EMERALD..The Divine Love (18)

we reached Jeremy’s home…we 4 tip toed to Jeremy’s room. ..if aunt Rebecca saw Mark then she will shed questions..Jeremy locked his door.

“Emma. . now say who is this boy?” Jeremy was impatient

“he is Mark” I said plainly

“what??,?? u r helping this jerk mark.. Emma r u out of mind?,?” jere was shouting at me…he is very funny when he shouts at me.

“u moth******r… I won’t leave u” saying this jere grabbed Mark by his collar…he was punching mark. I hold his hand..

“Emma. ..why r u interrupting. ..did u forget what he did to u???”

“jere. ..listen to me once …this is real Mark”

“what u mean by this is real mark”

I remove jere’s hand from Mark’s collar.

“that Mark who tried to molest me is not real he is fake…”

“then who is he?

“he is Dormourt. .prince of darkness” Mark said

Jeremy looked at Mark. .Mark gave an innocent smile to him.

“bro…I am really sorry. .did I hurt u?” jere hugged mark while asking this..

“chill dude. ..I am fine…u care for emerald so much” Mark said”

“yep dude..she is my little sister” jere laughed

“hey jere…I am elder than u for the whole ‘one day’ ” I made an angry face

“wow…whole one day” Mark and rose laughed at my weird answer

“stop it guys…Mark u go and take a bath..jere will help u in get ready”
“jere help him” I said

“okey sista. ..come Mark” jere took him to bathroom

I and rose searched a dress for mark in jere’s closet..as usual it was messy…I gave one of a new cloth to rose and said her to give this to Mark. .I folded all of jere’s clothes and cleaned his closet..this boy never change..

Mark came after taking a long half hour bath…he cut his hair and shaved his beared…he was looking handsome and innocent. .rose hugged him and gave a kiss on his cheek…

“love u mark…we all missed u..aunt kara was sad coz she thought u changed” rose said with tearful eyes. .

Mark was crying. .I pated his back..jere gave him a side hug…Mark cupped rose face..

“u know rosy how much I missed u all…especially mum…”

rose hugged him once..

“its ok mark…now everything is fine…” she broke the hug

“yeah…coz of emerald” he looked at me

“thnx Emma. ..I never forget u sister. ..from now u r like a sister to me..like rose, Miranda and Matilda”

I just nodded at him..I called kenna and said her to bring some food…then called to Ryan and said him to come to jere’s home..

“now start Mark” Jeremy said impatiently

“after my birthday Dormourt kidnapped me and took me in that chamber. ..he tortured me always. ..he wanted to be powerful and wanted to rule over the world…he won’t get the extra power until he sleep with a princess who has Devine powers from birth…so he want Emma to fulfil his dream” Mark stopped

“OMG” Rose and jere said in unison

“he can only get the powers from a virgin”

I smirked. ..for the first time. .jere sat near me and gave me a side hug

“take the next step of your marriage Emma. .he can’t do anything to my princess” he smiled at me..I smiled back

“u both enjoying without me??????”

everyone looked at door. .it was Kenna. ..we both stood and rushed to her

“kennnn” we screamed and we shared a trio hug…

“hey rose” kenna said to rose

“hai kenna” rose waved a hai to kenna

suddenly Kenna’s gaze fell on Mark

“OMG…what’s this moron is doing here???” she rushed to mark and grabbed him

“u blo*dy. .bas**** how dare u to molest my sister” saying this kenna slapped Mark. .we were dumbstruck. ..suddenly I came to sense and jumbed in between kenna and Mark

“ken…listen to me once”

“I know Emma u can forgive people easily that’s why god gave u Devine power..bt I can’t forgive hime” she turned to Jeremy “and jere u r not doing anything? ?? shame on u man”

“listen to us first ken” jere told

“no no..I am not going to leave this *****d” she again grabbed Mark’s collar

“jere pls take her from here otherwise she will harm Mark”

jere grabbed Kenna by her shoulder and went to balcony. .she threw her heels on Mark but I catched it..

“look ken…he is not the Mark who molest Emma”

“then who is he?”

“he is real mark and who molest emma is fake..he is prince of darkness”

kenna calm down..she came to Mark. ..Mark smiled at her..

“I am……….sorry” she said in embarrassed

“it okey ken” mark said

“hey don’t call me ken..only jere and Emma can call that” she made an angry face

“okey…kenna” mark said..we all laughed..rose gave mark food..jere made fun of Kenna. .they started fighting for no reason like before. .always I was the one who made both calm down. ..so today also. .

someone knocked on the door..I opened slightly it was Ryan. .

“Em” he looked at me with so much love

I hugged him tight

“I missed u” a tear dropped from my eyes

“missed u too em” he leaned to kiss me

“get a room idiots” kenna shouted and threw a pillow at me..Ryan catches it

“hey ken…don’t hurt my wife…otherwise I will not spare u” Ryan said in a play manner…

everyone laughs. ..Mark stood from his place..

“Ryan” Mark called Ryan. .Ryan looked at Mark and got furious. ..


I am sorry in precape I said I will reveal Ryan’s secret..I am really sorry. ..it will be next chapter. .

what u think that what Ryan will do after seeing Mark? ???

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  1. it is who ‘one’ hour not day

  2. Wowwww so much intresting yaar

  3. i think he get happy… bcoz he can read em mind na…
    watever it is but the story is really awesome and getting more interesting…

  4. Ruby the story is getting damn interesting.. Just loving it dear.. Update soon if possible.. Can’t wait….

  5. Awesome episode, poor mark getting slaps n punches from everyone coz of that devil…I think Ryan will also start hitting him…but glad this mark is good hearted person … keep it up. ..don’t worry about the precap. ..it’s ok..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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