EMERALD..The Divine Love (19) Part 2

I am re writing chapter 19 coz previous one was boring. this chapter is in emerald’s pov.I hope u will enjoy it.


someone knocked the door. I opened and found my Ryan there.we looked at each other for a moment with full of love.I hugged him tight.Ryan wrapped his hands around me.he kissed on my head.we talked with our minds.our eyes were filled with tears.I was about to tell about Mark. .just then Mark called Ryan. Ryan looked at Mark with questionable face.he looked angry..Mark came to hug Ryan but Ryan pushed him.Kenna held Mark.

“I told u to not come near my WIFE” Ryan was gritting his teeth.

“Ryan” I held Ryan’s hand.he looked at me puzzled.I told him everything which haplened 6 years ago. but no one heared us.Ryan looked at Mark with concern.Mark gave his innocent smile to Ryan. .Ryan and Mark hugged each other.

“you can’t imagine Mark how much I missed you” Ryan said

“me too Ryan” .everyone was too emotional. .everyone’s eyes were filled with water.I looked at rose. she was crying silently. I sat beside her and put my hand around her shoulder. her head rested on my shoulder.

“now stop it guys…don’t make me cry in front of all” kenna said

“okey ken, we r done” mark smiled sheepishly

“I told u don’t call me Ken” Kenna looked like angry bird

“are you always like this ‘Ken’? mark air quoted her name.

“none of your concern” she threw a pillow at him..we four enjoying their fight.

jere’s mum called us for dinner. when she saw Mark. she gets angry.coz she knows Mark’s dad and the fake mark is bad.she thought mark as Dormourt.

“what this jerk is doing here?” mum asked

“he is not the one who u thought mum” Jeremy said

“then who is he?”

“mum, he is real Mark. ” and I told the rest story. she looked at Mark with motherly love in her eyes. she gave him a kiss on his forehead.

“you will get ur family soon” she said to Mark.

we were having our dinner. I talked with Ryan in mind.I told him about Dormourt. he gave me a don’t worry look.Kenna and mark were fighting with each other while jere and rose had a friendly talk.but I felt something is bothering rose.I thought to ask her but jere interrupted.

the four decorated guest room for us (me&Ryan).it was so beautiful. Kenna and rose helped me in get ready while Mark and jere helped Ryan.they left once we get ready.

Ryan bent down on his knees.he took my hand in his.

“will you be with me life long my precious Gem?”

“yes..yes…yesss” I jumbled in happiness. Ryan kissed kn my hand..

we danced for a while.he cupped my face.

“Em. ..your eyes are beautiful like green forest” he kissed on my eyes.

“your cheeks are like red like apple” he kissed on my both cheeks.

“and your lips are like…” he pressed his lips on mine..I kissed him back.

he lift me in his arms and placed me on bed.we consummated our marriage. .I am no more virgin now.this feel made me crazy.

Ryan’s grip tightened in my waist.he rubbed his nose my neck.I was blushing. .he kissed on my back.



“there is something on your back..its like a tattoo”

“it is not tattoo Ryan. it appeared when I turned 18.”

“I do have.but I have only one wing”

“I too have only one wing Ryan”

“no Em its a pair of wings”

“how it happened? it was one till yesterday..let me check yours” I turned to Ryan. he show me his back.there is a pair of wings! !!

“Ryan, you too have a pair of wings”

“Em, whenever we get physically attached there is some changes appeares.”

“I should ask granny. .let me take a shower” I sat on my bed.

“no” saying this Ryan pull me to him




“okey” he let me go off..I went to bathroom. .he came behind me.

“why r u coming? ”

“I am coming with my wife. . what’s ur problem princess emerald”

“really” I pushed him and locked bathroom’s door..


was it okey?

I am ending this story. .only 1 or 2 chapter is left…

love u all

Credit to: Ruby


  1. richa (titli)

    m ist lol ok i readur other fic nd other pparts cudnt cmmntplss 4giv lol ndtheyy were nyc good going

    • Ruby

      its ok dr no prblm…u read it na..it is enough for me..kahani bas itna hi 😛 jitne b try karu drag karna nahi ati 😛

  2. raisha

    Dont end it so soon dear really a big fan of you fanfiction I just love the way ryan and em are love your fanfiction its one of my favourites ??

    • Ruby

      thnx for ur precious comment raisha..I don’t know how to drag this story that’s why I am ending this one.I am writing two more stories too..u can check that..

      you are mine and humsafar

  3. Hey wow this was awesome … Specially the last part abt the wings was awesome … And PLZ DONT end it dear Ruby u got many new ideas and twists to show us …. It’s aweosme show more abt Ryan and his identity and ya PLZ DONT don’t dont end emerald …. Then I WIL miss the em.. Emm… Emma…. Emaar….emara….emaral….emarald …eyes a lot …. Plzzzzzzzzz humbe request …

    No prob if u wish to end … But PLZ take my request a second thought … Love ya ….bye

    • Ruby

      hey devga dr thnq so much for ur comment. ..actually this what I thought about emerald. the next chapter is about battle between emerald and Dormourt.

  4. Lakshmi

    Superb episode ruby. This is really amazing story dear Waiting to know about Ryan’s past. Love u ??..take care…

  5. Ananya

    It was a cute update.. Loved it.. But a bit sad in hearing that u r going to end the story.. Will be Em and Ryan…

  6. ☺ 😎 i’l train u in draging as ma updates r always i say i do tomo this but fail nd do that pre in 2-3 epi 😛 nd m ending Acls nd eht dvga cuntinune na plz

  7. Roma

    Awesome, it’s so beautifully written, ruby my dearrryyyy so lovely epi…more mysteries to unfold, keeping us glued…Emma n Ryan so lovely couple. ..made for each other. …two parts of one heart…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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