EMERALD..The Divine Love (9)


Emerald’s pov

we reached Hugo hills. ..it was so beautiful. ..grandpa’s home…no it is a bungalow. plants are planted in rows. .lots of butterflies are roaming in garden..totally I liked that place…

“it is awesome”

“yeah…I will show u the whole place” Ryan said

“aww u r so cute Ryan” I pinched on his cheek

“auch” Ryan screamed. .I laughed at him.

a man came to us..he is middle aged…I thought in my mind. .no way…he is not grandpa. .

“he is grandpa’s right hand, mad girl” Ryan replied whilr giving our luggage to that man.

“OMG your grandpa’s right hand has his own right and left hands” I teased him.

the man was looking us surprised coz we were just smiling not uttering a word, we were talking in our mind. .who knows this..he he 😉

Ryan hugged grandpa. .I greeted him.he greeted me expressionless.

“what is ur name, girl?

“Emerald” I was worried as I know grandpa don’t like our marriage.

“emerald what?” he questioned again.

“PRINCESS EMERALD WALES” I said with confidence and looked at Ryan. ..his eyes was on me and he was smiling at me..I feel relieved.

“daughter of king Abraham? ” grandpa asked again.

” yes mr.Blake” I replied

“call me grandpa like Ryan calls and welcome home princess” he said in a calm voice. I noticed a care in his eyes.but I was sad…he accepted me as his grandson’s wife because I am a princess.

“its nothing like that em” Ryan said.

john, this is what grandpa Robert’s right hand’s name.he placed our luggage in Ryan’s room. .his room was beautifully decorated. .a balcony is attached with his room. I went there..

“wow…it is so beautiful” I screamed. ..

a beautiful river was flowing beside the bungalow and Apple fields were there..

Ryan hugged me from back.

“you are so excited” he said

“you know I am seeing all this for first time..as my father was always busy with his works we never went such a place.we had parties in our palaces” I said in a sad voice.

“now u r living a normal life, enjoy” he rubbed his cheeks on mine.I felt some electricity is passing from his body to mine.

someone knocked on door..it was servant.

“master told that get ready fast as it is lunch time”

“we will be there on time” Ryan replied to her.

I took my bath towel . I headed forward bathroom.Ryan came after me with his bath towel.

“where u going” I asked

“to take shower” he said

“can’t u see that am going” I asked in angry

” I don’t want to go first” he said

“then why r u coming behind me?”

actually. …Em. ..I want to come with u” he smiled


“hahaha. .kidding baby…u go first” he opened bathroom door for me.

Ryan’s pov

day by day I am falling for em.she is such a nice person. .down to earth..I remembered about grandpa. I went to him.

“grandpa” I called him..he was on phone. .I didn’t even noticed that but I heared the last line he said ” he is grown up now Jessica” what it means? who is he and who is Jessica?

grandpa turned and saw me..he looked tensed he cut the phone immediately.

“what are u doing here Ryan? ”

“I have to talk to u grandpa”

“come” he invited me to sit

“Emerals said that they…I mean royal’s have some divine powers”

“not every royals have Ryan. it is upto god” grandpa said

“u know grandpa when we shared our….” I paused a while

“say whatever u want to say..I don’t mind” grandpa smiled at me

“when we shared a kiss our eyes and lips colours changed” I said

“it is because. .emerald is a princess with divine powers…if u both stay together no one will harm u both…” he sighed

“so it is confirmed that she has the power?”

“yes my son..I think u both can read each other’s mind too” he said

“yeah we can” I said with a smile.

I asked em in my mind is she done with her shower, but there is no response. I can’t read her now.

“grandpa. ..I can’t read her now” I said in worry.

“hahaha…she blocked ur thoughts” grandpa laughed

“like Facebook and Whatsapp?” it was a stupid question though

“yeah like that..whenever she want she can unblock” grandpa said

“can I do the same?”

“of course u can..u alsp have the power” grandpa said.

“what power grandpa? I am not belongs to any royal family” I said …

“Ryan. ..” It was em

“yeah…coming” I winked at her

“go and take shower…may be she is hungry” grandpa stood up from his seat.

I went to my room.i remobed my fake skin from my thumb and flushed it.i took a shower.em was arranging our clothes in wardrobe.

we both went down for lunch..it was already 3’O clock.after having lunch we slept for sometime.when I woke up sun was setting. .the rays of sun played in Em’s long eye lashes.I kissed in her eyes.she opened her eyes and smiled at me then leaned closer to me..I placed my hands on her waist.

“u blocked me from ur mind?”

“hmmm” she didn’t tell anything


“it is some girly thing” she said with a smile.

“hmmm u girls are mysterious” I pinched in her waist

“auch…Ryan. ..don’t do that again” she looked at me.her green eyes were shining.

“okey..” I again pinched her.she pushed me away and ran to balcony. I ran behind her.the sun was vanished from earth.everywhere darkness spread. ..

I looked at Em. .her lips were little pale.

“Em. .ur lips are pale..can I get ur medicine?” I asked

“it is not a disease Ryan I will get ok after eating vegetables and fruits”

“I am not talking about tablets. .u need a special medicine for this which only I can give u”

I came closer to her..I put my lips on her..she. closed her eyes…we kissed each other..i looked at Em. ..wow…she is like a sunshine. ..her lips turned red…


finally completed…I don’t know how much time I took for typing it..ky shoulder is paining lol :p I think it was a long update ever I typed :p…

love u my cute sisters and brothers (I don’t know if any boy is used to read this 😉 )

feeling relieved now as I updated my two stories today..

may be this story will end soon .by buddies and take care

thnx to everyone who reads and comments.

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    1. its ok dr… playing with our nephew is very fun na?? I have a niece and nephew. niece is 5 year old and nephew is 1 year old..how old is ur nephew?

      1. I have 3 nephews and 1 niece yaar… niece is 3yr old, 2 nephews are 1yr and one is 5yr… Two is waiting now.. 😛 😀 😀

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