Emerald (flashback series 1)

I Missed you all 🙁 I know everyone is busy with their exam , but I am free from all this 😉 so I decided to write the flashback series as I promised to my friends. Here is the first chapter from flashback series of Emerald.

Chapter 1

Here the chapter is starting from emerald’s death.Ryan took emerald to her palace. He made her clothes change into a wedding gown.

He was crying all while.he looked at his Em. She was looking like an angel in her white dress.Ryan leaned to her side.he kissed on her forehead. He lay beside her and took thd knife from the table.Ryan looked at emerald once again and said

“Em…I can’t live without you..I am coming with you, my love” he cut his wrist. Blood started flowing.Ryan smiled and shut his eyes

After a while he felt someone’s touch in his wrist. He opened his eyes.Angel Aaron was there with a peaceful smile.

Ryan’s POV

Grandpa was standing beside me.he was smiling. How can he smile like that.I really got frustrated. I jumped from the bed.for my surprise my wrist was like before.there was no cut or blood stain.

“What is your problem grandpa? ?,if u can’t give my em her life back, why don’t u let me die with her?” I clinched my fist in frustration. But grandpa looked calm.his smile didn’t fade away.

“Son” grandpa put his hand on my shoulder and continue ” u can’t leave the world like this.people need u..” I cut him off

“I don’t want to hear anything grandpa. U said that god sent me for protect Emerald. When she is not with me then what’s the reason of my staying? ??”

“Son” again I cut him off with my hand

“LET ME DIE” I yelled at grandpa. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. My vision got blurred. Only one thing was on my mind if I can’t live with em at least I can die with her.but grandpa was too stubborn. He made me frozen and told john to take em.I was helpless. .

John carried em in his arms. Meanwhile Em’s hand,not hand both our ring fingers touched. Her wedding ring touched on mine.a second later I became normal.I rushed to John and grabbed Em’s frame from his hand.

“You can’t take her away from me.she is mine..only MINE!!!” I hugged Em’s lifeless body and cried out loud.Windsor family and wales family came there.everyone looked at me with pity.

“I love her grandpa. .I can’t live without her..please give her back. .pls” I pleaded in between my sob.

“Okey…Ryan. .I can give u ur emerald back” grandpa spoke

Everyone gets happy. Here I am holding my life in my hands, I kissed on her cheeks.

“Thank you grandpa. ..what can I do for get my wife back?” I asked with a huge smile on my face.

“Before that I want to clarify one thing” grandpa stated

“What” my smile fade away

“You have two choice”

“What choice grandpa? ”

“If u want em back I can give her life back but she will forget every bad memory of her life and also she will forget about YOUR RELATION too”

Suddenly I felt dizzy. .it can’t be happen. She can’t forget our relation, our love, OUR DIVINE LOVE!!! No no…

“What’s the second choice Aaron? ” my father asked

“Second choice is let emerald come with us and Ryan live his life on earth without emerald” grandpa looked at me.

I was dumbstruck. I couldn’t think for a while..the two choices are making me more helpless. I can’t choose one.I thought for almost fifteen minutes. Finally I made a decision. I know it will hurt me.but I don’t care..coz…

“I choose the…


To be continue….

How was it??? I think bore…

How r u all?? U guys can’t imagine how much I missed u all…love uuuu

I choose Ryan’s character. U can suggest the left characters.I think Emma Watson will fit for Emerald.
Daniel radcliffe as Ryan

Credit to: Ruby

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