EMERALD..The Divine Love (20) THE END

guys have you ever heared about a husband who doesn’t remember his own wife’s name?? well I know someone like him.wanna read it???

here is emerald’s last chapter.

Mark gave me my sword I thanked him.I get ready to fight against the darkness.

Dormourt took Jeremy in his hands and threw him on the floor. .

JEREEEEE…everyone screamed..I ran towards jere and took him in my lap..I caressed his face.coz of my ring’s power jere opened his eyes.

I stood up with anger in my eyes. .

“Dormourt. . u have enmity with me so deal with me not with my family”

“if I hurt ur family u will get hurt too emerald and u will do what I say” Dormourt laughed devilishly. ..

Dormourt took everyone in his arm with his maya..

“if u want to fight with me come to my darkness” Dormourt smirked..and he left from there with Jeremy, Kenna, Rose and Mark. .I and Ryan looked at each other.

I grabbed Ryan’s hand and ran towards the entry..suddenly we stopped by grandpa.

“princess emerald” he never called me princess emerald but why now???

“yes Angel Aaron” I just guessed he is an Angel coz I know he is not a human.

“why r u calling grandpa as Angel? ” Ryan asked

“she is right son..I am not a human I am an Angel from heavens” Angel Aaron said.

“what???” Ryan was surprised

“I will tell u everything. .but this is not the right time..now u havr to go with emerald and protect her from Dormourt. ” aaron turned to me..” emerald. ..wear this locket..this is precious and magical..u need this in ur battle. .the water inside the Locket will cure the illness of ur loved one’s. .and u can kill Dormourt’s brain and heart with pouring it”

Aaron gave me a locket. there is a emerald gem is on it.I wore that.he gave us his horse too..we drove the horse to Windsor palace.

everyone was in their living room. .I went towards Mark’s room. .

“emerald” Jessica, rose’s mum called me

“miss, I don’t have time to explain u everything. .trust me I will bring rose and Mark” I patted on her shoulder

I and Ryan ran from there..literaly..we entered to Dormourt’s chamber. .it was changed..there was a battle field and a gallery full of demons.. kenna, Mark, Jeremy and rose kept in cage which is in a stage where a woman with purple eye and lip was sitting in a queen chair.

“welcome to my place emerald” Dormourt smiled devilishly. .

Ryan squeezed my hand..his mind said to me ‘I am with you’ I smiled at him.we held each other’s hand.he too have his sword which Aaron gave him.

suddenly 1000 of Dormourt came to battle field. I and Ryan couldn’t recognize who is real one.

“lets start” the pink eye woman said..

Dormourts are circled us both. one Dormourt came towards us and he forwarded his hand to harm Ryan. .I and Ryan ripped his hand at same time.we gave a wide smile to each other..once we ripped hand once head or legs…we were enjoying our battle. .suddenly someone stabbed Ryan…my Ryan, he was screaming in pain..I can’t left him and go forward. I ran to Ryan. ..my anger was rising towards Dormourt. .I stabbed the one who stabbed Ryan. .I don’t know he was fake Dormourt or real..I just stabbed him.black blood came from Dormourt’s thigh.he was the real one..when he get wounded all fakes disappeared. .

I cut my wrist and dropped the blood into Ryan’s wound.he cured..the wound disappeared…

meanwhile Windsor family and Wales family came there.Aaron and Jeremy’s family too was with them.Aaron made demons sleep. .Windsor’s and wale’s army’s rip demons’s heads.and they put something in their head…

“HOW DARE YOU AARON” the purple eye woman stood up from her seat..

“MUM” Dormourt called her..so she is his mum. after that she didn’t utter a word.she sat quietly.

“emerald. . r u tired or did u lose the battle” Dormourt asked

“never” I gritted my teeth. .

I and Ryan fought with Dormourt. ..he again tried to harm Ryan but he couldn’t coz I stopped him with my sword.

“Ryan. ..go”

“no Em. ..I can’t leave u”

“Ryan please for me” I pleaded

“no Em I can’t. ..”

he didn’t go..he fought with me against Dormourt. I jumbed to reach Dormourt’s shoulder. ..yes…I got it..I held his hair..he screamed in pain and he shook his head but I somehow managed to stand on his shoulder. ..finally I did it…I ripped his head!!!!!! but he was still alive coz Dormourt can think even if his brain is in out of his body and his heart can be even if it is out of his body..I jumbed to floor. ..Ryan was still fighting with him.I took Dormourt’s brain out and poured the Devine water in it.it burned in air..

“Ryan. ..stab in his heart”

Ryan stabbed but Dormourt defend…same time I too stabbed him .he lied down. .Ryan ripped his two hands..I took his heart out and did the same thing with it.it too burned in air…yes yes…Dormourt’s chapter is closed..

“aaaaaaaa” I turned to see who screaming it was Dormourt’s mum..I pushed Ryan from her way. if I wasn’t push him he will get hurt..

purple eye lady’s sword went into my heart..it shaken my whole body.I opened the Devine water and poured on her..she too became ashes. ..

