Emerald (flashback series 6)


Emerald’s pov

I was playing with Jacob and jade.Kenna was watching some romantic movie and thinking that she is the heroin 😉

“I am back” someone shouted.I looked up.it was Jeremy. Two people were behind him.

“Hai Emma”
one of them was Rose,my friend. Another one was a guy who was a complete stranger to me.he smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Hai Rose” we hugged each other.

“Umm…Emma, this is my cousin Mark” Rose introduces the man to me.we shook our hands.just then a tall man came to living room. Our eyes met.his eyes was deep blue.I couldn’t take off my eyes from his and neither he did.his eyes were saying. The eyes were looked familiar to me.but I couldn’t recognize.

“Oops, sorry Emma. This is my twin brother Ryan” Rose said while hugging Ryan’s hand. Ryan!!! I heared this name somewhere. But where??

“Hai” Ryan stretch his hand for ashakr hand.I put my hand in his.when I touched his hand a shiver passed all over my body.something started jumping on my stomach which I never felt before.

“Hai” I pushed my hands away bt the shivering didn’t went.Jeremy and Rose went to garden. They were really talking in peace but the two, Kenna and mark were arguing for the past one hour.I was really fed up with their fight.Ryan wasn’t talking. He was staring at me bt lost in somewhere. Like he was in some pain. I had a sudden urge to cheer him up.I stood up from the sofa and grabbed Ryan’s hand.

“Let’s go for a walk”

“Sure” he followed me.

Sometimes our shoulders rubbed to each other’s. The same shivering passed to my body.this time some blurred images was in front of my eyes. Like a girl and a boy were walking in a apple field. Due to blur vision I couldn’t recognize the faces and I heared some faint voice which was calling EM.

“Do u want an ice cream”

I heared Ryan’s voice in between the faint voice. The two voice get mingled and it became one.


Ryan shook my shoulder. I came back to my sense.

“Yeah..what did u say?” I ask while hiding my emberassment with a fake smile.

“I aske whether u want to have ice cream or not?” He asked

.I looked around. We were in fron of a ice cream parlour. I nodded.hr lead me to the table and ordered our ice cream. He didn’t even ask me my flavour. When ice cream came, I was dumbfounded. How he know my favorite without asking me.

Ryan’s pov

I entered her living room. She was there.I looked at her eyes.it was same as beautiful. She was looking at me with loads of doubts and I was looking at her with my love.I was craving to see her.when jerry mentiined her palace my heart started beating fast.Rose introduced me to her.she didn’t take off of her eyes from mine.realization hit me.she don’t remember me anymore. The most worst part in my life, my own wife forgot me.

I was lost in my thoughts.suddenly someone pulled me to the door.it was em.

“Let’s go for a walk” she said while dragging me out.

We were walking on the street.I glanced at Em. She was walking like a robot not knowing what happening in her surroundings. She wasn’t hearing me so I had to shake her shoulder.


The evening was beautiful as I was with Em. But the rest of the two days made me difficult. I was in deep thought all the time.I didn’t went uni too.I was in ny room all the time. Then dad appeared In my room.

“Get ready, Ryan. We are going to Wales’s”

Did I hear him right? Or he kidding me? No he was serious coz he was ready. I got ready and went downstairs.

“You will be happy once u get to know what I am planning” dad said while caressing my cheek

.I thought I am going to meet Em again but I was wrong. My whole family got to ready to go Em’s.
Mum and dad went in their car so did uncle Louise and aunt clara we I, rose, Mark, Matilda and Miranda went in my car bt Mark drove the car.all were dressed up like they r going to some party .there was complete silence in our way to Em’s.

We reached Em’s palace. Her father welcomed us.we seated in living room.

“Where is emerald? ” mom asked uncle Abraham

. He called her.em came to the living room. She was wearing a navy blue knee length dress.she wore a little make up too.I never saw her like this.she was always modest. She was gorgeous in navy blue dress.I couldn’t take off my eyes of her.she was also staring me.bt this time she wasn’t emotionless. I can see happiness in her eyes when she recognize me (as rose’s twin).

