faint voice. Only he and the faint voice calls me Em. Are they same??

I smiled at Ryan. Everyone left us alone. He took my hand in his and kissed in my arm.I saw a sign in his thumb same as me.so he is my significant !! 🙂


After shopping I went to granny.Kenna was narrating the whole shopping things to granny. When I entered the room kenna stopped talking. What happened to her? She never stops talking when I am around coz I am her secret keeper.

“I was talking to granny about our shopping” Kenna said while looking at granny. Granny called me to sit beside her.I sit beside her.

“Granny, Ryan has the same sign as me” I showed her my sign in left hand thumb.

“He is ur significant, Emma” granny caressed my hair.

“Granny, sometimes I hear a faint voice and some images went through my eyes”

Granny didn’t say anything but sighed.

“Come Emma, I will show u something” Kenna grabbed my hand before I ask something again.I went with her.she took me to her mum.

“Emma, wear this necklace on ur engagement day” she gave me a beautiful diamond necklace. But it was simple.
Engagement day

I wore my pink dress and my simple diamond necklace which aunt kiara gave.loads of guest was there.Ryan and his family came.he smiled at me.I smiled at him back.

Dad announced our engagement. Aunt Jessica came with a box.she opened it and said “make Ryan wear this ring”

I made Ryan wear the ring.then I forwarded my hand to him.he held my hand.the same shiver passed in my body.he made me wear the ring.same time I heared the faint voice saying ‘Em I love you’ this time it wasn’t faint. It was clear.it was Ryan’s voice. But he didn’t open his mouth. Even I heared him.I can hear my significant’s voice. The blur image of the wedding ring and deep blue eyes become clear.

It was Ryan’s voice, Ryan’s eyes and my engagement ring !!!

Everyone clapped for us.my sight were becoming blur..just then everything went black.I faint !!!


What happened to Em? Do u havr any idea??

Credit to: Ruby_Ryan

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  1. I was waiting 4 d flashback series…plz don’t disappear…was missing u alot….i think em is gonna remember everything wen she wake up….poor ryan he is d one who is suffering d most…plz give hr memory back….plz update soon!!!!love you alot….

    1. missed u too dear.I wanted to post it on Monday but I couldn’t. now days my mind is not working. love u

  2. Wat happened with em.. Is she going to get her memory back… Love this story dear.. Update nxt part soon and Also humsafar..

    1. my mind is not working dr 🙁

  3. Was realy mising u. . .pls updt nxt part yaar. . .

    1. miss u too dr

  4. So cute yaar

    1. thnx dr

  5. So nice ff yaar

  6. Awesome episode, she might get her memory back. .. 🙂 ….love you loads

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