I felt dizzy and fell down..Ryan rushed to me.he took my head in his lap..

“em…em..hey open ur eyes” he was crying like hell..

no Ryan I don’t like u to cry 🙁 dnt cry Ryan. .everyone surrounded me..my dad sat beside me..

“Emma my child..I am sorry. .I was so rude to u” he took my hand in his..he too was crying.

I shook my head

“no dad…I … (breath) love (breath) u

everyone was crying but Aaron was smiling at me.Ryan made me sit and he took the sword from my heart .I shaken. .blood started flowing .Ryan opened his shirt and wrapped it around ny chest bt no way …I looked at everyone and remember everything related to them.

my dad, who gave me every right to take every decision only ge go against ny wedding. .my granny my aunt uncle cousins. .mum, she wasn’t mine she was jere’s but she took care of me like her own and my jere he always protect me from every devil eyes.rose my friend she is like a sis for me..my granny..oh god I loved her so much…

Ryan. ..my Ryan. .my life ..I am leaving u sweetheart…(Ryan is listening to Emma with his mind) u was there for me whenever I needed u. .u complete me..u r my love…I love u Ryan .I love u…

“love u too Em” he hugged me tight. I broke the hug.I kissed him with passion. .my last drop of blood went from me..I looked at Ryan before I close my eyes. . I can see my world in his ocean eyes…I smiled at him

“smile Ryan. ..I want to see ur smile” he smiled for me..but his were wet ..I tightened my grip on his hands. ..my eyes went closed….


my Em. ..my Em is going to die…blood was flowing continuously it didn’t stop..she can’t go like this.. she can’t leave me…she kissed me with all love I kissed her back.. she want to see my smile..how can I smile when my life is going far from me!!!! she smiled. .and she closed her eyes…for.. forever. …I couldn’t control myself…I cried like hell ..

“Ryan. ..calm down son…she will see u from heaven” Abraham Wales. .em’s dad said

“why…why god did this with me??? I want her here…” I yelled

“son” someone touched me..it was rose’ s father. .I can see love in his eyes. ..

“don’t cry my son..she want u to be happy”Edward windsor said
“how can u think that I will be happy without her…I can be happy with her not without her . got it” I literally shouted at Rose father
“how cam u shout at ur father Ryan” Jessica asked
“yes Ryan we r ur parents and rose is ur twin sister. ..after ur birth ur uncle I mean mark’s father tried to kill u coz ge want Mark to be next prince. so we gave u to Angel Aaron” Jessica completed..
I looked at them shocked.my father and em’s father told me to stand up from there..I lift my Em’s body..we went to Windsor palace..yes my palace. they told me to they have to make em ready before burying her body..I told them I will make her ready..
I took em to a room rose gave me clothes and accessories for em..she hugged me and consoled me, my twin sister
I made em looking like a princess…I hugged her tight.everyone Looked at me wth concern….

wanna read epilogue???
thnx everyone

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  1. Thank u Ruby for such a wonderful story …. But u ended it …. 🙁
    Anyways nice tht I have read it so long …. Yea want the epilogue eagerly waiting….

    1. I already sent it devu…

  2. Hi ruby i want 2 read all ur stories & so plz give me d link 4 humsafar, u r mine & emerald. It’s very difficult 4 me 2 get ur story in this page. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. sure rashi I will give u all the links..hey dr u can search it on Google giving by the story name and chapter name

    2. Silent reDER


  3. Truly need the epilogue very fast after a very sad ENDING 🙁 ;( I am crying

    1. u will laugh after reading epilogue dr… be happy

  4. Wat.. Em died.. Its a sad ending… Loved Em and Ryan… The are best..
    Ruby ended this story… Will miss them.. Actually Today is a spcl day for me.. Its my birthday.. And thanx for the update dr.. Love you..

    1. happy birthday my bestie…there is a surprise gift for u in epilogue. ..

  5. ohh so sad..y did em died….sad endng…..

    1. yep.. don’t worry. ..be ready for read epilogue

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  7. Em died ..very sad.. Sad ending dear. Thanks for this story dear. I want epilogue. Amazing story ruby. Will miss them. Love u ??..take care..

    1. thnx dr..I already sent it

      1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

        Hi sis…. dp superb….. miss u a lot…. and i think u r writing another ff…..

      2. thnx dr..yep I am writing two more ff…YOU ARE MINE and HUMSAFAR

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      4. Its ok dr…I am fine…how about u?? well I don’t know about ur jiju dr coz he barely calls 🙂

      5. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        i m fine di……………

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      6. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        And DP superb

  8. Oh god, em died… its a sad ending… i really love em and ryan together…

    1. me too nive

  9. Ohhh no em was dead no no no plzzzz dr

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  11. Ahhh, no that can’t happen. ..em died … so sad n depressing end….I’m crying…such a beautiful n Devine story got this end…no ruby…I don’t like this…I want Ryan n emerald to be together forever forever foever….will miss you honeyyyyyy. ..love to read epilogue…love you loads and very tight hug

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