Emerald (flashback series 4)

emerald’s pov

again I went to back to my old uni, our uni.Jeremy too changed his uni.Jeremy was always with me.he didn’t leave me for at least one second. he was becoming too protective.

everyday I , kenna and Jeremy went in our car.I was missing something. I don’t know what I am missing. something or someone? ?? I don’t know. I remembered my dream few days back about a mesmerizing blue eyes…and I heared someone kept calling me EM.no one ever called me EM. everyone calls me emerald, emma or princess.

“hey” someone tapped on my shoulder. I came down from my thoughts. I was in my college library.

“hi Ken” I smiled at kenna

“u were completely lost” she teased me

“er..uhh…no I was..” I stammered.

“what happened Emma? r u ok?” she asked with concerns

“yeah” I told her about my dream and the voice I heared every time.listening this kenna became pale.

“what happened ken?” I asked in worry.

kenna shook her head “nothing. .I will catch u later Emma. I forgot I have to go to mr.Robinson” she didn’t wait for my reply. just stormed out from the library.

what happened to this girl???

Ryan’s pov

dad insisted me to go to college with rose and Mark. he changed my and Mark’s college. now we are in our own college. I was looking like a beggar.my beared and hair grow and it was a mess.Mark forced me to shave my beared and cut my hair.I took a shower and changed to my normal clothes.

“now u r looking like a human” Mark put a hand around my shoulder

“guys let’s go” Rose came. she was wearing a knee length navy blue frock.

“u looking beautiful rose” I said.she looked at me and widened her eyes

“oh..em…geee..Ryan. ..u r amazing” she turned me here and there..Mark was laughing at her behavior.

“stop it rose” I stopped her doing “we will be late..come both of u” I went to downstairs.Mark and rose followed me.

my cousins Miranda and Matilda are still studying in school.



Mark and Rose headed to their lockers. Ryan went to car parking to park their car.

girl 1: look Rose is coming with a guy!!!
girl 2:who is he?
girl 3:whoever but he is sooo hot
girl 1:is he Rose’s date? ?
girl 2:let’s ask her

Mark was holding rose’s hand in protective brother mode..but this college girls thought they r couples.

“hey..rose, mark. wait” Ryan called them from back.everyone looked at him with widened eyes and mouth hung open.

“he is soo handsome” someone said.every girl came to Rose.

“hai ms.Windsor” a blonde hair girl greeted rose.

“hai Linda” rose waved to her and her gang

“who are they? ” Linda girl pointed to Ryan and Mark

“my brothers” Rose said with a smirk

“oh” the girl sighed in relief.

“I know that u have a cousin brother but …” rose cut off the other girl

“yeah..I have a cousin bro and also have a twin brother”

“what!!! we never knew that” a girl said

“is he ur twin? ” Linda pointed to Ryan. rose nodded

“excuse us girls” rose went towards their class with her two brothers.


sorry for not replying on ur comments…and yeah I am fine my dears..hope u r enjoying this flashback series.

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  1. thnx fr updatng ….awesum ff…update nxt part soon..its so addictng…

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  9. hey ruby your stories are great. I read almost all . and love this emerald. actually I learn writing skills from you..and you know I start a new story of mine. it will be great if you see that and give me some tips

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  14. Awesome episode ruby dearrryyyy, it’s superb, em is still have glimpse of Ryan …wowwww n also hear his voice…loved it very much. ..Ryan also back in uni…the devine love story will start again….cool….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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