EMERALD..The Divine Love (7)


Ryan’s pov

is the reason is our kiss? we both asked.

“is it any royal thing, Em? I asked

“may be” she replied.

“I should ask my grandpa..he is a scholar” I said


I dialed grandpa’s number. instead of grandpa john took phn.

“john. .it is Ryan. ”

“master is with guests” john said

“I will call later” I hanged up.

“Em u should take rest” I told to em.

“why r u caring” Em asked.

“coz I love u damn it” I said in my mind.

Em was blushing. why she is blushing? I didn’t tell loud.

“I can read ur mind now Ryan” emerald said.

“what???? how???” I really surprised.

“effect of our kiss” she blushed again.

“vampire think?” I was confused

“no it is our royal thing..I remember my grandma told me that she and grabdpa used to chat with their minds” em said.

“it is fine with u but I am not belong to royal family” I said.

“I don’t know” em was confused.

she continued “my granny has some divine powers, she can see future and past, but I never saw my dad has a power”

“wow..it is interesting. .like a Hollywood movie” I laughed

“no Ryan I am serious, we princess of wales have some divine powers. .may be god pleased me with one of the divine powered princess” she said.

“well.. we have to find the reason behind it” I said.

my phone rang.it was grandpa.
“yes grandpa”

“how t u my child?

“I am good..grandpa I need to talk about something important”

suddenly I heard some noice.I shouted “emerald” without covering receiver.

“nothing ryan just a glass slipped from my hand” she said

“who is she” grandpa asked

“she is emerald” I said

“ehmm?” I know what this silence means.

“she…she is my…my wife” I said in a stammering voice.

Emma smiled at me.I smiled back.

grandpa shouted on phone”what is this Ryan? ?? I told u to stay away from girls. .I told u I will find a perfect partner for u coz u r special”

“grandpa she is best”

em hugged me from back..I caressed her hand..I saw a tattoo on her thumb..it was like a bird’s wing.

“you r coming here tomorrow” saying this grandpa hanged up the phone..

“what he said?” em asked

“we have to go to grandpa’s place tomorrow itself” I said ..my fingers ran through her hair.

“I will do packing.is he angry at u? em asked. .


I looked again em’s thumb.

“you start packing” saying this I get off her..I closed my room.

I removed a fake skin from my thumb. ..I didn’t think about anything. .if I think em will listen. .but the tattoo which I saw in her right hand thumb. .it is exactly look like my ‘sign’ which is in my left hand thumb.I have to covered it coz grandpa told me that don’t show this sign to any1 as this is special. ..this sign is inmy thumb from my birth..

Emerald’s pov

I lied on my bed..I and Ryan started chatting in our mind..

“r u feeling sleepy” he asked


“then come to balcony”

I went to balcony. .he smiled at me..we both talked a lot..he has only his grandpa. .mr.Robert Blake. his parents were killed in an accident.

“what about ur family? ”

I exceptes this question. .I looked down.

“r u ok”? he asked

“yeah I am..I have my dad, granny, uncle Jordan, aunt alice and their children kenna and jade.I am the elder one in my family. and u know kenna is my best friend.” I smiled widely.

“what about ur mom” Ryan asked.

“she….she divorced my dad and married to a handsome young man” tears fell down from my eyes.

“I am I am really sorry Em. .I am really sorry. .” Ryan hugged me tight he caressed my hair. his chin rested in my head.I placed my head in his chest..I don’t know how much time we stayed like there..I feel sleepy. ..


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  1. ! Perfect story something different and also Hollywood types

    1. thank you so much dr

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    1. sign part and fake skin part will come soon dr..keep reading

  5. ((hi di,,,loved it..ur imagination quality is superb.))) thank u very very much 4 giving my msg to ADI …..luv u a looooot…u r d best ,do u know why coz l’m ur sis!!!!!!!!!! lol lol 😀 😀

    1. lv u too tanu.I was missing u 🙁 now I am too happy. ..thnx dr for the cmnt

  6. Its vry intrstng..i flt lke am reading hllywood movie..i thnk ryan also blongs to royal family..

    1. thnx cutie..nice guess

  7. I think Ryan also belongs to royal family but his grandpa didn’t let him know about this for his safety.Really nice update and they can chat through their mind.Now she knew that he loves her.

    1. yep lakshmi…nice guessing dr..thnx a lot

  8. really awesome. .
    first time I’m commenting in this.. ff
    but I read all parts ..
    small request can u make it lengthy. .

    1. thnx a lot akku..keep reading and do comment 🙂

  9. ruby it is awesome yaar. …plz update soon am waiting eagerly

    1. I sent them chapter 8 yesterday. .it will take time to post dr

  10. its really interesing… !!!

    1. thnx nive

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