Emerald (flashback series 2)

Ryan’s POV

“I choose the first option. .I want her alive” I said with a sigh.

“Ryan. ..” my mum put her hand on my shoulder

“yes mum, I want her alive..I know she will forget me and our relation but at least I can see her every day” tears flowed uncontrollably. .there was pin drop silence.

“son” grandpa spoke “this is a test from God. a test for testing your love, for knowing how much deep your love towards emerald and also how much strong your bond”

I nodded my head in agreement “test” I mumbled

grandpa continue”if ur love is deeper than ocean then u will get it back.she will forget u probably but if ur love is strong then she could feel ur presence”

I know my love, our love is deep and strong. I have faith in my love. I will get it back.I gave a weak smile to grandpa.

“everybody please go from here except Ryan” as grandpa said everyone went out.I, grandpa, john and my love stayed.

“put her on the bed, Ryan” grandpa stated.I forgot that I was holding Em in my hand.I put her on the bed.

“here, this is holly water from heaven. pour this in to her heart” grandpa gave me a heart shaped glass bottle.I took it from him.I have to rip her clothes first. I took the knife and rip her white dress. I poured the divine water in to Em’s heart.her wound healed.her heart started beating.

“change her clothes in to normal..I will be back” saying this grandpa and john wanished.I took off her dress and made her wear her jeans and t shirt.I kissed her with all my heart. I know she can’t kiss me back at least not for now. after few minutes grandpa came back with john.

“now take off her wedding ring from her finger” grandpa ordered

“wedding ring??? I can’t grandpa” again tears formed in my eyes

“we need it Ryan” grandpa pated on my back

I took off our wedding ring.I couldn’t control my tears it fell on her finger the exact place where the ring was.

“now take off ur ring too and put them together on her eyes” grandpa again ordered.

I took my ring too and put the ring together on Em’s eyes. a light came from the rings..Em breathed heavily. I looked at her with a smile on my face and tears in my eys.

“let’s go Ryan. she will wake up now..” grandpa grabbed my hands and take me to the large living room. I wanted to see my em wake…

everyone was crying. my dad was holding my mum.Em’s dad waa sitting in sofa and sobbing. Jeremy and his father were consoling him.I went to king Abraham.

“king” I leaned on my knees and hold his hand.he looked at me.his eyes are red due to over crying.

“call me dad, Ryan” he ordered

I nodded “dad” he hugged me tight and cried

“dad…dad stop crying. .she is alright now. .” he parted me from him.he looked at me surprised

“is she alive? ” he questioned.I gave him a weak smile and nodded. he rushed to Em’s room, Jeremy and kenna followed him.

I looked at my family. I felt little bit strange. coz I was away from them for 20 years.rose squeezed my hand.I gave her a faint smile.

“let’s go mum, dad” I told. everyone looked at me surprised.

“don’t u want to see emerald? ” mark asked

“she don’t re…rem…I couldn’t complete my word..I just blurted out crying. my dad crushed me to his body.I cried in his arms like a little kid who lost his favorite doll.

“let’s go” saying this my dad grabbed me along with him.

Jeremy’s POV

Ryan couldn’t handle the situation. he was acting like mad.why god is doing this with my Emma. .we were like twins.we don’t have any blood relation but we never cared about it.she was my first priority always. I loved her more than myself. if I get a chance to die for her I will do that too..why god why u take my sister. .u can take my life instead of her’s.tears kept falling from my eyes.

Ryan pleaded to Angel Aaron for her life.finally he decided to give her her life back but she will forget Ryan along with her bad memories. Ryan agreed!!!

Angel Aaron told us to wait outside. we went to downstairs. everyone was worried. uncle Abraham was crying in my dad’s arms.Kenna hugged me tight and cried.Ryan’s family was stood there.his mum and sister rose was crying. her father was consoling her mum. Mark hugged her and whispered her to stop crying. I wanted to console her..I don’t know why..but my heart was aching coz of the memory of my Emma and also I hurt coz of rose’s tears.I don’t want her to cry.

