EMERALD..The Divine Love (19)

Ryan’s pov

MARK. ..what he is doing here…I got frustrated. …I came towards him.

“you. fu****g a*****e”

suddenly Em held me by my wrist. .I looked at her..we started talking in our mind

“don’t Ryan”

“why Em”

“he is real Mark”


“yeah…who kidnapped on his birthday by Dormourt”

“Dormourt? ”

“prince of darkness. ..ur friend never changed…it was Dormourt who took place of Mark”

“awww. .look at them how they are looking into each other’s eyes” Kenna said

I nodded at Em. ..I hugged Mark without saying anything …

“guys it is time for dinner” jere said..we all went to dining room..jere’s mum made delicious food..everyone sat on their seat..aunt Rebecca served us food..when she saw Mark. .

“is this that jerk Mark? ” aunt Rebecca rolled her eyes

“no” “yes” we all said different answers. ..

“Emma. ..say what he is doing here??? u know how cruel is he and his dad, no?”

“mum, calm down. .I will tell u everything” Em spoke..it seems Em has a special influence on Rebecca. .aunt Rebecca listened Emma carefully. .she got teary eyed. ..aunt Rebecca kissed on Mark’s forehead. .

“son..don’t worry everything will be fine…u will get ur family back” Mark smiled at her

Em and Jeremy hugged aunt Rebecca. .seeing this kenna made a pout..

“I am here aunt” she made puppy face…kenna and jere is exact opposite of Em. ..

I wonder why Em calls aunt Rebecca mum while her cousin kenna called aunt??

we all had our dinner. .I called grandpa and said he Em is with me and we r in jere’s place (which is emerald’s outhouse)

aunt Rebecca told us to stay there tonight. . we guys planned to sleep in Jeremy’s room and girls in guest room..

jere’s room was messed up with his things..Em started cleaning the room I helped her..rose and Jeremy went to market for buying something. .kenna and Mark decided to clean guesr room..I helped em in cleaning. ..

no one come to Jeremy’s room coz they wanted to give us privacy. .

I hugged em from back she placed her hand in mine…I kissed on her neck…

“love u em”

“love u too Rey”

I made her turn to me

“what did u call me Em? ”


“just say it Em”


“wow finally u gave a short name for me too”

she chuckled. ..we shared a kiss until someone knock the door. ..

“sleep time” jere said

I was sad I can’t be with Em for tonight too…Em started moving

“Emma. ..takr Ryan with u”

I anf em looked surprised. ..

“we have arranged guest for u too…go and enjoy ur night lovebirds” kenna said..

we all hugged each other and wished good night..kenna and rose slept in jere’s room and Jeremy and mark slept in living room in coach..

we entered the guest room..it was all decorated. ..so that’s why the 4 didn’t came to disturb us… it decorated with lights all over thr room…and the bed decorated with rose petals. .there is clothes for us..there was a red knee length frock for Em. ..Em never wore a dress. ..she always wares denim and t-shirts..Em was looking damn beautiful in that dress. ..she did a little make up too…yes off course for me…. 🙂

we were standing in balcony. .Em held my hand.she placed her head in my shoulder…there was complete silence. .we talked bt not by our mouths…



“I don’t want to lose u”

“me too Em. ..for me u r my life…”

“I know. ..I love u”

“I love u too”

we kissed…I took Em in my hands and placed her on bed..I kissed on her forehead. ..we consumate our marriage. …..


I know this wasn’t a good update. ..pardon me for my mistakes. .

Lakshmi, suraj, seema, devga, aastha, Roma, Aaliya, alia and sonia missing ur presence buddies. ..I hope u all r doing well

advaitha, ananya, vivi, rose, liya, hayathi, nive, rishi, faima, zaira (did I miss anyone? ) thnx for commenting daily….love u all

hey josefine…I am missing u badly dr…please come back and update ur story

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