EMERALD..The Divine Love (20)

someone knocked on the door..

“Queen Isabella is here..she want to meet you” Jeremy’s little brother jake (jacob) said.

“yeah I am coming jake” I kissed on his forehead. .

“don’t talk to me Emma. .u forgot me” he made sad face.

“aww…my jake is angry with me??? I am so sorry I couldn’t come here for long..I have my exams thts why I didn’t came…sorry” I started to do sit up..

“I know u were busy with this Ryan” he made a puppy face.I cupped his face and kissed on his cheeks. .

“I love u jake”

“more than him?” he pointed to Ryan. I looked at Ryan.Ryan chuckled.

“more than him” Jake’s face lighten..he hugged me then kissed in my cheeks. .

“I love u too Emma” he ran from there.

jake is only 8..I always liked to play with him.

granny was sitting in living room. I sat beside her and hugged her.my eyes are teary.she kissed me.Ryan sat beside me.he squeezed my hands and give me a calm down look.

“how is dad, granny?”

“he is fine but he is sad coz u r not there”

“i know…granny we have a doubt”

“what Emma”

“granny our sign which appears after 18, it was a wing..now its is a pait of wings.” I looked to granny for the perfect answer.

“it means u both consummate ir marriage”

I nodded while blushing. ..omg Ryan was blushing too!!

“I don’t understand one thing Ryan. ..u too have these type pf signs and u r saying u r not belongs to any royal family I doubt that” granny said to Ryan.

I and Ryan looked at granny puzzled.

“it means he is belongs to a royal family. .isn’t it granny? ” I asked curiously

“I think so” granny said.

suddenly a storm came to the living room. .it chanhed to the giant Dormourt. .he was all black..his red eyes are shinig like ruby.

“oh my emerald. ..why did u consumate ur marriage with this ******rd when I am here”

“now u can’t do anything Dormourt. ..I am not a virgin now” I yelled at him.

“I knew emerald. ..but I won’t leave u for breaking my dreams..I will take revenge on u” he stepped closer to me..everyone came there god knows from where.

“EMMAAAA….” Mark thrown the sword towards me..I quickly catch it.

“thnx Mark”

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  1. its too short… update next epi soon…

    1. I accidentally sent it dr

  2. Wow..superb dear but it is too short n u have ended that like this. Update next part soon.love u ???…take care..

  3. Nice

  4. Wowww awesome story dr

  5. Nice dear…. Hw suddenly Wen granny was talking dormourt came idiot … Reveal abt Ryanl Also dear ….
    Emerald I am loving her too much as episodes pass on…

  6. Wats happens nxt ruby… Update soon na.. The fight between dormourt and em…

  7. thnx lakshmi, anu, devu,hayu and advaitha…

  8. Oh no ruby why did u stopped there…so curious to know what happens next. ..so Ryan is from royal family too…good…dormourt is real evil monster now he,wants to take revange…oh…thx mark for giving Devine sword to emma..I hope she’ll kill dormourt with this sword. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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