EMERALD..The Divine Love (8)

chapter 8

Ryan’s pov

“Em. ..Em. .” there is no reply from em.I tool her face in my hand. oops she is sleeping. .I lifted her in my arms. .I placed her on my bed…I looked at her..her long eye lashes, red lips..Brown long hair…only one thing is she needed…crown. .I imagined her in a princess attire..I am going crazy on her.I lied besid her..caressed her face..her face is like a soft petal…

l don’t know when I slept. ..I opened my eyes when sun rays are disturbed me..when I open my eyes I saw a pair of dark green eyes is staring at me..

“good morning sweetheart” I hugged her.

“good morning” she kissed me on my forehead.

she got up, but I pulled her back to me.

“Ryan. ..did u forget that we have to go to grandpa” she made me remember.

“oh..I forgot” I said without letting off her hand..

“leave Ryan. .”

“no..can we sleep for some more time??”

“no…go and take bath” she pushed me away from her.

“yeah…u r the princess. .I am ur slave” I made a sad face

“don’t dare to say that again Ryan. ..I don’t like this royal and slave thing” she seemed angry

“don’t be angry. .I was kidding. ” I went to bathroom. .

emerald’s pov

I called Jeremy and said that we are leaving for hugo hills. .he was sad that he can’t come along with us and he teased me saying that we r going a honeymoon trip.

on the way of hugo hills I called kenna..I told her everything about yesterday. .she was stunned and surprised at same time.

“so u have the same power which granny has?” kenna asked in curiosity

“I don’t know kenna…I will come there after few days to see granny” I said

“ohhh…so don’t u want to see me PRINCESS” she was angry. .

“actually I am coming there to see princess kenna not queen izabella (granny)”

“don’t make me fool Emma. .anyway happy journey” she hanged up phone.

I looked at Ryan. .he was smiling. .he is thinking that I am too talkative with kenna.

“u know Ryan we talks for hours without a break. I like to talk with kenna”

“what about me princess? ”

“I also like to talk to u prince”

” I am not a prince”

“you married to a princess probably now u became a prince” I said with a grin in my face

“what a theory Em. .I don’t want to be a prince”

“even I don’t want to be a princess” I told. .

“copy cat”

I hited on his shoulder. .he laughed out loud…the first time I am seeing Ryan like this..I feel happy that he is happy. .I feel safe around him…oh god I love him a lot..

“and I love u like the hell em” Ryan’s mind told me..

I leaned to him..placed my head in his shoulder. .

after hours of driving we reached hugo hills.


I think it is also a short one…I am sorry buddies

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Devga

    It was short but very sweet to my eyes and heart …. Awsome yaaar. ….. Just PLZ continue …. Em….. Em….. Emerald … I am diehard fan of emerald …,
    Those cute romantic hugs …. Nokh joke ….. Prince – princess royal nok joke etc ..,. awsome

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