The children, Kenna’s bro jade, jerry’s bro jacob and Miranda and Matilda were chit chating while swinging in the swing.we 6 were sitting in garden. Em gave me a smile.we had a group chat.soon everyone left leaving me and Em alone.

I wanted to kiss her with all my heart bt I can’t. I looked at her fingers. She was fidgeting with her fingers. I smiled when I saw a mark on her ring finger coz of our wedding ring.i put my hand on my pocket. My wedding ring was safe in my pocket.after removing the ring from her hand I always keep it in my pocket.I feel her presence when it is with me.

Jade came to call us.all the while we didn’t talk, just stared each other.Em was again pale and emotionless.I took her hand in mine and pulled her up.I put my hand on her shoulder and made her way to palace.

Everyone shocked to see us like this bt truth was Em wasn’t conscious. I shook her shoulder. She came to her sense and looked at everyone in emberassment.I squeezed her hand.she looked at me puzzled.

“Just smile.u look beautiful when u smile” I said removing my hands from her’s

.she smiled at me.uncle Abraham congratulated me.now I was puzzled. What’s going on.

“Ur engagement is in four days” dad said hugging me.I looked at him questionly.

“With emerald” mum completed dad’s sentence and she too givr me a hug.

then the whole Windsor and Wales family were hugging me anf em.she looked happy. She looked at me anf gave me a broad smile, the smile that ease my pain.I just stood staring to her green eyes.

Emerald’s pov

In the morning dad came to my room. He wanted to tell something bt he was stammering. I took his both hand in mine and asked

“what’s the problem, dad”

he sighed deeply then said “I was thinking about ur mrg”

it was a shock to me.I was only 22 and he want me to marry this young age.we only marries when we get 25 .it is our custom.

“Why dad? Isn’t it too early?” I asked

“I am just asking u about engagement. Marriage will be after 3 years.coz I found a perfect guy for u” he paused for a while then continurd “a perfect guy! Who can take care of u verywell even in ur worse time”

there was some tears in his corner of eyes.I hugged him and said

“if u found my prince charming then I am ready for engagement”

“That’s like my girl” he laughed.

He went to downstairs. Then I heared him talking to Kenna that make me beautiful for this evening. So they r coming today.


Kenna came with a short dress.I always feel uncomfortable in short clothes. I like my jeans and t shirts. She put some minimal make up and made me beautiful.

The family arrived for dinner. When I saw Ryan as my future fiance, I was surprised yet I was happy too.I don’t know why I was happy knowing he is the man I am going to get engaged.Ionly know him for one day.bt dad said he is perfect for me and I believe him.

We didn’t talked much.we were staring each other.then again the faint voice heared.’em em em’ it was echoing in my hear.then I hear little faint bt strong ’em I missed u’ and some blur images again passed in front of my eyes.a wedding ring. It wasn’t blur.the image of the ring was clear.it look like familiar. Then I saw a pair of deep blue eyes.

suddenly someone shook my head.I came to my sense.I was in front of mineand Ryan’s family. I was with him in the garden. How I end up here? I looked at Ryan. He told me to smile so did I.

his father told him that he is going to get engaged in 4 days, he was surprised bt when his mum told him that it was me who he going to engage.
he didn’t look surprised. Bt it was like he was waiting for this day

.he looked at me.butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. I gave him a big smile. I want him to know that I am happy with this alliance.

I looked at his eyes again.it was same as my blur vision. The eyes were same, same deep blue.and…and…EM…I heared someone calling me Em. Yes..it is Ryan! !! He called me Em when he first met me.did I know him before?


I am really sorry for taking so long to post.I wanted to post a best chapter. I tried my best to make it best. Was it worse, bad, Good or best?

Credit to: Ruby_Ryan

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