Emerald (flashback series 3)

Emerald’s pov

what happened to everyone? ?? why they are acting weird. I get some weird feelings about this.maybe they got scared.I console myself and went to kitchen. Janet, my maid and mum Rebecca (Jeremy’s mum) were busy in cooking.

“what’s going on” I asked whilst hugging mum from behind.my chin rested on her shoulder.

“special dishes for my princess” saying this mum kissed on my left cheek.

“I missed u so much mum” I made a puppy dog face still hugging her.

“go and take a bath..look ur hair are messed up” mum stroked my hair.

“okey” I took a cookie and ran to my room. otherwise mum will beat me for spoiling her cooking.

I took a shower and wore a comfortable jeans and green shirt.

“hey Emma” Jeremy came to my room without knocking like always


“the delicious ‘Rebecca’ dinner is ready” he hited on my upper arm playfully

“I will tell mum about ‘rebecca dinner’ ” I hited him back and headed towards my door

“no no no no…u can’t do this” he grabbed my wrist and stopped me from going

“I can..but today I am not in a mood” I pushed his hand off and went to dining room

granny was in our ‘main’ chair.dad was opposite to her.I sat right of dad, next to me jade, Jeremy and kenna.opposite to me, left of dad Patrick, mum, aunt kiara and then uncle Jordan. our 10 members family is now ready for our great dinner. everyone ate in silence. .I noticed one thing everyone was showering more love on me.I know everyone loves me..but today they all acting weird.

after our little chit chat everyone went to their respective rooms. my all things were brought from appartment. dad told me that now I will stay here in our palace coz he can’t stay away from me.I agreed to him..I too don’t want to stay away from him and I don’t want to become like my real mum, who betrayed my dad for a young man.I hate her from the core.I have only one mum.its mum Rebecca.

I think I should sleep now..

Ryan’s pov

my heart was aching.it was like it came out of my ribcage. after coming here in my palace. .yeah mine now..I didn’t talked to anyone. if I talk I will cry.I was already looking like a zombie. I locked myself in my room. everyone wanted me to come outside but I didn’t here them.I was too busy in reminding our beautiful memories….our wedding, our days in my appartment then in grandpa’s home…last in Jeremy’s home, the day we became one…tears didn’t stop from falling.

“Ryan. ..please come out and have something. .pls” rose was hiting on bedroom door.

“go away Rose, I want to be alone” I shouted at her

“I won’t go anywhere” she said back.this girl is becoming stubborn. how can’t she be??she is my twin.I opened the door.Rose was holding a tray with food.she came inside and kept the food on the small table. she made me sit and started feeding me.her facial features are exactly like me.nose, lip and eye colour.but her eye brows and hair was like our mum.

“did u had ur dinner? ” she nodded a no.I made her eat from my food.after finishing our food, she cupped my face.

“look Ryan, u r not alone. I am with u, mum is with u, dad is with u, our whole family is with u” she kissed on my forehead. I nodded at her.I heared a silent sobbing. I and Rose looked at the door. there mum was standing. she was crying.

“mum” we called her in unison. we went to her and hugged her.

“I am an unlucky mum..I couldn’t see my two kids together”

“no mum..u r not unlucky. .u r the most strongest and bravest mum” I told her. her face lighted.

“Ryan, u need to sleep now” mum told me.I nodded at her.she and Rose gave me hug and went to their respective rooms.I took a shower and went to my bed.

I couldn’t sleep.whenever I close my eyes her green emerald eyes came to my views. I felt a hot tear on my cheeks. yes I am crying again in my Em’s memory. ..she was my everything :'(

“Em. .Em. ..Em” I mumbled like he would hear my voice and fell asleep.


sorry for not replying on ur comments 🙂 I was busy in deep thoughts lol 😀 love u all…

all the best for them who is going to write their exams.

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