Emerald (flashback series 5)

Ryan’s pov

everything was boring without my Em. new college new people, I wasn’t interested in anything. .I just hate when people around me.I want to be alone with ‘our’ memories. Em’s wedding ring was still in my pocket. it was a sign of our relationship.

some girls and boys came to make friendship with me.but I said everyone sorry. I don’t want any1 to know my past and pity on me.

we went to college’s backyard after our class. it was quite and so many trees.I and rose sat under in a tree.Mark had his football practice.we were waiting for him.rose was busy witg her phone.I took out my phone and scrolled on mine and Em’s photos. everything was perfect in her.I looked at a photo which was our hands intertwined. the sign of our thumb!! she was my significant. she will remember me one day.I will make her remember. I was too confident in my love.

Jeremy’s pov

we were heading to our palace.suddenly my phone beeped.a new msg from Rose.my heart skipped for a sec.

#hey, how r u-Rose#
#fine, u?-me#
#doing well.how is Emma? -Rose#
#she is ok.she still don’t remember anything but she always seems kinda lost in thoughts.what about Ryan? -me#

#its whole different story. he always sits alone and crying. even he didn’t eat his meals properly. I am so worried for him :(-Rose#

#don’t worry. he will become okey.where are u now?-me#

#college. we are waiting for Mark-Rose#

#oh..I am coming there.send me address-me#

#by c u#

she sent me college address. I told emma and ken that I have to meet my friend. I take a cab to rose’s college.

when I reach college I texted her.she told me she will come where I am.I was in front of the library.

I was waiting for Rose suddenly a girl bumped in to me and we both fell down.she get off from me and dusted her clothes.

“I…I ..am so..sorry” her eyes filled with tears.she looked pale and her hair was mess and her top was ripped in her shoulder.

“hey..hey..don’t cry..its ok..” I placed my hand on each side of her shoulder. he hugged me and cried.

“he..he…tried. ..to…rap..rape me” she stammered whilst spitting the bitter words.I parted her from my body.

“who? ” she was about to say the boy’s name suddenly I heared someone calling my name.

“jerrryyyyy” it was from the library. it was like rose’s voice. I and the girl looked at each other and we ran towards the library.

a tall boy was on top of a girl maybe rose.I pulled him by his collar and threw him.

“Rose??” I went to the table and made rose stood up.rose hugged me and cried. I moved my hands gently on her back in a consoling manner.

suddenly someone shut the door with a thud.it was the girl.she locked the door. the boy was trying to escape but she stopped him by locking the door. I smiled at her.I told the girl to stand with rose.

I punched on the boy’s face.he tried to punch me back but the girls threw books on him one by one.whoa…it is getting interested. I punched him again and again.

rose called Ryan. in two min Ryan came there bt the door was closed. rose open the door and she burried her body In her twin’s chest.

“what happened? why r u beating him jerry? ” Ryan questioned.

“he tried to rape me and rose” the girl spoke.she was afraid when we both collide to each other but she is confident now.

“what???? then why did u stop man??? go ahead” saying this Ryan grabbed the boy from his collar and we both started beating him.

“Ryan I called u to stop this fight and u r now beating him!!! rose said

“how can we let go him? he tried to rape our sis…I cut Ryan off “dude your sister not ‘our’ ”

“yeah mine” Ryan chuckled

“I am calling Mark. .u have to stop beating him otherwise he will die” rose called Mark. Mark came with dean and some teachers.

“Ryan, jerry stop guys!!! why r u beating him??” the same question of Ryan came from Mark’s mouth

“THIS BASTARD TRIED TO RAPE ROSE” I and Ryan said in unison

“what the fu*k !!! u should continue with me guys!!” Mark punched on the boy’s stomach. the boy was bleeding badly.dean stopped us.Ryan and mark said him to give dismiss letter to that boy or else dean get dismiss letter.

“thank u” the girl said with a smile

“its not a big deal..anyway I am Jeremy” I forwarded my hand for a handshake.she immediately took my hand and shook it.

“Tessa” she said.she was small bt not too.she was fair and beautiful. her eyes were black and as hair.

“hey Tessa r u ok?” rose asked.tessa nodded.

I hugged Ryan. a tear dropped from eyes.I immediately wiped it out.

“hw r u buddy? ” I know it is so cruel to ask him like that.he just nodded at me.

“how is Em? ” he inquired about his wife aka my sis

“she is fine.I just wanted to see u that’s why I came here” I said looking at rose.she blushed.I like that I made her blush.

“let’s go” mark said.we all went in their car.Tessa was also with us.we dropped her off.I invite all of them to Emma’s palace. it has been one week Ryan didn’t see Emma.


whom do u want to pair with Jeremy? ?

I think Mark and Kenna will make a good pair too..what’s ur opinion. let me know buddies. .

and..and..and I have a goooooood news..one of my facebook friend agreed to edit my stories. .. 😀 😀 I am so so happy. my editor’s name is ARUNODAYA SINGH .really, he came to my life with a light..thank you so much Arun for making an effort to edit my story…

love u all…I know I left all my stories behind. .I want to continue all of them.but now emerald is only in my mind..first let me get rid off from EMYAN 😉

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  1. Wow Ruby that’s a grt news. Happy for u dear..
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    And I prefer rose and Jery… Mark and kenn.. When u said about them in last episodes I felt they would make a gud pair..
    How r u dear?? U r happy na.. Tc.. Love you…

    1. first of all thnq so much dr..yeah I am fine and I am the happiest person in the world now!!! how r u dr???

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