Emerald (flashback ends)


Ryan’s pov

“Em” I shook em’s shoulder. She didn’t wake up. I poured water on her face. She slightly opened her eyes.

“Ryan” she hugged me tight amd burst out. I let her cry.it will decrease her pain.

“I hurt you a lot. I made you cry.”

“No em. You didn’t. It was my destiny. ”

“Why did you accepted Angel Aron’s test?” She slapped in my back. I chuckled at her childish behavior.

“Cos I wanted you to be with me”

“Ryan” rose knocked on the door

“Come on in” I said while caressing Em’s hair.

“What happened to her, Ryan? ” rose was worried.

“She got her memory back” I and Em broke our hug.

“Really? ??? Oh my God” rose jumped in joy. She hugged us both.

“I will tell everyone. Come down fast” she said while running from my room.

I and Em smiled at each other. We went downstairs. Everyone was gathered in meeting room.

“Dad…Em got her memory back” I put my hand in Em’s shoulder.

“Thank God! You replied to our prayers” mom hugged em then dad, mark and his siblings, his parents.

“You should tell Emma’s family, Ryan” dad said.

“Yeah dad.we are going. Come on Em” I held Em’s hand.

We reached Em’s palace. When we entered the palace Kenna was in living room. She looked worried. Em went to her.

“Did you tell anyone about my pregnancy? ” Emma asked

“No, Emma. I didn’t”

“Thanks, Ken. Where is dad?”

“Uncle is in his study”

“Come, Ryan” she lead me to her dad’s study.

“Dad” em called her dad.

“Come my doll” her dad hugged her.

“Dad I got my memory back” she said him.

Jerry came listening this.

“Mom, aunt, uncle, ken…emma got her memory back” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

“OMG” Kenna came running towards Em and crushed her in a hug.

“Me too” jerry joined them.

Everyone was happy about Em. We still didn’t said anyone about Em’s pregnancy.

“Ryan. What’s the purpose of this party? ” my dad asked me when I told him that I want a party.

“It is a surprise dad”

“Okey then” he went to talk to his secretary about party. I called to emma.

“What u doing? ”

” Ryan, I am busy.by”

“Listen..what’s the matter? ”

“I am confused”

“For what? ” I was clueless

“I don’t know what should I wear in party”

Lol ! This is why my wife busy ! 😀

“Wifey…you never were confused about your clothes”

“Yeah..but today is my day. I should look special”


“Then tell me which one will I choose, purple or navy blue?”

“Hmmm.. navy blue”

“Thank you Ryan. I love you”

“Love you too wifey”


I held emerald’s hand.I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. This is the time to let the world know about we are becoming parents.

“Thanks to everybody for coming here and making this party elegant. I know you all have a doubt that why this party? This party is because” I paused for a second, em was blushing. ” for telling everyone that we are going to become parents”

Everyone congratulated us 🙂 our gang, Kenna, Jerry, Rose and Mark were busy in hugging Em.

“Hey guys…why are you ignoring me??” I shouted at them.

“We forgot you” Rose said and she and Kenna did a hi-five then laugh out loud.

“What the f***” I muttered

“Cool, bro” Mark patted on my shoulder. I shrugged my shoulder.

“Hey everybody, come and hug my bro” listening him rose, Kenna, Jerry gave me a group hug.

“Me too” Mark said while hugging me.

“Me 3” Em too joined our hug.


9 months later

“It’s a baby girl” nurse put the little creature of God in my hand. Her hair was golden color. Her eyes was green with blue shades.

“She is so cute” rose said caressing the infant’s cheek.

“Yeah…look her hair is like Emma’s” Kenna said.

“But her eyes are both Emma and Ryan’s” my mum said.

Mum took baby from me. They all get busy in looking our baby. I sat on the edge of Em’s bed.

“What’s her eye color? ” Em asked.

“Ours” as I said Em squeezed my hand.

“Thanks, Ryan”


“For giving me such a beautiful baby”

“Thanks to you too Em”

Emerald’s POV

Everything became normal. Finally we blessed with a baby girl. We already decided our daughter’s name in gender revealing ceremony.

“DIAMOND” I and Ryan called our daughter in unison. She smiled at us. How can a new born baby smile? I and Ryan looked surprised.

“Its because she is also a Devine princess” Ruby, author of our story entered to our room with a gift box.

“Ruby !!!! Am I dreaming” o screamed.

“Probably not” Ryan said.

“I am for real, Em” Ruby said with a broad smile.

“Hey, only I can call her Em” Ryan argued.

“Maybe you forgot that I am the author of the story” as Ruby said Ryan became silent.

God I hate this girl for ending our endless love story.

“Now you don’t need to hate me, Em” she said as if she read my mind.

“I am writing season 2 of emerald” she completed.

“Are you serious? ” Rose asked wide eyed.

“Yes, I am serious”

“That’s a great news” dad said.

“Thanks, mr.Wales” Ruby said.

“I am not happy” Kenna blurted out

“Why?” We all asked in unison.

“Ruby is only focused on Ryan and Emma. She totally forgot our love story” Kenna held Mark’s hand.

“Yeah Ruby.you are doing injustice with us. You only write about EmYan. What about our love story? ” Jeremy pointed towards him and rose and kenna and mark.

“I am sorry guys. I will do justice
With you in next season. I will write on each one of you.”

“Ruby, write next season only after completing your current works. Otherwise you will hurry to end our story soon” Ryan said.

“As you wish, my lord” Ruby said in a dramatic way and put her arm around Ryan. I didn’t like that.

“I am sorry, Em. Ryan is all yours” she gave Ryan’s hand in mine.

“Thank you” I hugged her. She hugged me back. Kenna and Rose joined in our hug. When the boys came to hug Ruby she shook her head and said.

“Sorry, guys, I don’t hug boys”

We girls mocked at boys. The too joined in our laugh.

“By everyone. ..enjoy your days untill I come back” Ruby disappeared somewhere.


“Readers ,We are going for a short period. As Ruby promised that she will bring us back, you don’t have to be sad. Enjoy her other stories and encourage her with your comments.”


Completed my forth story in TU. I am so happy that you all loved EmYan so much. Thank you so much for your supports buddies. It means a lot to me. I love you all..

I will write season 2 of emerald after ending my current stories. Be patient buddies. .

Credit to: Ruby

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  1. Sindhu K S V

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  3. Hey ruby thanks for happy ending…!!! your entry is just awesome… thats gave me huge smile… its really different… 🙂 🙂 well waiting for ur season 2… 🙂 🙂

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  4. Wow wat an idea of ur entry… Gud dear… The first memorable em…. Em…. Em…. Emrald ended…. Happpyyyyy for em and ryan…. Soon waiting for diaminds season 2…

    Now kidnapper and humsafar… Ok continue LOVE U…

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  6. Ruby just loved it.. Your ending was Supr… Will be waiting for humsafar and kidnapper.. Keep going girl.. Will miss EmYan…

    1. thank you so much dear. I started writing Humsafar.

  7. Hey ruby….. loved it…… I m the jabbra fan of it ff…… nd really excited for season 2…. thank u sooo much for that…….. love u dear tc

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  11. Awesome, marvellous ending rubyyyy..my sweeeeeet sissy. …it’s really superbbbb n magical beautiful…kudos my sweeetheart. ..will wait for season 2 ….love u loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh…take care n Ramadan Mubarak. ..may Allah bless us with all the happiness n forgive us….aameen. .. 🙂

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