“Ken…stop crying, be strong like our Emma” kenna looked at me with watery eyes.I wiped her tears with my thumb.Emma was always too protective for kenna.I always tease kenna but she always convince me that ken is our little sister. only Emma can convince me 🙂

Kenna stopped crying but uncle Abraham didn’t. I went to him and sat beside him.he hold my hands tight.it was shaking. I know uncle how much loved her. she was the only reason of his living.

after few minutes Ryan came.he consoled uncle and told she is fine now.uncle rushed to Emma’s room. I and kenna followed him.

when we entered to Emma’s room she was awake. her facial express was like surprised.

“dad” emma called uncle.uncle sat beside her and wrapped her in his arms.he kissed on her head.

“what happened to me dad? I was in my appartment with jere” she looked at uncle. uncle tried to hide his tears.kenna was also sobbing. I squeezed her hand in consoling manner and signed her to not to cry.

“why r u people crying? ?? what happened? ?? dad??” she shook her father.

“u faint when we were playing games.” I lied

“this is why u people crying like I am dead” she asked with a huge grin

“don’t say that again Emma” kenna yelled literally.

“whoa…my little sis is too angry on me..calm down ken.I am ok” she back to her old avatar.

“dad…stop crying. .I am okey..look at me” she made her dad look at her.she wiped uncle’s tears.uncle stood from there.

“Kenna, Jeremy made her eat something. .Emma, I have some guest I will be back kid” he kissed on her forehead and went from the room.

I and ken rushed to her and hugged her

“hey…hey…slow slow..I can’t breathe” she slapped on our head.she sat either side of her.she wiped our tears.

“now stop this drama..jere say what did doctor said?” she asked

“which doctor? ” I asked dumbfounded

“u fool..u told I faint when we were in our appartment”

“yeah..I forgot. .he said u r absolutely fine..no worry. .it was coz u didn’t sleep properly” I lied again

“oh..when we came here?”she asked again

“before u wake up.uncle wanted u here so” she nodded in my answer.

kenna came with some food..she insisted us to eat the food.we three had the food like our old times.

I went to uncle. uncle told me Ryan and his family left.coz Ryan wasn’t in a state to doing something. I felt sorry for him.I prayed to god to make my emma remember Ryan fast..


vivi, nive, roma, anu, lachu, hayu, devu, rishi..I am sorry if I forgot any1’s name…but I really want to thank u all for liking EMERALD

love u all..how was Jeremy’s pov?

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  1. Ruby ryan ….ruby this is ur surname thanks for ur atory yaar

    1. don’t thank me dr..coz of u all I wrote this…so thnq so much dr

  2. thnx fr continuing the flashback series of emerald
    plzzzzz continue ur another ffs also.
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    1. sure dear but first I want to complete this one.then I will complete you are mine (Zayn-Aisha) …thnx for waiting. .lv u n tc

  3. Hi Ruby I like your stories. I was a silent reader all these days. Here onwards I’ll comment on all your posts 🙂

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  4. Superb episode ruby. So sad for Ryan but I think he’ll get his em soon. Ruby thanks for amazing stories dear. Keep writing. Luv u..tc…n I’m fine dear how r u?

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  6. Ruby just loved the update.. Felt sad for Ryan… Make everything gud soon..

  7. It’s simply. Superb ruby before few days back I didn’t understand this story butnow wow yaar

  8. Hey Ruby… missed you so much… Just now i noticed that you continued Emerald flashback… Its really superb…Wowww.. Em is back now… but felt sad for Ryan… your 1st epi also nice… both are very emotional…

  9. My lovely sissy friend ruby…it was really awesome n emotional episode. ..can’t Ryan in this state. ..and Emma is back but forgot her love….I hope she regain her memory soon..want to see Rye n em together. ..I just loved it very much ruby. …your all stories r so lovely n beautiful…I’m addicted to it. .plzz my sweeeeeetheart never stop writing, it’s your strength…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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